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  1. Probably loud songs, I think midis would be much more stressful.
  2. If you liked Finntroll you should also check Falkenbach, Korpiklaani, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium, Finsterforst, Manegarm, and so on.
  3. This is especially true for classics. One can pretty much listen to them a million times and they'd still feel fresh and nostalgic compared to everything done nowadays due to the missing magic and spirit these releases had.
  4. Here I don't know what to say about that torch. You could probably position it someplace else, like at the bottom of that stairs, and make them 2 after you also modify the floor a bit. The current placement is a bit odd.
  5. Well we all might be Doomers but I guess some would be just fine without it, hence not mentioning the games at all.
  6. Also, since I took this from a FB page without using the app I think we'll soon be forced to use the app to view the options under an image, such as View Full Size, comment, and so on, I couldn't see them for a couple of seconds but instead noticed a message to download their app. Last time this happened was with their Messenger, which eventually resulted in being unable to chat on FB through your browser and being redirected to the store for their large sized app which has no fucking Log Out option, or didn't the last time I checked, which was 2 months ago. Just die FB, please, I'm sick of your bs.
  7. Nah, wasn't implying their "popularity" or visibility on the internet anyway, it's something I see in real life more often than I ever did some 10yrs ago, which makes me question their numbers. Or maybe that's just me being unlucky since even back in my childhood I had a hard time running into quality people and ran into assholes or idiots instead much more often, so I might as well rely on my past experiences more than I should and losing touch with the actual reality, I dunno. Same, but at this time I'm not even sure what to expect from them anymore.
  8. @MrD!zone Same.
  9. I fucking love Scythe and the music is just as awesome, too bad it doesn't feature a complete replacement of the original Doom 2 music, various tracks still play in some levels.
  10. Precisely. You just get close and very friendly embrace them with thine arms, like a loving person that you are. I'll demonstrate the power in a moment:
  11. Pretty much. Besides there's nothing wrong with doing it, but one might feel shame, guilt, or something else like this due to how the world stigmatizes it.
  12. ^ Basically this. Things have simply changed, we live in different times now. But, as a CD music albums collector I must say that if something will probably never be fully replaced by digital distribution is probably going to be this. No digital download will ever be able to replace a glorious CD shelf and especially what you can find inside them in the booklet. But then, perhaps you could say the same for games, I don't know, I just don't feel the same when it comes to games. In their case, I think it was an inevitable change that was for the best ultimately.
  13. Of course. The obvious point was that if you do something like this due to video games or movies then you've been insane for a long, long time and they surely didn't "brainwash" them like idiots who know no better say.
  14. Jeez, he just made a valid point, there's really no need for this kind of talk.
  15. Stalker is life but oh god what a difficult game it is. I loved and loathed it at the same time, main reason why I wouldn't like to be stuck with it forever tbh.
  16. True. Still, while idiots have always existed, I can't help but wonder whether their numbers aren't in fact increasing more and more.
  17. I've played a few wads from and around the '90s in GZDoom with no problems. Try simply dropping the wad(s) on GZDoom's executable and choose the right IWAD and it should work afterwards. If they don't, well, either doing something wrong or maybe they're not compatible.
  18. For its time, In the Sign of Evil was very much pure bm, but then they got much thrashier on Obssessed and changed the style completely afterwards. Still, even for today I find labelling the EP anything less that '80s bm blasphemy lol. But of course nowadays bm sounds pretty different from how it did at the time, despite the existence of plenty old school bands. In fact a while ago I've read there's also a so-called third wave with bands like Judas Iscariot and Demoncy. That doesn't make any sense to me however, if I am to find a third wave that's easily going to be post Deathspell Omega works since their style was very different from what other bands did at the time Paracletus came out. But honestly I was never too much into DsO, and I prefer Negative Plane's Stained Glass Revelations over Paracletus anytime. Early Bathory as in around and at the time of the debut album yes, in comparison they were just a much darker and rawer kind of thrash. Real bm Bathory came into being only with The Return. Then go get some m8, what are ya waitin' for, Black Force Domain and Conquerors of Armageddon are masterpieces, easily putting anything Kataklysm did to shame.
  19. Oh no not another impossible task. Not going to be satisfied but I'd choose: 1. Doom. 2. Skyrim. 3. Shadow Warrior.
  20. Missing wisdom teeth already means a total number of teeth lower by 4, + missing another one somewhere else. Wisdom teeth can be very nasty, main reason for why I hate them. A few months ago when mine decided to finally come out the left side of my jaw got stuck for a few days, it was a frustrating struggle to try eating anything, I could barely open my mouth and was unable close it completely on that side as well.