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  1. I can finally play Doom with mods once again. Anyone know any single player map packs I can download?

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    2. Catpho


      It's also in the cacowards section, under the "best gameplay mod" section

    3. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Thank you. Although, I already found a sweet mod called Arsenal. Adds a lot of new weapons and enemies. Also adds inventory items. No one seems to know about the mod. Well, I think it's very amazing. However, there does seem to be a weird bug where my character animates fast at player options and in third person. Hopefully someone can fix it. I love the mod so much.

    4. The Strife Commando

      The Strife Commando

      Oh, and my character disappears when standing still in third person.