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  1. cacomeme

    Nova III - now on /idgames

    Yes if antares read the OP they'd see the suggested limit of around 10 new textures, if they can't follow the project guidelines then I'm not sure why they're trying to submit their map for this project and not just taking it elsewhere.
  2. cacomeme

    I 'made' a thing,but can I post it?

    My dude...
  3. cacomeme

    25 years of DooM

    didn't sandy say a couple years ago or something that he wanted to do some maps for the 25th anniversary?
  4. cacomeme

    Cream of the slaughter "crop"?

    Survive in Hell?
  5. cacomeme

    Rescue of Earth

    give this man a cacoward NOW
  6. cacomeme

    Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4)

    Then someone wanna pm me a link for the old version? :^)
  7. cacomeme

    Doom Builder X 2019.1 (August 30) - map editor

    you're gonna have to do some reading at some point, right? no one jumps into the editor knowing what everything does already? :p i appreciate the philosophy tho, im just wondering at some point how you get around stuff like that
  8. I had a BLAST. I'm looking forward to some of the devious enemy combinations other people come up with. Well the final room as it is now I just fired a rocket into it before I jumped down, the chain reaction did its job and I strolled right into the exit, no need for the powerup... I suspect that didn't go the way it was supposed to?
  9. Part of creating stuff (and growing up) is learning to handle criticism and rejection. It's hard, but don't let those 0 stars get you down too much, just keep doing your best and try to improve. Hey, it doesn't mean they're always right either.
  10. cacomeme

    Doom Builder X 2019.1 (August 30) - map editor

    now that you've said it people will never let you forget :^) i'm curious now, broadly what are some things you would you like to see in a new editor? anyway, thanks for just the work you're doing on this.
  11. Excited to finally play this! Hope you get a link up soon bud :)