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  1. seed

    Hexen Community WADs

    Wow, I'm actually making a new topic in... forever. Jokes aside, after growing increasingly dissatisfied with Heretic as a game overall I was thinking about trying some Hexen WADs instead. The problem is, I have no idea what kind of WADs are out there. I've heard about a few such as Necrosis, Scourge of Viscerus, and A New World, but I did not manage to find any of them. Do you have any recommendations folks?
  2. seed

    PrBoom+ Mouse Question

    Alright so I've been trying out some other source ports beside GZDoom to see how they look and feel and almost instantly after I checked PrBoom+ I got hit by a problem: mouse smoothing. It's just impossible for me to play with it on, and even after turning it all the way down it was still there. Is there a way to disable it (other than messing with the mouse settings in Windows) ? I'd actually like to use PrBoom+, but with this thing on it's just a big no.
  3. Essentially the title (not too sure if I should've made this topic here though). Been making a few similar threads over the last couple of months, but anyway: After DBP21 I actually got a bit curious about Wolf3D mods - and also if there's other similar wads, frankly, I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as ended up doing. Wolf3D is a game I tried to finish myself many times over the years, but its complete lack of height variation, bright colors, and long corridors make me feel motion sick after a while, so I'm having difficulty playing it in general, especially for extended periods of time. That being said, I'm still curious about what are some of the best mapsets/mods made for it, to check 'em out in the future. What do you recommend? I'd prefer them be ECWolf/LZWolf compatible.
  4. seed

    humiliating the cyberdemon

    No, I have made no mention of non powered fist versus Berserk anywhere in my post. No idea where that comes from.
  5. seed

    what is the best build engine game quote

    Caleb. Oops, Lo Wang dropped soap. You bend over get it.
  6. seed

    what is the best build engine game quote

    Life isn't fair, but neither is death.
  7. Old news, also irrelevant, as this was fixed a few versions ago.
  8. seed

    was doom's bestiary a happy accident?

    Doubt it, they just knew what they wanted from it, and then what gaps required filling in Doom 2, so the result is just developers knowing their stuff very well.
  9. seed

    Chocolate Doom

    What is this sound bug, anyway?
  10. Yes. Not relevant to bring 'em up there, however.
  11. seed

    The Snyder cut

    Well, told you so 😉.
  12. seed

    The Snyder cut

    On that I agree too, I've always liked Snyder's take on superheroes, but they're definitely not for everyone. Man of Steel got, and continues to, get a lot of flack for what it is, and sure enough I can understand why that is, but this is what makes Snyder's take more unique compared to what's out there. He simply does different kinds of superhero movies, and considering he does what he does consistently is proof enough for me. Can't expect a Snyder superhero movie to not show that, just like Tim Burton's Batman Returns also clearly showed who was at the helm. Oh, and a Batman that also kills at that, too. IMO Batman vs Superman was a much worse film than Man of Steel ever was, it took itself way too serious but ultimately did very little with that and the pacing was agonizingly slow. I've been reading that the Director's Cut release makes it quite a bit better but I've not seen it yet to be able to attest that. I also really didn't like what happened with Luthor in that movie, someone else should've been chosen to portray him as opposed to someone known mainly (only?) for comedy movies. That Luthor didn't work out too well with the otherwise overly serious tone the movie was going for. Then again, I'm also hearing that this was supposed to be a different kind of Luthor as opposed to what we've gotten used to seeing in the JL/JLU cartoons, or Young Justice, so that could explain some things.
  13. No, you're by far not the only one who doesn't like where things are going. We see something like on almost a weekly basis. I'm personally fine with its direction.
  14. seed

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    Yes yes, because there totally is more politics in movies now than there has ever been, with the likes of the old Star Trek, Star Wars, or classics such as Casablanca, or even the pacifist message behind The Terminator 2. TOTALLY not political at all, *shakes head*. I am getting REALLY tired of this baseless and retarded statement regarding "politics" in media. There is no more politics now than there's ever been, the subjects may have changed a bit though, to reflect the changing times and ongoing societal issues, but otherwise, they have been part of media since... forever. It's not a valid argument, period. People should just get off their high horse and Just admit they're prejudiced against certain topics some movies and shows choose to deal with and call it a day. I get triggered almost every single time I see this bullshit, but I'm not having this conversation, so don't quote or mention me, I'm out this crap.
  15. Maybe something as simple as them perhaps not wanting their work uploaded/distributed via different means, especially if that would also imply having to modify parts of it, such as the textures if they're used from other games, in order to even make it possible at all? If they're not around in any form anymore, just leave their work in peace.
  16. Plasma one by one or separating the Cybers and two-shooting each one of them with the BFG.
  17. seed

    Does no one get excited for movies anymore?

    Nope, it just depends on what your interests are. Sci fi and superhero stuff in particular is better than ever now, so plenty of reason to get hyped for me.
  18. seed

    The Snyder cut

    Interesting, must have gotten very confused then. I thought it wasn't supposed to release until the Fall? Will watch it soon enough then.
  19. seed

    The Snyder cut

    Wait what? Wasn't it supposed to release a lot later?
  20. seed

    The Snyder cut

    I'm hyped for it since the original vision could never be fulfilled in the theatrical release once Snyder was replaced, so this will be like a completely new movie. I like Snyder's takes usually, so let's goooooooooo.
  21. seed

    Opinions on super-long levels in megawads?

    Essentially. It better do something fancy sooner rather than later, or I'm canning it, it usually is a good decision in those instances anyway.
  22. That depends on how you look at it, there are other Doom forums and communities outside of DW, so on that note wads and mods are popular, and not enjoying obscurity, plus there's YTers out there who play stuff, such as IcarusLives, BigMacDavis, decino, ZDenda1990, and so on. Now, if you're thinking of it in relation to more mainstream stuff and games, then the answer is obviously "no", these games are still a niche after all.
  23. Wang would like to have a word with you.
  24. seed

    Cursed Doom Images

    "You have chosen, or been chosen to, be relocated to one of our finest urban centers."
  25. Eluveitie. I'm actually not too fond of Septic Flesh in general tbh.