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Status Updates posted by seed

  1. Happy New Year Doomworld.


    So, it's now been little over a year since I've joined and 2018 was pretty interesting. The atmosphere is welcoming, there's lots of stuff and projects to see and contribute to, as well as discuss about a great deal. It was slightly difficult at the very beginning when I kinda felt I was mostly invisible, but that sentiment quickly faded away.


    I've made a few friends, probably lost some, and perhaps even made a few enemies, who knows for sure, but in retrospect, I'd definitely say it was a pretty good year overall, even though I haven't contributed with much to the community apart from maybe writing reviews for megawads I've played in an honest, detailed, and especially unapologetic way. Yes, reviews will keep coming throughout 2019 for sure, I'm just really slow at finishing stuff these days since I have other things on my plate.


    Not to forget that if it wasn't for DW and Doom it would've probably never crossed my mind to start streaming on Twitch, which was a pretty damn random thought, that's literally how the journey started. It was a pretty sweet opportunity I'm glad I seized.


    So, thanks to everyone for a great year 👊, and may 2019 make your dreams and wishes reality.

    1. KVELLER


      Happy new year to you as well! It's been great to have you onboard :)

    2. taufan99


      Happy New Year too dude!

  2. So, I see you're pretty active these days again. Could've said that earlier but I prefered to wait for a while to see whether it's something only temporary or not.


    Awesome 👊, at first I thought you left DW for good a while ago considering that you hid the recent visitors, unfollowed me, and removed your avatar :v .

    1. Catpho


      Eh, seems to do this from time to time. Classic Piper ;)

    2. Delete
    3. seed



      Similar theme 😉.

  3. Why the name change mate?

    1. Catpho


      More importantly why the avatar change?????

    2. DesecratorJ


      The name change is to reflect more what I am about to nowadays, but it also represents my pseudonym for our musical project.


      My avatar is our finally done band logo, I was quite happy to have it at last!

  4. So, as I have noticed for a while now, I've managed to gain a number of followers in the short time (2 months more precisely, with no lurking on the site prior to my registration) I've been on Doomworld, which is frankly very impressive to me, for a number of reasons.


    This being said, I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank everybody for this, it actually means a lot to me, after all, no one starts following someone for no reason or just for the sake of doing it, so I guess I must've done something to deserve your attention.