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  1. Where did you find the skybox? if you found it.
  2. This looks absolutely amazing! Did you make this on your own? Also, is there a download link, I'd like to feature it on my channel.
  3. I clicked the link, and it took me to my video manager
  4. I made a video on it here: It's a cute little map for its simplicity, and I enjoyed it, nice job!
  5. So I thought about making a multiplayer server on ZDeamon and was maybe curious if anyone would like to join? All server info below: ======== ZDaemon 1.10b08 ======== Public IP address: port: 10666 using port: 10666 maps: 1. map01 2. map05 3. map08 4. map13 5. map30 6. map25 7. map32 8. map31 TOTAL: 8 -------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE: EXPOLISION'S PLAYGROUND -------------------------------------------------------------------- WHEN? --------------------------------------- TONIGHT @17:00 EST (5:00 PST) MAX PLAYERS? ------------------ 15 EXTRAS? ALLOWED: --------------------- JUMP MOUSE LOOK DOUBLE JUMP
  6. oh. guess i'm too late
  7. You have to play it in Ultimate doom
  8. Those textures are really interesting. Where are they from?
  9. Just a fun little side project I'm doing using the classic Duke Nukem Texture set. This is supposed to be a big superstore like walmart, or cosco. So far, the inside of the super store is complete, I just need to work on the outside.
  10. looks interesting
  11. nice. I can't script and I figured that's what it was.
  12. That looks impressive! Did you build it yourself?
  13. Man, love your work on DU, and I was wondering, did you make the textures? They look awesome!

    1. Payload4367


      Thanks. I did not make them. They are from Dark Forces. I love 'em too. You can get them (and many other cool ones) from here:  https://www.doomworld.com/afterglow/textures/ :textures available for everyone to use.

    2. Expolision Studios

      Expolision Studios

      Really? I didn't recognized it. Thanks!

  14. Is there a download link to this? I wanna feature this on my youtube channel.
  15. I was curious, did you make those textures? They look great!