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  1. Something something life is buggery. Something something... holy crap, vocals! https://soundcloud.com/adlib-joe/enimapod-the-process-vocals-industrial-ebm-300-bpm
  2. More trumbie [and non-joke-ey related material] inbound, still with the oldschool EBM, but this time having infinitely less Calliopes and more Nazi trumpets [Wolfenstein 3D, anyone?]:
  3. This is more a, "bugger about," track than anything, and it shows, but here it is: https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-love-will-come-to-you-industrial-r-b-pop-120-bpm-lyrics-by-max-martin I'm planning on accruing a mass of half crapped out improvisational pieces to make a, "Fuck it," album, such made from basically just smacking pieces of... whatever... together in a semi-rhythmic manner, and half-assing vocals on top of repetitious sequences. Such is more just a practice in vocals. improvisation and, so on, meaning that actual substance will continue alongside the bugger-about sessions.
  4. I had a radio interview with the D.J. Andrew [Shr3w] Paledino on the local station, "WSYC 88.7", on the 4th of May, 2018, so here's the awkward mass of stuff that took place [edited down to save space, leading to the other fellow being cut off almost entirely]
  5. [Flavor Text] Note: I tried this with Strange Aeons just to see how they functioned together in practice, and... it kinda fit, I guess... [This also works, and is probably a better fit, but copyright infringement is likely not the best route by any stretch of the imagination...]
  6. I apparently got my crap an article devoted to it in Brutal Resonance: http://brutalresonance.com/news/experimental-producer-enimapod-releases-new-album-76-for-free-download (: Major thanks to Steven Gullotta for this conglomeration of text and... stuff... :)
  7. This is what the things were for: a slight tweak to my album... thingie...
  8. AnArchaicApparatus

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Here's another mass of muh g a h b a g e... Some crap in relation to my Original Character, Ophelia: Random t r a e s h Here's a doodle mass: Finally, here's some crude digital stuff of which relates to my industrial project: Enimapod [shameless-arse plug; forum]
  9. I just uploaded two revisions of tracks for... something...
  10. I just re-uploaded the album, "76," as a single file, cos soundcloud's apparently the following: and was removing my non-primary accounts for a while, such with my uploads, of course. [Removed again, but intentionally, this time... because... reasons... reasons, I tell you, reasons!]
  11. AnArchaicApparatus

    This gives me a Sandy Petersen vibe

    Cheesy Xaser... sen...
  12. Here's a demo... in which my mass listening to Pink Floyd seems to be kinda seeping into due to acoustic instruments and improvisation segments... I guess... https://soundcloud.com/user-464116476/enimapood-untitled-demo-001b-psychidelic-rock
  13. Here's some relatively fresh meat: "Hey, poor - GET BACK TO WORK!" https://soundcloud.com/adlib-joe/enimapod-the-national-anthem-experimental-industrial-electro-100200-bpm
  14. The album hath been given a few tweaks and put into a solitary file: I'm currently working on getting a video of such for youtube with transitions and the lot, so... so... erm... idunno.
  15. Also, I hath fabricated my first album: