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  1. LateNightPerson

    Chocolate Doom - "Bad V_DrawPatch" Error Message Upon Starting.

    Got it. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I am working on a Chocolate Doom compatible wad, and I added a title screen to it (TITLEPIC). However, whenever I poot the wad up for testing,it immediately crashes with the error message "Bad V_DrawPatch". How do i fix this? Also, should I include a download to my WIP wad here or no?
  3. LateNightPerson

    PS1 cover art in HD

    The PSX cover art would be great for a Doom movie poster!
  4. LateNightPerson

    Best and worst Doom console port

    As someone said above, the 32X port is objectively the worst port, and I completely agree. The problems range from missing content (the entirety of Episode 3, the BFG9000, etc), glitches (some walls have missing textures, DOS prompt ending, etc), and feeling like a beta... because that's what this game is. A beta. Notice how I didn't even touch the music, which is basically a dead horse at this point. It also suffers from the same problem as the SNES port where enemies only face forward. Sure the game runs well, but framerate doesn't matter when a game is unfinished. Big Rigs runs well, but is unfinished and is considered to be the worst game of all time (due to other problems, of course). Yes, I just compared Doom on 32X to Big Rigs. The 3DO port at least has all of the levels and weapons, framerate be damned. And the SNES version is objectively better in almost every single way.* Tldr: fuck the 32X version. It sucks and is worse than the much hated 3DO and SNES versions. Best port? I'm hopping on the PSX Doom bandwagon. *aside from a low framerate and stiff controls.
  5. LateNightPerson

    What's the worst port of Doom?

    This is the kind of debate that needs to be settled in Ace Attorney Online. And also, the 32x was worst. Fight me.
  6. LateNightPerson

    Line in the Sand - Team Mapping Challenge [MAPPING BEGUN]

    Sign me up! Will be working in Doom format
  7. LateNightPerson

    Best joke WADs

    Damn, I made another joke wad.
  8. Hello there! Whenever Zandronum crashes on my pc, the screen would always be way brighter than usual, forcing a restart to fix the issue. Is there a way to fix this issue without restarting my pc? (For reference I was playing a wad I made called NUTS4.WAD)
  9. LateNightPerson


    Introducing a wad that will put NUTS.WAD on a 90s PC to shame! It's the thrilling 4th chapter in the Nuts series by B.P.R.D., NUTS4.WAD! Featuring: - Over 300,000 demons! - Absolutely no framerate! - Will crash your sourceport of choice! NUTS4.rar Let's port this to the 3DO.
  10. LateNightPerson

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    Brilliant name!
  11. LateNightPerson

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    Serious: I'd probably make a 6th difficulty in between UV and Nightmare to sorta train you for Nightmare. This 6th difficulty would basically be the diet-nightmare found in console versions (Jag, 32x, etc). Joke: Add a 6th difficulty where you die in 1 hit and monsters can't be killed. Also no ammo, so you have to beat the whole game with 50 pistol bullets. Call it "complete bullshit".
  12. LateNightPerson

    Doom Builder 2 no longer works

    @Doom_DudeI checked out UDB and am loving it!
  13. LateNightPerson

    Doom Builder 2 no longer works

    Hello there! I am having a major issue with Doom Builder 2. When I launch it, all I get is a black (sometimes white) screen. I tried reinstalling it, and that doesn't work. Idk what's happening. Can someone help me? Thanks for any information.
  14. LateNightPerson

    Crack Doom - the worst mod ever for DOOM.WAD

    All i did for the 1.0 build was take DOOM.WAD, change some stuff, package it, and release it. Dark Pulse is technically right
  15. LateNightPerson

    Crack Doom - the worst mod ever for DOOM.WAD

    Thanks! Yeah, it wasn't safe for mine, either...