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  1. Doom Delta and Others Dehacked Weapons Mod Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gac64t6r4s94ghc/DoomDelta_Weapons_And_Others.wad/file
  2. yorivdood

    Dumb ass mods

    Doom Delta + more weapons mod (DEHACKED): http://www.mediafire.com/file/gac64t6r4s94ghc/DoomDelta_Weapons_And_Others.wad/file
  3. yorivdood

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    Thanks! I'm always up for a challenge ;). the macros seem functionally similar to ACS, and i'll do runthroughs of the maps to see where coop teles / barricade openers are necessary.
  4. yorivdood

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    NP, This is sorta like a best-of with most popular maps from Doom 64 EX such as Spiral 2D, etc. Zandronum is supported although only tested on GZDoom which I believe is similar.
  5. yorivdood

    Community Chest 64

    can i add the final product to my Doom64 wad for online play? https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/102279-doom-64-mega-mega-project/
  6. yorivdood

    Beta 64 - A 31 level megawad for Doom64 EX!

    Hey, can I add this to my Doom64 wad for online play?? This Looks Great!! https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/102279-doom-64-mega-mega-project/
  7. yorivdood

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    will do on next release. current one's documentation credits the Retribution mod author for maps and scripts, at the moment. Redemption Denied names still remain uncredited but will be added with the update.
  8. yorivdood

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    sorry, but none of your text files seem to indicate a restriction on modification. the scripts were edited, too.
  9. yorivdood

    DOOM 64 Mega-Mega Project

    Welcome to the Damnation Generator. Be the resistance to spontaneous injustice by visiting hell and neutralizing your inner demons. Anyway, here's my rendition of porting the custom and original DOOM 64 maps for multiplayer gameplay compatibility enablement. Mapsets included are the originals, Absolution levels, Outcast levels, Redemption Denied, The Reckoning, custom DOOM 64 EX wads, then all of these mapsets repeated with random monsters, and then Deathmatch maps including the infamous Titlemap. Sorry if I stole some ideas, but I just havent seen these maps ported for online play. Download (Final Version - 12/7/2018): http://www.mediafire.com/file/dl7b1rkt9b81hez/Doom64_DamnGen_v2g.zip/file CHANGES: -added high res fire sky map39/81 (blue) and map40/82 (red) -updated maps 30/72, 31/73, and 38/80 -fixed mapinfo music error map36-40 -scaled sprites and hitboxes to better size -added player 1 starts to dm maps Map List:
  10. yorivdood

    [GZDoom] Diabolus Ex v1.1

    Nice work, very humbling. Porting such a complex and classic game is in and of itself quite a feat. And screenies look awesome, too.
  11. Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the concise synopsis of my project. I will take all these points into consideration in order to make for a better experience in playing my project. The next release will be in a few months, however, hopefully before next year, as I am currently getting several affairs in order. Stay Dooming!
  12. yorivdood

    Doom 64 Multiplayer + More

    Link for Doom 64 Damnation Generator (Final Version): (http://www.mediafire.com/file/dl7b1rkt9b81hez/Doom64_DamnGen_v2g.zip/file)
  13. please kindly submit a response if you've done a runthrough of my maps. Thanks!
  14. yorivdood

    Any Good (Gameplay) Enhancement Wads You'd Like to Recommend?

    I made a vox for singleplayer/coop. It is akin to zombies mode in COD. Please try it out, comments are welcome. http://www.mediafire.com/file/002zud8h9lkk820/vox_for_survival.wad
  15. you might wanna check if the longer linedefs are facing outward, and if that don't work open that current doors sector and create a smaller sector inside counter-clockwise.