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  1. TNT is utter tosh.
  2. The TNT Map04-13-29 track is ridiculously loud. It grates on the ear. (Track: Death's Bells) For the quietest midi, I'd have to go with the Doom 2 Map18-27 track. (Track: Waiting for Romero to Play).
  3. Considering how these WADs aren't exactly very long: +++ Sector 666 (11 maps) +++ Aeternum (3 maps) +++ Scythe X (10 maps) That should be enough for next month.
  4. BTSX (well, the first episode) is pretty damn good with its enemy placement. Hell, even in the huge Tricyclic Looper, there are NO revenants and few Arch-Viles, and the map still manages to be tough, but never unfair (except MAYBE the Cyberdemon at the end). That is a mark of good mapmaking. What annoyed me about E2 was that it started to overuse these "Group B" monsters, as you call them. Add that with the super-long layout of most of the maps and the WAD sadly ends up a bit sour. I personally think that skillsaw WADs do a rather good job at mixing these enemy types (skillsaw even uses the Mancubus quite a bit, which is great, since it's my favourite enemy). I think monsters like the Mancubus are generally a LITTLE underused, and are overshadowed by the Revenants and Arch-Viles, all for what I personally think is the sake of difficulty. ANY monster can be made deadly. Play the first map of Going Down: it's almost entirely populated with Zombiemen, but the layout makes them dangerous.
  5. E1M6 UV-Max in 2:57 rhe1m6-257.zip Forgot to mention in the text file: thanks to Larzuk for the route.
  6. E3M8 UV-Max in 0:45 n3m8-045.zip
  7. E1M3 UV-Max in 4:17 rhe1m3-417.zip
  8. I think Pipicz proved Heaven was pure bollocks in Bloodstain (Map32 to be exact).
  9. Just a quick one. E1M6 Pacifist (on UV) in 0:35 rhe1m6p035.zip Aaaaaaaand another one. E1M1 UV-Speed in 0:14 rhe1m1-014.zip E1M6 NM Speed in 0:33 rhe1m6n033.zip
  10. Well, since we're (apparently) putting the demos here [for the time being], I'll follow up with this: E1M2 UV-Max in 2:14 rhe1m2-214.zip
  11. I dunno, I find that it could be done to practice for the real WAD or something. And besides, this has been done before (BTSX-E1, Scythe, Alien Vendetta, etc.)
  12. Ahhhhhh, it's that dark blue box that says "Start New Topic", isn't it? Well, considering I already made it, and that you said it would [eventually] be moved, I might be a lazy bastard and just wait for that. Unless restarting the thread from scratch is a better option?
  13. Huh? But aren't I already posting demos into a thread? Like I said, I'm pretty new to the forums, so a few instructions would certainly help. :D
  14. So, to start off: E1M1 UV-Max in 0:35 rhe1m1-035.zip