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  1. AnArchaicApparatus

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Holy shit, cool beans. Last time I tried it, it sent me a page that said that something went wrong. It's been over a week, so I completely forget the specific wording, but yeah. Thanks for the reply, I gots it downloaded rn, so I'ma check it out.
  2. AnArchaicApparatus

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Goddamn, there's some really cool beans going on in here... ...Almost makes me kinda feel like I'm just posting a semi-polished turd here given how awesome a lot of other peoples' stuff is lol. This lil' bit that I've been working on is the E1M3 of a .wad that I started back in 2018, and have otherwise mostly abandoned until recently. It's more of an oldschool-ish mapset in BooM format (unless I need to use UDMF or whatever format to make the not-much-completed train level work better... or maybe I'll just see if I can fiddle around with external scripting if I can even do that with a BooM level,) which features a few light additions of custom sounds, sprites, some Dehacked stuff, experimental non-midi music that I made myself (though I might make new stuff for all I know at this point,) etc. Most of the mapset is loosely-inspired by Alpha versions of DooM and other mapsets like Nihility and the Betalabs series that were already in that camp, as well as a loose stylistic bits taken from much older style stuff. I posted most of the same screenshots (a few fewer than here) on my music Twitter earlier w' slightly different & noticeably less commentary earlier: Sorry for this basically becoming a massive wall of stuff, but I haven't really shared much of this anywhere - other than a thread from over a year ago that I don't remember if I even actually uploaded stuff to it or not, maybe even this one - and I think this stuff is at least cool enough to slap up here for people to see in detail, and maybe DM me if any of ya'll individually want to check it out in its unfinished state/playtest what is finished.
  3. AnArchaicApparatus

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    I'ma bump this gettin'-a-good-bit-old-as-hell thread for this lil' bit. @ImpieEyez95 do you know if you still have the .wad stored anywhere - or at least where any of us could find it? If the latter is the case, a link would be appreciated (if you can still remember/find one,) and if the former is the case, I'd suggest uploading it to iDgames for the sake of keeping it archived. If neither is the case, then 'sorry for the @, and I hope you're safe & doing well either way. Cheers.
  4. Also... https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-warm-leatherette-the-normal-cover-industrial-post-punk-200-bpm
  5. Since I haven't posted here in a while, here's an update on the PIGZEN stuff: https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/album/enimapod-pigzen-paternina-the-bastard-mixes-part-ii-mixes-from-the-pod https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/album/enimapod-pigzen-paternina-the-bastard-mixes-part-ii-mixes-from-the-pod
  6. I've made a relative bunch of material over the last few days, with a bit being remixes of tracks from a fellow going by the alias of PIGZEN, of whom makes plenty of quality, wierd and, dark musik, of which has yielded what I would consider a highlight of such remixing, an industrial swing track that is likely too catchy for it's own good:
  7. Psychedelia >For You< https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-overhead-the-albatross-sample-based-trance-idm-psychedelic-150-bpm
  8. Something something life is buggery. Something something... holy crap, vocals! https://soundcloud.com/adlib-joe/enimapod-the-process-vocals-industrial-ebm-300-bpm
  9. More trumbie [and non-joke-ey related material] inbound, still with the oldschool EBM, but this time having infinitely less Calliopes and more Nazi trumpets [Wolfenstein 3D, anyone?]:
  10. This is more a, "bugger about," track than anything, and it shows, but here it is: https://enimapod.bandcamp.com/track/enimapod-love-will-come-to-you-industrial-r-b-pop-120-bpm-lyrics-by-max-martin I'm planning on accruing a mass of half crapped out improvisational pieces to make a, "Fuck it," album, such made from basically just smacking pieces of... whatever... together in a semi-rhythmic manner, and half-assing vocals on top of repetitious sequences. Such is more just a practice in vocals. improvisation and, so on, meaning that actual substance will continue alongside the bugger-about sessions.
  11. I had a radio interview with the D.J. Andrew [Shr3w] Paledino on the local station, "WSYC 88.7", on the 4th of May, 2018, so here's the awkward mass of stuff that took place [edited down to save space, leading to the other fellow being cut off almost entirely]
  12. [Flavor Text] Note: I tried this with Strange Aeons just to see how they functioned together in practice, and... it kinda fit, I guess... [This also works, and is probably a better fit, but copyright infringement is likely not the best route by any stretch of the imagination...]
  13. I apparently got my crap an article devoted to it in Brutal Resonance: http://brutalresonance.com/news/experimental-producer-enimapod-releases-new-album-76-for-free-download (: Major thanks to Steven Gullotta for this conglomeration of text and... stuff... :)
  14. This is what the things were for: a slight tweak to my album... thingie...