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  1. VGA

    Where is your avatar from?

    1. seed


      I've actually mentioned this in another thread, but no problem, will actually retell the story again:


      I ran into a Mojo video of creepy moments in cartoons or something similar to this by accident and saw this Chernabog guy from Fantasia (1940) in it. I thought he looked awesome and quite the damn terrifying and badass in some sequences, which I loved, so I figured I might as well try to find an avatar with him, which I managed to do, and it fits very well with the forum's theme, despite being slightly altered. I think there are some filters on it, and the eyes are also recolored into light blue instead of their normal yellow.


      It's a pure coincidence with the cover image honestly, similar, yet completely unrelated. The avatar is ^, and the cover is from an album.