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  1. Poncho

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Jesus Christ, well done, mate. That was epic.
  2. Poncho

    Sector 666

    So... this is skillsaw's first official work. Apparently, it's the only pre-2000 WAD of his that is still around. I must say that, for a 1998 WAD, this is pretty good. It's a short and sweet WAD, and is an ideal choice if you just want to play Doom for a good thirty minutes (it takes about that time to beat the WAD to 100%). With the exception of Map08 (and, to an extent, Map03), the maps aren't that long, and all have a sort of uniqueness to them. The first two maps are fast-paced bullet-mayhem style maps. I find these two levels to be well lit and have nice enemy placement (though the secret placement in Map02 is shoddy). Map03 is a longer affair, with a lot of backtracking that reminds me a lot of these earlier WADs. You can skip a lot of monsters in this map, too, which makes it a bit too easy. Map04 is the most confusing (if you're speedrunning, anyway), since it requires you to go from one end of the map to the other, and since you teleport back to the middle constantly, it can be a bit annoying. Map05 is the worst level; it's a series of gauntlets, really, most of which are just a bit agitating and / or boring. Map07 isn't your typical seventh level (Mancubi and Arachnotrons do appear, just not in an arena-like setting). It's a good level, with decent action, good music and good enemy placement. Then comes Mansion (Map08), the longest level. It involves "resource-starvation," which is something I'm not a fan of in Doom WADs generally. With that said, the music fits perfectly and the design (for the time, anyway) is really good. I like the little pool at the start and the observatory parts to the west end of the map (there's a sort of aquarium area, which is really neat). Map09 is like Map05, only better (better traps and feels harder for good reasons... well, except for that first Arch-Vile). After that, Map10 and Map11 are essentially slaughtermaps - both has a shit-ton of energy cells (especially the last level) and are super easy to complete (even easier if you're playing casually). So, all-in-all, Sector 666 is a short, yet fun affair - it's never truly annoying, the chosen music tracks (by Mark Klem and David Shaw) fit quite well and looks very good for the time of its release. Points are taken away, however, for the overall easiness of the WAD, and also Map06 - the laziest excuse for mapmaking I think I've seen in a non-joke WAD. Good thing skillsaw isn't like that now. Final Rating: 3 / 4 (rounded up to 4 / 5).
  3. Poncho

    What kinds of things need improvement in Doom?

    Hit detection.
  4. Some overrated films of mine are: Taken - okay, it's not too bad, nor is it loved by everyone, but I found the action to be a bit too shaky and quick-cut-y for my liking. Also, the geography was downright shit in some cases. (As an additional note, the sequels are way worse). Paranormal Activity - boring as fuck, and that's coming from someone who thinks Blair Witch is okay. Quantum of Solace - easily the worst Bond film ever made - shit action scenes, shit villain, shit plot, shit drama, shit portrayal of Bond from Craig (he's basically the Terminator in this film, which is odd since Craig was fine in Casino Royale). Star Wars: The Last Jedi - the more I think about it, the more I dislike it. Politically correct nonsense and insulting to the fans is probably the best way to put it. Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy - okay, Batman Begins is good, but the other two are overrated in my opinion. The Dark Knight is hardly worth the second best film ever title on IMDb (or whatever place it was), even if Heath Ledger was fucking amazing. I like Nolan's films as well, so it's a bit odd calling out on his superhero flicks. Bowfinger - didn't find it too funny, to be honest. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I'll take annoying Willie from Temple of Doom over anything from this film. Die Hard 4.0 - how this is rated over Die Hard 2 is beyond me. Avatar - obvious reasons.
  5. Poncho

    Most recent movie you saw

    Rewatched Dirty Harry. I stand by the fact that it is the best police "cop-vs-killer" thriller film ever made.
  6. Poncho

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Those two screenshots = arguably the most rage-inducing trap I've ever seen in a WAD.
  7. Poncho

    Most recent movie you saw

    Literally just got done watching The Disaster Artist. Quite a good film: I like how the filmmakers focused on the drama between the two leads instead of simply parodying the hilarity of the original "Room". It would've been a bit better if the other characters got some screentime, though. Regardless, good film.
  8. Poncho

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

  9. Not too bad. A little on the easy side (except maybe Map08, but even I survived the AV trap). The only gripe I have is that Map08's secrets were, for me anyway, tough to figure out. A little clue would help... But otherwise, very solid, if standard, effort. I hope to see really good maps from you in the future. 😄
  10. Poncho

    Anyone know some pretty good megawads?

    Vanguard's pretty easy if I'm honest, even if some of the later levels become a bit more slaughter-y. It's fun as hell, too.
  11. Poncho

    Speed of Doom

    This is an example of a WAD that almost everyone liked and that I couldn't bring myself to enjoy. Of course, that isn't to say that there AREN'T any good maps (there certainly are), but the whole package is ridiculously uneven. Speed of Doom was made by Josh Sealy (Joshy) and Darkwave0000, both making 16 maps (well, Joshy made 17 if you include the semi-official Map33). Their two mapping styles are very distinctive, which is nice; I could immediately tell whose map I was playing. Mind you, it's easier to know by which number the map occupies than the mapping techniques (Joshy made the odd numbered maps, save for the secret levels and Darkwave made the even ones, again except for the secret maps). Joshy favours more cramped battles and lower enemy counts while Darkwave goes all out, with large, beautiful environments and large monster swarms. What's also cool is that SOD is not a slaughter WAD, so variety is present here. The issue is that a good half of the WAD (mostly by Joshy) simply isn't that good. While Darkwave gives you space to run around and pick your strategies, Joshy almost always forces you to play one way: HIS way. Otherwise, you'll end up taking a lot of unnecessary damage or dead. This makes progress in a lot of his maps more frustrating than fun, especially with his gimmick levels like Map21 (being Tyson, with 5 Arch-Viles and a few other high-tier enemies) and Map13 (practically no armour to be found). He makes the occasional decent level, but most are too cramped to be considered amazing both aesthetically and in terms of gameplay. Since the enemy placement in most of his levels is simply there to piss you off, it makes it annoying. Though, with low body counts, you could say it isn't absolutely torturous (besides Map23 and Map32). Luckily, Darkwave swoops in to save the thing. Of course, not all of his levels are good (Map22 is a sort of "Darkwave-goes-Joshy"), but the maps themselves are fantastically detailed and nice to simply gaze at. The enemy placement feels more organised and poses a difficult yet fair threat. The larger enemy counts and the lush surroundings also make Darkwave's maps more engaging to play. Favourite Maps: 31, 16 Good Maps: 02, 03, 04, 06, 08, 10, 11, 14, 19, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30 Average Maps: 01, 09, 17, 18, 20, 24, 25 Not-so-Good Maps: 05, 07, 12, 13, 22, 33 Proper Bad Maps: 32, 21, 23, 27 Overall, I'd give Speed of Doom a 2 / 4 (rounded up to 3 since I'm feeling generous). An average WAD.
  12. Poncho

    50 Monsters demos [-complevel 2]

    My first demo for the WAD! Map01 UV-Max in 1:44 50m01-144.zip
  13. I think you can record any demo; just specify what the category is (UV-Max, NM Speed, etc.) and, if you're using TAS, say so and submit the demo into the TAS thread.
  14. Poncho

    What are you playing now?

    What difficulty are you playing on?