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The Strife Commando

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Status Updates posted by The Strife Commando

  1. Civvie gets a lot of things wrong yet people love him.

    1. Gothic


      He's entertaining to listen and watch

  2. Is there anyone I can talk to here?

  3. So anything you'd like to chat about? Anything interesting? Fun?

  4. The term "boomer shooter" should seriously die.

  5. Am I the only one who thinks Civvie isn't really that great?

  6. Does the Doom 64 Re-Release have freelook?

    1. Immorpher


      Not in its normal settings. There is a mod which enables it though. You still shoot along the 2D plane, but you can freelook.

  7. Someone helped me fix the Zandronum console issue.

  8. There should be two versions of Zandronum. One with the Skulltag content implemented back and another without them.

    1. Noiser


      I miss Skulltag... playing it as an add-on is not the same thing (for some reason)

    2. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Yeah. It also makes things a bit complicated when trying to run mods.

  9. I need help in making a fork of Zandronum where it's more faithful to Skulltag by implementing back the new content while still having Zandronum's features.

  10. Can't use the mod on Skulltag. What can I do then? I can use it on Zandronum, but Skulltag's content won't be there by default, and when I try using the content there will still be compatibly issues with old Skulltag mods. Seriously, how hard is it to have a version of Zandronum with the Skulltag content implemented?

  11. Can anyone help with the console bug in Zandronum?

  12. Am I the only one not excited for a PS5?

    1. SOSU


      You mean Playstation 5?
      Not really interested looking at the games we got on PS4 knowing that the games on it will be on that quality or worse like alwaayy :/

    2. MidnightMage


      I honestly could care less about the launch of ps5.

  13. What is the point of posting on the forums if you're just going to get bashed anyway?

    1. sluggard


      It's the nature of internet forums, there's snowflakes around every corner in them. Don't bother with them, if someone bothers you just hit the report post button next to their posts.

    2. The Strife Commando
  14. Hey umm, why hasn't Call of Duty died yet?

    1. cambreaKer


      people keep buying them

  15. What Doom mods do you play with?

    1. Alper002
    2. Good-Old


      65% of the time I play without mods(except some minor bugfix patches). 20% of the time I play mods that have completely different gameplay (like Reelism), and 15% I play with gameplay mods which have different weapons and/or monsters.

  16. Alright here we go. So for this topic, what do you think of Far Cry 1? I tried it and thought it wasn't that great.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Oh no, I tried the Xbox 360 trial version. Thanks for the link though.

    3. cambreaKer


      i haven't tried the xbox 360 version, but i watched some videos of it and it seems like it's a bit worse than the original. i recommend trying out the pc version.

    4. The Strife Commando
  17. I'll just post here from now on.

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Good-Old


      What bad did you post?

    3. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Oh it wasn't something bad. It was just an argument with Seed.

    4. Good-Old


      Arguments happen, that doesn't make you bad, c'mon man. A few days ago I had an argument on Discord about why Reddit sucks. Does that make me the shittiest person ever?

  18. What's your favorite Duke Nukem game?

  19. Does Doom 64 need a soundtrack like Doom 2?

    1. MidnightMage


      Absolutely not. Doom 64's OST was great and fit it's theme perfectly. 

  20. Quake needs to come back to consoles. More powerful hardware, yet they don't bother bringing Quake to them where as they did years ago on the N64 and PlayStation 1.

  21. What's wrong with Darkplaces? It's a great source port.

  22. Doom 64 needs a music mod.

  23. Wolf3D or Rise of The Triad? Take your pick!

    1. MidnightMage


      Wolf3d was really great but Rott95 does pretty much everything Wolf3d did but does it better.


      Rott95 adds way more features, more maps, more weapons, more gore, cooler weapons(namely the explosives and magic weapons) , god mode, dog mode, jump pads, better bosses, flying powerups and has the grand vomitorium.


      For a purist, I'd say Wolf3d is simpler in it's design and some people will appreciate that. For having just 1000x more features and much better gameplay I'd say Rott95.

  24. Do you consider Doom 3 as Doom?

    1. sluggard


      It's about guy trying to stop hell legions unleashed by reckless scientists, so I don't see why I shouldn't.

  25. If Wolfenstein 3D was officially made or remade on the Doom Engine, which would you pick? That or Doom?

    1. Hypnotik


      Doom. Because of the Monsters and the Environment (Future, Mars, etc).  But that is an interesting thought though, It would be neat to see how it'd look on the Doom Engine.

    2. Chip


      I played the first level of WOLF3D in the actual game and as the secret level in DOOM 2, and to be honest, I enjoyed the DOOM 2 level more than almost any level in DOOM 2, and liked the movement better than on WOLF3D. if someone were to make a remake, I would enjoy it very much!