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  1. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    The tracking part is pretty much a moot argument though, also look at Google. That's something people were against W10 ever since it was released and it's getting tiresome to hear it as people's main reason not to touch it. I like W10 frankly, you're probably not going to hear this from people very often. Bloatware? Sure, but most of it can be removed and the rest turned off. I've used XP in the past but it wasn't always stable for me, in fact stability along with security were 2 things that weren't exactly its strong points. Performance on the other hand? No doubt, it was very fast and responsive. 7 was just as great, Vista cancer (my first modern-ish PC shipped with it shortly after release, so you can imagine I've experienced the same frustration most users who curse its name have at the time), but like it or not it paved the future and thus, was a necessary evil. 8.1 was terrible, most unstable and unreliable Win OS I've ever used, after a few months I jumped on W10 and didn't look back, have not had a single serious issue with it. A few stupid bugs every now and then, but that's all. Anyway, XP is still not something you should be using in an online environment even if you have the knowledge of what to do and what not to, but it's your call.
  2. Agent6

    What are you listening to?

    ^ Haven't listened to them in a long time.
  3. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    What's the point of using XP in 2018? Support ended way back in 2014. Are you using it on your everyday machine?
  4. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Frankly my dear, I don't even remember anymore.
  5. Agent6

    What are you listening to?

    @FractalBeast And "pig squeals", one of the garbage vocal styles I was implying. Funny you posted Funebrarum since a guy from the band said he likes brutal death metal and Dead Congregation was counted among his examples, while bashing the garbage stuff I just mentioned. And for good reason. Btw we were supposed to get a new Funebrarum album this year but considering it's Nov and we haven't heard a word in months it probably won't make it this year :( .
  6. Agent6

    What are you listening to?

    With brutal doom I have a very tough time to find anything good, primarily due to the vocal style some opt for, which is outright garbage compared to what you hear in more "cavernous" (Spectral Voice, Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, etc) or old school styles.
  7. To be fair the moves are quite easy to learn in the Batman Arkham games, the tricky part from my experience was mastering them. And I'm both a slow learner and a slow thinker. I remember so many occasions in Arkham City's Predator challenges and campaigns where I screwed up at the very end because the moves gave me a slap in my face. This has only gotten better with each installment, something I noticed immediately when I tried to do the challenges in Arkham Asylum after coming back from City. There's fewer moves in that game on top of their combination being more awkward, particularly the combos. Predator challenges were mostly fine since the mechanics are mostly the same, but the combat ones... well I could easily build very high combos with relatively little effort in my better days (when I was in shape) (as in, x40-x50 and above) in City, but in Asylum I struggled to keep even the weak ones going. Also the thugs equipped with knives could not be countered or simply attacked without stunning them beforehand, who thought that was a good choice back then... it ruins the entire flow... Glad this was changed in the sequels, among other things.
  8. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    @Gaia74 Heh, until recently I lived under the impression you were Hungarian :v . Then I started noticing some Spanish words and phrases here and there and all pieces fell.
  9. A rather short match but Versus mode is fucking awesome. The Smoker is also my favorite zombie.
  10. Some people most definitely can, but I could never understand how either. I mean, if one's passionate about music and actively searching for something fresh I've no idea how they can still pick only one as their favorite. Even from my wall of text above (which can still go a long way) I can't pick one over another considering there's also multiple genres.
  11. So this would be the sequel to the other thread, well then. Let's see, a few of my favorite songs from various bands I enjoy (warning, wall of text ahead): Ancient Rites - Longing for the Ancient Kingdom. Antaeus - Those with No Eyes. Abigor - The Dark Kiss. Immortal - A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland. Bathory - Born for Burning. Beherit - Pimeyden Henki. Old Funeral - Alone Walking. Sarcofago - Nightmare. Azazel - Rotten Gates of Heaven. Abigail - Dead God King of Kemet. Abhorrence - Holy Laws of Pain. Armagedda - Skogens morka djup. Atrocity - Unspoken Names. Autopsy - Sadistic Gratification. Behemoth - Transylvanian Forest. Benediction - Forged in Fire (Anvil cover. Yeah, one of my fav Benediction songs is actually a cover of a song from another band). Enthroned - Last Will. Carbonized - Recarbonized. Crematory - The Exordium. Craft - Demonspeed. Dead Congregation - Immaculate Poison. Diabolicum - Chained on Demonwings. Disma - Of A Past Forlorn. Funebrarum - Adoration of Abscessed Cadavers. Emperor - The Ancient Queen (As the Shadows Rise EP version). Hypocrisy - Take the Throne. Grave - Obsessed. Lord Belial - Mysterious Kingdom. Marduk - Dreams of Blood and Iron. Merciless - Lost Eternally. Setherial - In the Still of A Northern Fullmoon. Morbid - My Dark Subconscious. Morgoth - Voice of Slumber. Moonblood - In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon. Mystifier - The Sign of the Unholy Cross. Nagelfar - Kapitel eins, der Frühling: Als die Tore sich öffnen... Nekromantheon - Cry Havoc. Nifelheim - Total Devastation. Entombed - Revel in Flesh. Revel in Flesh - When Glory Turns to Ruin. Bolt Thrower - ...for Victory. Nokturnal Mortum - Perun's Celestial Silver. Sodom - Sodomy and Lust. Kreator - Total Death. Death - Evil Dead. Poison - Yog Sothoth. Sabbat - Bowray Samurai. Samael - After the Sepulture. Slugathor - Final Ceremony + Apocalyptic Visions. Sorhin - Svarta själars vandring. Timeghoul - Rain Wound. Treblinka - Earwings in Your Veins. Tiamat - In a Dream. Bloodstone - Shadow World. Thorr's Hammer - Norge. Ulver - Capitel I: I Troldskog faren vild. Uncanny - Elohim. Unleashed - Fimbulwinter. Ungod - Silence in the Golden Halls of Endless Hope. Urgehal - Guds fortapelse - Apenbaring av dommedag.
  12. Agent6

    Random Image Thread

    Of course, it was supposed to be a joke after all.
  13. Agent6

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    ^ Indeed, considering past threads you could say it's a record that this one has remained mostly civil for 4 pages now. Let's keep that going. (Until someone makes a highly inflammatory statement and everything goes downhill afterwards).
  14. Don't forget about Epic Games Launcher, Origin, and uPlay (+ probably more I'm not aware of yet). Some people use all of them, that's a bunch of "Steams" just for a few games.
  15. Agent6


    Yeah, I agree that the newer Doom games need more horror in them, however, by looking at how vibrant and colorful Eternal appears to be it might not happen yet. Or maybe not, the trailer was definitely dark and it emphasized the destruction caused by the invasion. It's best if horror in Doom is used as just an element to create atmosphere and tension, but not be the main focus of the game, the mistake Doom 3 did. It was too conflicted between action and horror to succeed in either department, particularly the latter since it relied on the same jumpscares and other inefficient scare tactics for the entirety of the game. A Doom 64 kind of game but faster paced that also explores more locations than simply techbases and temples would be most welcome.
  16. Agent6

    What are some things that keep you going?

    Art is one of the main things that keep me going and motivate on a daily basis, particularly music, it's sometimes very hard to keep pushing forward when you're directionless, feeling as if there's greater things to come even if at the moment they might seem far from reach. Depending on the theme, it often speaks to me on a personal level making the impact more profound. Moreover, it prevents me from not wanting anything from myself and fall into mediocrity.