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  1. "I have seen things, things you would not believe. An entire military complex over run with aliens-- Demons. I have seen poison flowing wildly through the agricultural institutions of Phobos. All our lives will be lost in space, like dreams. Dreams of better days. If we do not move ..." Terra Familiar (working title) is a reimagining of the first Doom episode and is heavily inspired by the shareware episode. It has been tested in Vanilla, Chocolate, Crispy and GZDoom and is offered in the original Doom format, however the available DeHackEd patch is embedded for compatible engines. The wad requires both Doom and Doom II as the maps use flats and textures from the sequel. However it is played with the original DOOM iwad. There is both a batch file (Windows) and a shell script (*nix) that will scrape the Doom 2 wad for the required textures, more about this later. This a preview of an in development project. The levels provided are E1M1-2. It is not intended to be overly difficult, although difficulty changes have been implemented. It is meant to be fun, spooky and dare I say-- a chill experience. Disclaimer: use the Texture Concatenator at your own discretion. It is offered as is and I do not accept any responsibility for the loss of data. The Texture Concatenator is not that scary, I just want to make sure you are aware that it offers to delete the .\input folder which may contain your iwads. But, the code for the Texture Concatenator (the .bat and .sh script) is available at the following github repo: https://github.com/DieSkaarj/Terra-Familiar-WAD. You will need to have DeuTex available. On Linux just plonk (copy) doom.wad and doom2.wad into the input directory and then run the script. With Windows you may need to place DeuTex directly in the Terra Familiar directory. However, you can direct the batch file to the iwads. Run both from the Terra Familiar base directory, regardless of O/S. With all that said: happy hunting, and have fun. *Screenies were taken with -nomonsters flag to keep enemy placement a surprise. Terra Familiar.7z
  2. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    @clippy I'm really happy to see you had fun! Heh, the big secret area is really an arena for DM, and to keep in-line with Romeros' map rules. If I remember correctly, if you can see outside you should be able to get there. Hah, I took so long trying to align every texture that I had to of missed something. I'll take care of those pesky un-pegged textures and get that up on /idgames. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Update: fixed the textures and sent to /incoming
  3. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    Many, many years ago (2001) a group of friends and I were doing a Total Conversion of Doom into Half-Life, called Doom-Life. I emailed Carmack to ask him if there were any potential issues with the distribution of the project. He kindly responded that the only issue he could foresee would be the redistribution of the art assets. To which we created a workaround (the user would need to supply their own iwad.) I respect that he took the time to get back to me and honor that the original textures are not mine to shop around, unedited. I totally get that Deutex is a ball-ache to work with though. Slade3 is a much easier approach.
  4. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    That's intentional. It's to stay open after you open it. Mostly to open the map for DM reasons. O' well. It was a failed attempt to do some scripting with the vanilla tools. I'll bear that in mind for future levels.
  5. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    Thanks for your input @RataUnderground. It's not possible to legally include the textures so I've included the list. I did consider writing a bash script or bat file but I'm sure you guys are smart enough to read a few textures into a wad >;) Yeah, that soft block is weird. The door closing and locking behind you is intentional, but it should open up on the starting side. I've only tested it in vanilla, chocolate and GZDoom and it's not present. Can you tell me what SourcePort you used? The dehacked patch is just for the level name. Thanks again.
  6. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    I'm glad you enjoyed it! Those textures are from Doom 2. There's a Deutex list that can be used to extract them. Or, you can just add DOOM2.WAD to the command line arguments. Hah, I think I'm showing my age here.
  7. Naberus

    Botanics Lab

    Hi Everyone, I'm (not so) new here. It's been about twenty years since I last posted anything and I'm amazed my account is here! Anyway, I wanted to announce a replacement E1M1 that I completed about a year ago called Botanics. It's available on /idgames/ [https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/a-c/botanics] I don't have any friends (that still play Doom) so I've yet to try out the Deathmatch, so if you do and play it let me know if it was fun or not. Nab
  8. Naberus

    It lives

    Long time no see folks. Summer again and I've finished my HNC. Look forward to some Black Metal orientated Wads from me. Enter the evil, tr00 satanic play ground of Dummy Burger. Then on to the next step of Wimperor! Nah... fun idea though :) Fenriz would be proud. Anyway, to the point. Just a Hi to old friends :)
  9. Naberus

    Princess Margaret has died in UK

    *staggers into the foreground* First off. Scotland has it's up points. Sure, a lot of people are rather dense, you've got neds and such like, but it's the same the world over, America has its preps and France has the French (Sorry Julian and XDoom :).) The Scottish culture isn't that bad, we do have our arty-farty part, it's just due to a lot of council housing we have to content ourselves with the scourge of our country in our villages and towns. Second. The Royal family adds culture, nuff said :) Third. "Yer Moh! an if ye dinnae geeme that boattle o' bucky I'll chib ye!" - Random Ned
  10. An old band alias, I think I might re-register as [the]Dave.
  11. Naberus

    Music Program

    Cakewalk 9 is really nice, there have been a few versions on Cakewalk which just shouldn't of seen light of day (My college uses one of them for multimedia, the music courses use Cubase VST of course) A nice combination for making music is, a [a sequencer], Soundforge, AcidPro and soundfonts. Use Soundforge to record a Midi "riff", then pretty much voila, you have a nice looping keyboard sample :)
  12. Naberus

    getting to know all (part 2)

    Hi, I'm Dave; a software development student. I listen to weirdo goth music, so in all sense I am a weirdo goth. Nice to meet you all :)
  13. Naberus

    COUNTERFACTUALS - What if...

    The adventure game genre would be flourishing; with no reason to try and get better eye candy and make puzzles so simple Myst would of never of been brought out, leaving us with many, many great adventure games. Yes, I wouldn't mind if that had happened :p
  14. Naberus

    New metal Cd's coming out

    Up and coming: The new and last Emperor album; should be awesome. The new Arcturus album; Sverd, Garm and co. are coming back with a new more "metal" album; should be a blast too. Been and gone: The Thorns album, hmm, supposedly <i>the</i> best album this year; pish it's just bm :p
  15. Naberus


    Compare Slipknot to the likes of Marduk or Darkthrone, then you'll see :p [Wasn't aimed at me; just thought I'd give my 2p :)]