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  1. Naberus

    It lives

    Long time no see folks. Summer again and I've finished my HNC. Look forward to some Black Metal orientated Wads from me. Enter the evil, tr00 satanic play ground of Dummy Burger. Then on to the next step of Wimperor! Nah... fun idea though :) Fenriz would be proud. Anyway, to the point. Just a Hi to old friends :)
  2. Naberus

    Princess Margaret has died in UK

    *staggers into the foreground* First off. Scotland has it's up points. Sure, a lot of people are rather dense, you've got neds and such like, but it's the same the world over, America has its preps and France has the French (Sorry Julian and XDoom :).) The Scottish culture isn't that bad, we do have our arty-farty part, it's just due to a lot of council housing we have to content ourselves with the scourge of our country in our villages and towns. Second. The Royal family adds culture, nuff said :) Third. "Yer Moh! an if ye dinnae geeme that boattle o' bucky I'll chib ye!" - Random Ned
  3. An old band alias, I think I might re-register as [the]Dave.
  4. Naberus

    Music Program

    Cakewalk 9 is really nice, there have been a few versions on Cakewalk which just shouldn't of seen light of day (My college uses one of them for multimedia, the music courses use Cubase VST of course) A nice combination for making music is, a [a sequencer], Soundforge, AcidPro and soundfonts. Use Soundforge to record a Midi "riff", then pretty much voila, you have a nice looping keyboard sample :)
  5. Naberus

    getting to know all (part 2)

    Hi, I'm Dave; a software development student. I listen to weirdo goth music, so in all sense I am a weirdo goth. Nice to meet you all :)
  6. Naberus

    COUNTERFACTUALS - What if...

    The adventure game genre would be flourishing; with no reason to try and get better eye candy and make puzzles so simple Myst would of never of been brought out, leaving us with many, many great adventure games. Yes, I wouldn't mind if that had happened :p
  7. Naberus

    New metal Cd's coming out

    Up and coming: The new and last Emperor album; should be awesome. The new Arcturus album; Sverd, Garm and co. are coming back with a new more "metal" album; should be a blast too. Been and gone: The Thorns album, hmm, supposedly <i>the</i> best album this year; pish it's just bm :p
  8. Naberus


    Compare Slipknot to the likes of Marduk or Darkthrone, then you'll see :p [Wasn't aimed at me; just thought I'd give my 2p :)]
  9. Naberus

    Best music to listen to while playing a Doom game

    Dornenreichs second album, Bitter ist´s dem Tod zu dienen, is great for some of the maps; either that or Neptune Towers - Caravans To Empire Agol for the more ambient laid back maps. I suppose it really all depends on the map.
  10. Naberus


    Excuse me for being a complete pratt but... GET A LIFE YOU SAD LITTLE CUMBUBBLE! Mind you, you REALLY crack me up, heh.
  11. Naberus

    Are you a real community member ?

    I'm the lamer in the dark and about as active as a carrot in a condom factory.
  12. Naberus

    Save the Title(s)!!

    Heh, I've been in the dark for more than a year now :)
  13. Naberus

    Community input NEEDED

    Orion! How you doing?
  14. Naberus

    MIDI Programm needed!!

    I recommend either: Cakewalk Pro 9 or... Cusbase VST Either is great, although my personal preference is Cakewalk.
  15. Naberus


    Mine would be a simple "who?"