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  1. seed

    What are you playing now?

    Finished the Newgothic Movement series and going to start BTSX soon. Good thing is, I have a small list of megawads waiting now too, after recently running out of ideas. Next up will be (in no specific order): Speed of Doom, Flotsam, Hanging Gardens, Moonblood (funny, I'm doing it backwards again, just like I did with skillsaw. Starting with Ancient Aliens and going all the way back to Aeternum :v. Sector 666 and something else remains though, but uh... I dunno if I'll actually get to those. Probably will, for curiosity's sake I guess.) Speaking of which, impressive to see how skillsaw evolved over the years, yet even his early works carry his signature, in spite of the maps being all over the place at this time. I know for sure I'm gonna be really disappointed after Hanging Gardens, BigMacDavis played it recently (that's how I found it, but I think I've heard the name on DW before, just didn't know what it was) and it's such a fucking shame the project got canned. We would have needed some beefy PCs for the later maps me thinks, since stuff's quite fancy and it would've probably gotten even more so down the road. That is, if the gameplay was going to be the same in the rest of the maps, which never got made... Fancy slaughter and GZDoom? Sounds... intense xd.
  2. seed


    "In Aeternum in triumpho tenebrarum... " (Forever in dark triumph) Over the wad, what else? Aeternum has been finished, played through ZDoom 2.8.1 on UV difficulty. A rather short, 3-level wad. So what's this... Aeternum is a short wad with skill-based gameplay, heavily inspired by the classic Alien Vendetta. It comes with new textures and energizing, action-oriented music. The first 2 maps appear to take place on Earth, while the final one exclusively in Hell. The difficulty is not high, and it would be somewhere around the end of the first half of AV, with tricky traps but nothing too intense, therefore it's pretty accessible. It's also short, being easy to beat in one sitting as it takes little over an hour or so, depending on your speed. The second map however is the longest, being noticeably lengthier than the other 2, but it doesn't necessarily drag on as it gets better as you progress, and more fun. Although the first half of the map might be a bit underwhelming. Everything culminates with a short but more intense final level with slight slaughter tendencies, and an IoS awaits at the end. There isn't much else to add, and it isn't as impressive as skillsaw's other works such as Valiant, Ancient Aliens, Vanguard, or Lunatic. His style is unmistakable but here it doesn't do a whole lot to catch anyone's attention. Thus, Aeternum can be seen as a sign of things to come, primarily due to its gameplay which would further evolve in the author's subsequent releases, in addition to his maps becoming much more impressive visually. It's a fun little wad to try out when you want to play a Doom map or two.
  3. seed

    Newgothic Movement 2

    "Get out of the way!" So that you can watch me kill your brethren before I get to you. You can't stop the killing. Newgothic Movement 2 has been finished, played through GlBoom+ on HMP difficulty. Or is that HMP? I'll get back to you in a moment. First things first, Newgothic Movement 2 is the sequel of the short slaughter megawad with the same name. It features a new menu background, end level stats picture, textures, and music. The gameplay is pretty much identical to the original, with large enemy counts, enemies placed in strategic positions, and emphasizing skill. This is pretty much all it has in common with the original, as the maps are generally very different and exploring more themes and locations, on Earth, Hell, and space, however, various ideas from the original have been recycled into the sequel, such as the tunnel sequence with the Cyberdemons underground, now taking place in a pyramid and more difficult, as it plays a much more important role as opposed being and area you could simply ignore by going straight to the right drop point. Additionally, there are no more levels that do not serve any real purpose in the megawad, unlike the original did with MAP03 and its Cyberdemon fest in the middle of nowhere. The progression between levels is also much more logical so it feels like a more coherent package and "actual" megawad, as opposed to just a collection of random slaughter maps. Compared to its predecessor, the sequel has much higher difficulty, emphasizing foreknowledge in many of its maps in order to get the full, enjoyable experience than just jumping into it and hoping everything goes well for the most part. Therefore, it involved quite a bit of trial and error in some of its maps to avoid making crucial mistakes than could bring your progression to a half. Moreover, items, such as Invulnerability spheres, are now sometimes put in secrets, some of them being mandatory if you plan on making the enraged wave of enemies calm down quicker, and with much less frustration. The difficulty curve is nonexistent as almost all levels start somewhat easy (apart from MAP02 and a few others) and the difficulty increases dramatically as you progress, but the following map with not be necessarily easier or more difficult as you'd normally expect. There are also crazy parts in some of the levels, particularly on the aforementioned MAP02, which has a really rough start with lots and lots of mandatory damage (no wonder there's health potions at every step), with waves of Imps at both ends of the tunnel and Chaingunners shooting you from their alcoves. This is going to be the only map I did not like in the entire megawad, simply because it's all about damage and challenge, but zero fun. It's best to try to speedrun this map instead of maxing it out as that needlessly complicates everything (as if it wasn't already complicated). Due to the drastically increased difficulty going in blind like I did will prove to be a challenge in itself as traps and ambushes are much less forgiving than they are in the original. I would not say you need to know the maps inside out, but it will absolutely make your life much easier in some of them if you have some knowledge before playing them, so that you at least know where the nuttier parts are. There are also no difficulty settings, so despite choosing HMP, what I actually got was UV, so you either deal with its difficulty the way it is, or skip it. When it comes to locations, it unfortunately does not explore cities. MAP13 was easily the one map that really stood out from the crowd in the original, despite not doing anything particularly mind-blowing. But it had an amazing grim atmosphere, and it was impressive both visually and gameplay-wise. All in all, Newgothic Movement 2 is a definite improvement in all areas over its predecessor, but also a significant departure, as while still preserving the core essence of the original and being much more coherent with its design, it places much more focus on difficulty and foreknowledge, something the original did not do, therefore it is going to be more challenging than it, and more frustrating in parts. As a result, it is good for veterans and demo recorders who have the time to analyze the maps carefully and fully, but not a very good candidate for more casual players who just want to play some slaughter. It's also not a good introduction to the genre for newcomers due to its high difficulty and lack of skill levels, so it's best to check this out only after you have familiarized yourself with the genre and have some experience. Otherwise, you might get your ass kicked on many occasions.
  4. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any music only uploads.
  5. seed

    Random Image Thread

    In this case, it was expected. The moment DC Universe and Disney+ got announced, I knew what would follow: Marvel and DC properties will gradually vanish from Netflix, though some DC stuff remains for the time being so that people who live outside the US like myself can enjoy their shows before the platform is ready to launch internationally. It sucks that they got cancelled, but who knows what's next, maybe they will continue on a different service. Hulu already expressed interest in reviving the shows Netflix cancelled, and the likes of Punisher and Daredevil won't be on Disney+ anyway as it supposedly won't have any R-rated content, unlike DC:U.
  6. seed


    You know, talking about horror in Doom, and particularly Doom 2016, I've always though that part where you watch a Hell Knight tearing someone apart in a video recording and then search for a body he dragged to rip off his arm was one of the more "horror" moments in that game. It builds some tension at the very least, and carries a Doom 3 vibe. Or that's how I perceive it anyway. I mean the part from 5:11 onward. I'm glad this scene was kept as it in the gameplay reveal in the final product, I enjoyed it.
  7. seed

    How and/or when did you become a fan of Doom?

    You have a strange understanding of being a "fan" of something (and thus, your last sentence makes no sense).
  8. seed

    Random Image Thread

    It's done guys. Marvel is officially dead at Netflix, all shows have been cancelled. Oof, now all that's left is finishing what I have waiting on my watch list, and after that, I'm likely done with Netflix since superhero shows were the main reason I subscribed in the first place, and now they're all gone. I'd rather have my money go to Disney+ and DC Universe after they both become available in the EU.
  9. Haven't watched the movie nor do I intent to do so at any point, but still, considering what a sounding success the original was it'd be almost stupid for them not to make a sequel (that should be on par with it at the very least).
  10. seed

    How and/or when did you become a fan of Doom?

    Played it on a Windows 98 machine when I was 5 or 6 and loved it.
  11. seed

    Favorite Source Port?

    It has... Kveller literally said that above... And it has quite a few SW renders too, both truecolor and not. Of course emulation is not the same as true SW rendering, but if you don't want to go for it, you can emulate it very faithfully if you know what to look for.
  12. seed

    What Enemy Makes You Most Vocal?

    I liked dueling with them after I figured out their attacks :D.