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  1. Pretty sure they're not out for blood or to beat you savagely around here. I'm yet to hear about anything more or less similar here in Romania.
  2. At some point I thought it was causing me the same breathing problems, but from what I recall even back when I didn't suffer from it any nasty cold usually gave me sleepless nights. Putting my head on the pillow resulted only in heavy or barely any breathing (and still does). I remember I didn't sleep for 72 hours once...
  3. Looks like there's a match. That's exactly the only times I'm ever caught without socks and I used to wear them with sandals as well ("used to" because I have neither bought nor worn any sandals in years). Glad to hear you enjoyed my detailed, long and honest post about myself :) .
  4. If Mancubus death is your favorite you're going to love it even more in Doom 64 as their spine remains intact, standing up.
  5. @Mayhem666 Ah yes Sargeist. Satanic Black Devotion is my favorite as well. I see a lot of people love Let the Devil In but the production on that album is a bit too clean to fit it perfectly. Oh, and I forgot when I posted Nachthymnen, I hope you're up to date with the news, a new Abigor album is on the way. Here's the preview :) : And since Silenius took care of the vocal duties for a long time on many of their albums, there's also a new Summoning on the way (not as new as the upcoming Abigor but eh). Meanwhile, Demonspeed has to be my favorite Craft song and one of my favorites in the genre. No one has ever made misanthropy and hatred as catchy as they did on Fuck the Universe: And there's a new album on the way for quite some time now, but still no news...
  6. You could watch a walkthrough and then do it yourself. That's pretty much how I managed to finish the later levels of Doom 2 than endlessly run around the level in frustration.
  7. Um... I don't believe what I've just seen. Well, with all the crap going on around here, at least something as alarming and disturbing as this is yet to happen, and I hope it won't.
  8. Last night I actually managed to create a small and very simple Doom 2 map. And it actually worked (something rather surprising since first attempts usually end in absolute disaster for me :v ). Could say it was a start indeed, for someone who has never touched a map editor.
  9. *rawness intensified* Meanwhile, some of my favorite bands tend to be those with very interesting concepts and ideas, be they very original or not. One such example is going to be Timeghoul. I really wish they'd still be around. I've always hated seeing tons of amazing bands cease to exist, but at least they break up with style, in a sense, ending on a high note than the all-to-common ones which keep churning out shit music until no one cares anymore. Some bands that split up in the recent years but ended on a high note include Desultory, Hail of Bullets, and Bolt Thrower.
  10. Arachnotrons and Hell Knights. I find the death sound and animation of the Hell Knights to be deeply satisfying. But turning a bunch of Imps and Chaingunners to ashes with the rocket launcher kinda works too.
  11. @Mayhem666 My favorite Unleashed album is going to be Odalheim. Fimbulwinter is my favorite song they wrote up to this day, followed by "We Must Join with Him" .
  12. It's so good to see people are still able to sit down and discuss their views and beliefs in a civil manner around here. Past experiences made me highly skeptical of similar threads as most of the time they turned only into flaming and post-disaster Chernobyl toxicity levels.
  13. *nostalgia intensifies* . Sometimes it's really good to remember these great moments though :) . Back then I was wondering why would people like this kind of music as well, but once you get a taste and take your time you start to see just so much more. Ironically, while DFM is my favorite Immortal release, I only have Pure Holocaust on CD. The mastering (or whatever caused this) of this album is pretty odd though. By that I mean, in my player at least, at low volume the drums are very present, whereas high volume causes them to go really far into the background. I also wish I had found metal music shops in my country around the time I got into extreme metal... quantity wise it's pretty modest after all these years... but full of classics and great albums, so I'm not complaining. Meanwhile, another blast from the past for me: Heaven Shall Burn was actually my first Marduk album and also one of the bands responsible for getting me into bm. I'm still finding it an underrated gem, but despite this, it's not my favorite Marduk release, that's going to be Nightwing. Nightwing will also always have a special place in my heart due to the fact that the second half of the album deals with events and battles from the life of Vlad the Impaler and I'm romanian. Vlad is easily one of the most iconic personalities from out history. One thing I don't like about Marduk however is Mortuus. Ever since Legion left, the Funeral Mist influences have always been too obvious for me, and that's something I'm really not that much into (another band would be Deathspell Omega although, oddly, I like other bands influenced by their style). I personally prefer the Joakim and Legion eras any time over present-day Marduk.
  14. Yes indeed, with that song in particular. May very well be Satyricon's best song ever. Really wish their post-Nemesis Divina material was as memorable, uplifting and inspiring like their early stuff... but then such changes in direction are not something uncommon for me... Meanwhile, DFM is my favorite Immortal album and one of my favorites in the entire genre actually. Nothing beats the atmosphere on this album for me. Listening to any song from this album carries me into a dark forest in an ancient, dusty castle where a blood moon shines and bestial winds howl eternally. It's albums like this that remind me so often why (old school) black metal is my favorite genre and why the atmosphere and feelings invoked into the listener are such an important aspect of this dark art. You know, I'm so glad I discovered the genre all those years back, I'll always be grateful to Inquisition, Immortal, Emperor, Judas Iscariot, Craft, early Enslaved, early Bathory, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, Enthroned, Burzum, Azaghal, Limbonic Art, and many more. "North black hordes storm Through invincible cyclones of frost winds, I lift my hands And join the ceremonial circle of one wind. Eyes of stone now sleep into eternal night, This winter is forever. A wind of red I rode, A wind of evil cold."
  15. Just started playing Doom64 EX 👌. This one is quite possibly going to be my favorite Doom game. Playing FPS with a partially broken mouse is interesting, at the very least :v . Besides Doom64 EX I'm also playing the classic Shadow Warrior and Duke Nukem 3D every now and then, Death Rally (the classic), and MK2011 (with a keyboard, I actually enjoy playing MK this way). @Viscra Maelstrom Gotta disagree about the Pig Cops though. They are easily one of the weakest enemies in the game from my experience, unless they come in sheer numbers (and with shotguns). At close range that is indeed pretty painful to experience. And talking about the 20th Anniversay Edition, I would not recommend that version. It's terribly overpriced and does not include any of the expansions the Megaton Edition had, that one was well worth 10$. Not worth getting for more than 5$ or so in my book. And most certainly not worth getting at all for whoever bought the Megaton Edition while it was still available. What a shame it will never return...
  16. Benediction is life 👌.
  17. I prefer Shadowthrone over Nemesis Divina.
  18. @Mayhem666 Just listened to Consuming Impulse this morning.
  19. I am very new around here (and with no knowledge of Doomworld's past), but as a former staff member on a gaming community, I have had some experience with such people. But either way, skipping that and going back to the matter at hand, I think permabanning should be only a last resort, for people who have been constantly harassing/mocking other users (with serious offenses), never-ending flaming or trolling, posting dangerous links and material, repeatedly and purposefully breaking the rules, or tried to inflict harm upon the site itself and its users. For anything else of a lower severity, a temporary ban (or another form of punishment, for that matter) should be applied and if the persons return to their bad habits afterwards they should be excluded permanently. A warning system with temporary bans once the maximum limit of active points at once is reached proved efficient on the aforementioned forum. For anything else much more serious, permaban hammer.