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  1. hexatadomon

    Brutal Oblige level script issue

    That would be nice! I did contact the author. We're troubleshooting, but in the meantime I'm removing the files so that way I can play with no issues. Well, there is one. Any time I add an SS nazi, it instead adds a headless zombie guy. All those wads I've made that were met to feature them get replaced. I have no idea how to fix that.
  2. hexatadomon

    Brutal Oblige level script issue

    What does that mean in the context of using monsters that brutal oblige offers? Say, I wanted to add a dark imp or something. How would I manually add such a thing into the ordinary oblige (if I'm understanding you correctly...)
  3. So sorry for the delay in replying to ya'll... As an update, I've been using brutal doom which has been pretty neat. There is a multiplayer mode there, but I don't know how to use the command module. I've heard zandronum needs to run with it, but I honestly don't understand all the various options and settings on zandronum enough to connect with my roommate and play in deathmatch mode now that I've tried it upon the suggestions I received here. I would assume I'd need his IP, but I don't know where to type it in and I'm not sure what to instruct him to do either.
  4. hexatadomon

    Brutal Oblige level script issue

    I just got brutal oblige to work and create the new options needed to enhance the game, but I'm having a scripting issue that I'm trying to resolve. I have Doom 1, 2, Plutonia, Evilution, Freedom (Phase 1+2) and Satan's whisper (which I had thought may be causing at least one of my scripting issues when I was choosing different themes trying to troubleshoot. Basically, the main error I'm seeing when I try to build levels in a full game is: Script error: internal error: unknown_OB_theme: wolf I'm completely stuck, so I must be missing something. Has anyone encountered this before? I haven't found anything online as of yet.
  5. Hello, This is my first post. Now I've been playing Doom off and on again and I've really gotten back into it, but one thing I haven't figured out is how to do multilayer. Now, I know about things like Skulltag and I've tried them, but they've been problematic. For starters, I don't desire to play with random people on the internet so much as I do my roommate. Skulltag also doesn't have the amazing graphics that ZDoom does. I also have a nice control scheme laid out that I don't want to sacrifice as I had to when I tried Zandronum. So my question is this: how do I utilize multiplayer using ZDOOM so I can play people like my roommate or people I know in real life? I've looked at the wiki and seen command lines, but I don't know how to prime the command line in a way to make those commands do what I want them to do. Can anyone help? I have zero little technical know hows when it comes to this. Hopefully I won't upset any veterans by asking this, but it's just so frustrating. For reference, my roommate used to have server parties where everyone was connected to a router using cat5 lines. Is that what needs to happen here? Lemme know. Thanks everyone. Kat