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  1. "...Em Rhythmus Bleiben..." "...Let me burn you..." "...It's up to you - to decide!..." What? I'm sorry, I was just listening to some front 242. What's that? Three versions of this track and they're all relatively short? Feck it, I've listened to Neurobashing one too many times, already. Science shalt occur. Blah. It hath occured within the confines of one or so hours. Science hath occured
  2. Whelp... https://thebulletin.org/timeline
  3. I know that this is not really with the general nature of this post in relation to music, but this is... this couldn't be less important... Well... this just happened... We just keep barreling towards WWIII and Mutually Assured Destruction... so just... just hope that these fears are not realized beyond this... I'm not feeling nor thinking that to be the case... but... just... Jesus Christ...
  4. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    I know that this topic is essentially dead, but here's my O.C. that can be seen previously put into an actual... thing, I guess:
  5. Thanks, mate. Edit: Also, only now do I realize that this is the one track that is most likely to be easily translatable to a DooM .Wad or .Pk3 OST score, and it's also the noisiest of all my products.
  6. "Let's make some noise" -I have no clue where that was quoted from, but that's what you get when you slow down TF2's Red Tape Recorder down a crap-ton. https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-drafting-the-poor-industrial-experimental-rhythmic-noise-instrumental-150-bpm
  7. Something something circus... Something something EBM... Something something Donald Trump... Something: https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-malignant-jester-industrial-ebm-experimental-100-200-bpm-variable
  8. What are you listening to?

    Recently, I've been getting into Pink Floyd, with such being a tad of a departure from what I usually listen to, since my type of music is usually around Electro-Industrial, EBM, glitch, the surrealistic and, so on. For the most part, that is likely due to general sonic experimentation, emotive nature and, intelligent lyrics/message to a notable degree. Specific album: The wall [I've watched the film, as well, and I highly suggest watching it if one has not, but if one hasn't the time, at least listen to the longer version of Empty Spaces [Empty Spaces/What Shall We Do Now] from the film.] However, even more recently, I have went and listened to some more Front 242, for I haven't listened through the entirety of PULSE, and stumbled upon this gem: Also, held in the spoiler below is the following: - A combination of Still & Raw + PULSE by meh ugleh face - Front 242 : 06:21:03:11 Up Evil - Front 242 : Backcatalogue - Front 242 : Official Version
  9. Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Hello, I'm still a mass of blood, flesh, bone and, other materials, and here's some more crap: Doom articles: Non-Doom mass of blub:
  10. The last posted track has been given an extra intro track and given single status.
  11. Alternate box art for Switch version of DOOM

    This version is obviously not as bombastic as either the original DooM, DooM II or, DooM 2016's [non-master chief/cliche version] box art, but this fits the bill, nonetheless, and is simple but well functional [and still better than the master-chief, cawadewdy, etc box art despite the much higher budget and so on in such case.]
  12. Somewhat fresh off the press:
  13. Anyone create music?

    I made a thread for my music, so if you want to see if it's fitting, go ahead. The tracks are free for download on soundcloud:

    Many of these could be either cyberpunk or steampunk depending on how/if colouring would be applied, and are plenty busy. Not necessarily my style, but they are interesting, nonetheless.
  15. Hello, individual of existent nature. I am a person, You are a person, This is my crap, But that's about it. I am a Rivet head who likes making experimental and otherwise music. My main influences span from oldschool Ministry [Twitch, The Land Of Rape And Honey, Etc,] Front 242 in general [Official Version, Front By Front, Tyanny > For You <, 06:21:03:11 Up Evil, Still & Raw/Pulse etc,] the works of Ryan Coddington [Set Prometheus Aflame, Cyan Roddington And, Steamgunk,] Swinger/Pigzen and, so on [gonna' have to add Pink Floyd to the mix.]This has naught to do with doom other than that if one desires, they may use the tracks for their mapsets/maps on the following conditions: - Credit me/my music project - notify me [optional, but would be highly appreciated.] That's all one needs to keep in mind with full certainty. Enjoy at one's own will. I must give warning, however, for many tracks are rather long, and would be wasteful if used on smaller/shorter maps. However, if one were to send me a message, I would gladly make a short mix/remix of a track for the sake of a certain map/mapset. However, if that is the case, just don't be obnoxious or too persistent about such. Thank you. Here are some select picks: Also, here's my first finished track, of which is a cover of an old Ministry song: