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  1. Poncho

    World Cup Finals

    So, France has won the 2018 World Cup!!! Personally, I'm really happy that they ended up as the winners. What are your thoughts???
  2. Poncho

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Toads Map10 UV-Speed in 0:32 (not brilliant, but it'll do) toad10-032.zip
  3. Poncho

    Most recent movie you saw

    Watched The Killing (1956), again a Kubrick film. Has a very interesting editing technique (in that it's told in a non-linear style). Sterling Hayden's awesome as the cool main character, as is Elisha Cook as the wimpy guy. Lots of twists and turns make this heist film a must-see for those interested in the genre.
  4. Poncho

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    May I ask: what has been the most amount of demos ever submitted during a single week?
  5. Poncho

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I fully understand, mate.
  6. Poncho

    NOVA demos [-complevel 2]

    Pacifist run of Map31 (with monsters this time, not that is really matters though) in 1:35. I'm back to speedrunning! Yay... no31p135.zip
  7. Poncho


    Vanguard is, in my opinion, the single greatest solo project for Doom ever made. With this particular WAD, skillsaw pretty much made a name for himself, and for good reason. The WAD is split up into a few episodes (three to be exact - nature, techbase and hell). Every map looks great and the detail doesn't go batshit overboard, and nor does the difficulty. See, the thing about Vanguard that makes it so enjoyable is that it's not too hard. None of the levels - with the partial exception of Map11 - are truly challenging. They ARE, but in a very fun and very fair way. The traps are set up so that you can potentially beat them when you first trigger said trap (unlike a Ribbiks level where you'll most likely die trying). Map01 is a nice, short, easy jog through some ruins, with a combo of Berserk and gun action. Map02 is, in my opinion, one of the weaker levels, but is by no means bad. The enemy placement is perhaps the most annoying of the WAD, but still functions well enough to be a bit tough and still very manageable. The ways you can access parts of the map is quite cool. Map03 (13 Angry Archviles) is a gimmick map done right. With its suspense-building music and interesting, engaging scenarios, this is one of the best maps of the set. Map04 is another trek through some natural ruins of some sort, like a castle ruin. The open areas make combat difficult, but never impossible of course, and if you possess maybe a braincell or two, you should still be able to conquer this map. The ending's very unexpected, but fun. Map05 is our first taste of slaughter; a Spider Mastermind, several teleporting Archviles and plenty of low-tier enemies to be killed. It's a fun rush of a level, easily beatable in a short time. The second episode starts, obviously, with Map06, a mostly Tyson affair. Unlike other Tyson maps (I'm looking at you, Speed of Doom Map01), this is a rather relaxing take on the Berserk-only gimmick. By the end of the level, you should have enough ammo to use some shells. Next, Map07 is a take on Dead Simple, but a really fun one! Super fast-paced, dangerous if you're not paying attention and just plain fun, this is again one of the highlights of the WAD. After that, we have our obligatory crate level in the form of Map08. Navigation isn't too frustrating, and the only Archviles of the map are in the same area and easily killable. The cavern section and the ending battles are among the toughest, but the way these areas have been designed makes the fights a blast. Then... Map09 is next. It's a semi-slaughter level, and happens to be one of my favourite maps of all time. The Rise of the Triad music fits perfectly, the shift from narrow working tunnels to full-on car parks and surburbs is cool and the gameplay is fun as fuck, no doubt because of the given weapons and ammo, as well as powerups. The way you can use infighting to your advantage makes the whole affair cooler. The final level in the techbase episode - Map10 - is a proper slaughtermap, with over 800 enemies. The different areas all provide different challenges, and can all be tackled at any point, and in any order, which makes replayability more abundant (is that the right word?). Despite the fact that there are quite a few Cyberdemons (and high-tier enemies in general), the ammo and health distribution is adequate and makes for a good challenge. And then, of course, suicide exit. Finally, we begin our hell episode with Map11, arguably the hardest map in the WAD. The orange colours are truly a great touch. On top of that, the tapestry-like design is just astonishing... as are the enemies. My goodness, the traps in this map are simply deadly, none more so than the final trap. Before that, we have a pillar room fight (the beginning, that is), a precarious battle in a rocky terrain outdoors, a claustrophobic battle with swarms of monsters in a pit of some sort and the final battle, which is again a wave-based fight. All these encounters require the utmost concentration, but with skill (rather than luck), you should prevail. Then we have our final proper stage, Map12, once again a slaughtermap. This is significantly easier than the last level, but by no means "facil". The chasm design makes it feel like you're going deeper into hell, and the increasing enemy density makes the battles more interesting, especially when the Archviles start teleporting in to undo all your hard work. It isn't annoying though, since the amount of chaos - whether it be you with your own arsenal or infighting - will either wound or kill the AVs and / or the resurrected enemies. It really is remarkable. Map13 (Punchout) is a joke level that nicely ends the WAD, where you Tyson your way through low to mid-tier enemies before killing a Romero head. Really nice and funny. So, all-in-all, Vanguard has super-fun encounters, great design, great progress in terms of difficulty, fantastic enemy and item distribution and brilliant choices for music. What isn't there to love? The Good Maps: All of them! Overall, I give Vanguard a full 4 / 4 (obviously a 5 / 5). This is classic status! Worship this WAD!!!
  8. Poncho

    Most recent movie you saw

    Funny you say that, I was just considering rewatching it.
  9. Poncho

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    For me, it's when I watch people do demos, or other videos: they typically pick up ammo when they don't need it (with 98 shells, someone will more than likely pick up a box of shells). That makes me want to scream.
  10. Poncho

    British or American spelling?

    Being half-British, I'm more accustomed to UK English, and I honestly prefer it to US English. For example, the word "colour" should have a "u" in it, otherwise it'd sound like "cul - OR". US English, in this regard, seems a little inconsistent as well, since the word "famous" has a "u" (and the "ou" sound is virtually the same as the "o" sound in "favorite"). Though, there are a couple of US English terms I think one-up UK terms. The word "lieutenant" in UK English is written the same, but pronounced "left-tenant", which just seems stupid. I also like to write the word "lightsaber" in the US style. I know, I'm a picky person. :P
  11. Poncho

    Most recent movie you saw

    Just finished watching a couple of Kubrick films that I'd never seen. Fear and Desire - Kubrick's first fictional feature-length movie. It's honestly only interesting as his first effort. It's not bad or anything, and some parts are neat (the editing in some scenes is quite fascinating), but... it's a little dull and the acting is not particularly good, either. Lolita - I can see why people were offended by this (older guy, young girl and such). Peter Sellers really makes a memorable villain (can James Mason's character be considered a villain as well, though?) and, all around, the acting is really good. Even at two and a half hours, the film's never boring, and the drama works fine, due to Kubrick's masterful pacing. Pretty good film!
  12. Poncho

    Italo-Doom demos [complevel -9]

    Yeah, reminds me of VistorQ, who's done some Ancient Aliens demos. Now, I'm not saying he cheated - I've looked at his demos and I think they're cheat-free, so he's a skilled player. With that said... where do his demos come from? Another Doom forum? It's a bit odd.
  13. I'm loving the use of colours, especially the purple. Though, it that a misalignment on the right side of Dark 2? In any case, looks really good. Keep up the fab work.
  14. Poncho

    Hard maps with low enemy counts?

    Yeah, Swift Death is a nightmare (on UV, anyway).
  15. Poncho


    Quite a large gap between the releases of Sector 666 and Aeternum, skillsaw's second WAD. For those interested, the word "aeternum" is Latin for "forever", or "to eternity". So yes, released in 2007, the aesthetics are greatly improved this time around (well, they should be, after WADs like Alien Vendetta, Scythe, etc.) and consists of only three levels. VERY short, even for skillsaw. Well, that makes my breaking-down review a little easier. The first level (The Boditorium) is a semi-wide-open island surrounded by damaging blood. The secrets and enemies are all positioned well enough to be highly dangerous (yep, this WAD is pretty damn difficult), and is just paced enough to be pretty fun. The second level - Archaeolophobia - is the adventure map of the WAD; travelling down sewage systems, traversing caverns, exploring old structures, fighting in church-like ruins... it's all pretty good, except for the fact that it simply goes on and on and on and on... it becomes utterly tiring after a while, not to mention that some of the monster placement is downright annoying (the Cyberdemon guarding the lift to the Yellow Key, and the YK section itself). It's too much to bare after a while. Fire and Grimstone - the final map - is, once again, a nice-looking level with some lethal traps (though, once again, Cyberdemons are placed is semi-bullshit spots). This level feels more slaughter-y than the previous ones, and there's a surplus of ammo, but it forces you to switch between weapons, which is nice. The final boss is easy as fuck, though. Overall, I feel that Aeternum is honestly skillsaw's weakest effort. Skillsaw himself apparently said that a lot of the stuff he did prior to 2010 wasn't very good (that's just false). With this WAD, it feels that he was experimenting with new mapping and new design quirks (more detail and whatnot). He succeeded in the actual map design and the choice of music (isn't it all from Unreal Tournament?), but the levels - well, more Map02 than anything - should've had a few cuts to prevent it from becoming stale, and the Cyberdemon placements should've been tweaked. The Good Maps: 01 Average Maps: 02, 03 Overall, I give Aeternum a 2.5 / 4 (rounded to 3 / 5).