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  1. CacodemonTube

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    I’d like to mention Doom 32X: Delta Version (Made by Roebloz) I think Console Doom deserves attention during the Cacowards. :) http://www.mediafire.com/file/poo66ifz4jba802/Doom+32x+Delta+Release+1.0.zip/file
  2. CacodemonTube

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    SNES Doom 2 Testing Update: Someone on YouTube challenged me to port Doom II MAP13 - Downtown to SNES. And after a lot of tedious porting and trial and error. It works and without any major changes to the map. (There’s also a download link in the video for a patch) Also I’ve been working on porting the infamous Map24 - Chasm to SNES. It’s far from perfect. Only the big area I’ve managed to get kind of working. (Although some tight rope sections crash the game still...) The other areas need to be optimised some more because otherwise the level wouldn’t load. and yes, it is a pain to play in SNES framerates... So I might consider changing the width of the tight ropes... Previews:
  3. CacodemonTube

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Randy and I have no such thing as a second interview in mind at the moment. We just keep in touch. He’s very kind and loves this community. So once in a while I could ask him some development questions for you guys if it’s absolutely needed. (I don’t want to disturb him too much ya know...)
  4. CacodemonTube

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    Hey everyone! It's my first post here! Thank you guys for the comments on the whole progress and the interview I did last week. Just wanted to share some WIP screenshots of Map03 - The Gantlet from Doom 2 (sorta) running in SNES Doom. The last picture on here was taken at the same moment as when the game just crashed. :/ I removed some of the windows in the back to prevent too much from loading at the same time but it's still not enough... Edit #1: Thanks for telling me about that common mistake people make in the name. I’ve corrected it. :)