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About Me

The following is copy-pasted from the "Share a random fact about yourself" topic with some modifications.


I am also streaming on Twitch, come hell and high water. Incipit Chaos!


- I enjoy talking to myself loudly when I'm alone sometimes.

- I enjoy solitude and going for walks in parks at night during summer.

- I'm a dreamer and easily lost in my thoughts sometimes.

- I am very stubborn.

- Naturally, I am a calm person with decent self-discipline, but dealing with increasingly dumb or outright ignorant people caused me to become angry relatively easy now. Furthermore, dealing with such individuals also makes me feel very old or emotionally exhausted sometimes.

- I was raised as a hardcore christian, but I rejected that religion long ago.

- I reject dualistic worldviews, as well as as black/white mentalities.

- I have mixed feelings regarding notions such as "fate" .

- I suffer from nasal septum deviation but it has never caused me problems.

- I always wear socks, they're a must for me.

- I am quite detached from people in real life and generally don't enjoy their presence around me, or not in sheer numbers. However, I enjoy interacting with people online. I am also not interested in getting a girlfriend.

- Despite not being into certain long term or lifetime relations, I will always prefer serious relations and establishing a deep connection/form a strong bond with the people I like or relate myself to over artificiality and lack of anything more meaningful.

- I can be emotionally exhausting and quite bothersome sometimes.

- I have a hard time trusting people as I don't exactly trust myself either.

- I'm an introvert and a loner.

- I am eccentric.

- I have the tendency to overthink anything, be paranoid, worry unnecessarily, or focus more on less important matters.

- I sometimes feel utterly useless. The intensity of this feeling is particularly increased when I'm around much more talented people than myself.

- I can be pretty disgusting or revolting sometimes.

- I hate parties and I never attend any, unless I must.

- I like cats, snakes, and bats in particular.

- I hate the "going through a phase" mentality. Being a metalhead I hear this far more often than I'd like to. On a similar note, I also hate people who think only their stuff is good and anything else is "garbage" .

- Continuing the subject of mentalities I loathe are also the "Video games are for kids and immature adults" and "You must believe in something" ones. However, regarding the latter, I also despise people who consider themselves vastly more intelligent than someone else simply because they reject all religions and belief systems. To each his own, different views for different people.

- I hate "elitists", flat-Earthers, and many more branches of the special kinds of idiots.

- I have an attraction for philosophy and various life related teachings.

- Other kinds of people I hate are those who refuse to be honest with themselves and live in denial, the ones who have very limited or artificial knowledge of themselves and don't want to expand upon it either, the ones who want to be as "edgy", "cool", "interesting", or "badass" as possible and always be in the center of attention, have too big an ego and/or are full of shit, and those incapable of making and having their own ideas, opinions, views, values, and identity, instead just following or copying others. Therefore, I firmly believe that it is wise to be yourself and the best possible version of it, with your very own identity, not hide behind a mask, and to always stay true to your own ideals and values, I treasure self-honesty.

- I enjoy exploring the unknown, pushing the limits and what's typically accepted.

- I hate people who actively try to change someone else's opinions and views, for whatever "reason" they might have, or force their own upon them.

- I hate the censorship and manipulation of free speech.

- I find follower and conformist mentality sickening.

- I find deep, great truth in the saying "All great things are built upon sorrow" . I also believe harsh experiences build/shape the character the most.

- I love dark art.

- I enjoy good memes.

- My favorite drinks are coffee and tea, and I am not a fan of alcohol in general.

- I prefer climbing many floors on foot than using ancient elevators and risk getting stuck indefinitely. I also go on foot wherever I can, no bike whatsoever.

- The only drinks that seem to have an effect on me are the alcoholic kind and coffee in excessive quantities.

- I can't stand small dogs.

- I have a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English.

- I am a college student.

- I am unable to pronounce the letter "R" properly. For this reason, my pronunciation of names such as "Charles" or "Corolla" (as in Toyota Corolla) is horrible and difficult. Most people find it laughable, and so do I honestly.

- I have never owned a PS or Xbox console. The only consoles I've ever owned were a couple of NES for which I had hundreds of cartridges.

- I like anime, but I'm not a very passionate fan.

- I hate swimming and basketball.

- I studied philology in high school.

- I used to play tennis until I turned 13.

- I am generally pretty quiet, unless I have something to talk about with someone or something pops up in my mind. Then they sometimes beg me to shut up.

- Walls of text (with more or less sense) are somewhat a specialty of mine.

- I was a forum administrator on a gaming community that has since closed.

- I suffer from arachnophobia.

- My favorite seasons are spring and autumn. Winter would be here too due to the fantastic atmosphere, were it not for the blood chilling temperatures, and I despise summer due to the very high temperatures (I can't handle anything higher than 25 Celsius degrees very well), the typical summer-related activities (going to the seaside, suntanning, etc.), and the very long days. I'd much rather go on a mountain and enjoy my time there and the view of the landscape.

- I prefer the night over day, the longer the nights, the better, which is one of the main reasons I love winter, except for ^ , and I enjoy looking at the beauty of the moon. It's an even more satisfying view for me when a couple of clouds are around it and the sky is starless, but I also like when the sky is clear and full of stars, and I'm in the moon's light. I could also say I revel in darkness and its splendor.

- I have a strong interest for things that are misunderstood, or even feared.

- I love cloudy, rainy, and foggy/misty days.

- Addams Family is one of my favorite TV shows/movies.

- Back in school some of the classmates used to perceive me as being a hyperactive kid.

- I was recommended to become an actor or teacher on a few occasions. I can definitely see the reason for the first, but the latter is a big "No", for various reasons.

- In real life I'm usually perceived as a guy with a good sense of humor, warm, and chaotic personality. Moreover, despite not being a perfect match, I could be best described as "chaotic neutral" .

- I prefer old school video games and music in particular. Some of my favorite genres are black metal and old school death metal, because nothing beats the crypt-like, dark, morbid atmosphere and feeling, and the more down-tuned guitars and the rawer or unclean production, the better, I also share a strong disgust for anything overproduced unless it truly is needed and does them justice. Regarding video games, I prefer FPS, racing, and some RPGs. I also stick to old(er) games than newer in general, not just to the old school style.

- I pay quite a bit of attention to album and game covers, especially to the details.

- Beside metal I also listen to country, folk, neoclassical, dark ambient, jazz, and dungeon synth music. I occasionally also end up listening to some video game soundtracks. There's not a whole lot of genres I like in all honestly, but I am keeping an open mind and try to expand my knowledge on as many kinds of music and art as possible, despite generally tending towards what I'm naturally attracted or feels right to myself. It also needs to represent me in one way or another, have some meaning, and especially a vision behind it, I don't listen to music purely for the sound or style, and I will never sacrifice my integrity for anything. The only stuff I avoid is what I refer to as "commercial music", rap, hip-hop, disco, and dubstep. The first because there's rarely anything of even decent quality, let alone with vision and meaning behind it which are very important aspects to me in the more serious genres that I like, and the following not necessarily because I dislike them as a whole, but rather because the attitude, image and style really doesn't fit me at all.

- I have never used Mac, and Linux only once.

- I have never owned an iPhone.

- My first operating system was Windows 95.

- I own a white, 80GB iPod Classic, but I have not used it in years.

- I am actively buying albums from the bands I like and my collection is primarily composed of classics from the '80s and '90s.

- Unlike typical metalheads, my physical appearance resembles that of an everyday's person, but I do have t-shirts from various bands and knee-high leather boots.

- Only 3 hairstyles exist for me: bald, short, or long. Nothing in-between, nothing fancy, and definitely nothing "fashionable".

- I am not very tall.

- I hate trends and "fashion".

- I hate nowadays' "horror" movies and games primarily due to overused jump scares, uninteresting plot, and being mostly a dark, gore fest. The word "horror" has long lost its meaning.

- I enjoy Marvel, DC, sci-fi, fantasy, and action movies/tv shows. I occasionally also watch some comedy and thriller/drama stuff.