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  1. Here are some "Doom clones" of the '90s that went so far as to use Doom's actual palette. Please post if you know of any other games that use Doom's palette. Quiver (1997): Legend of the Seven Paladins (unreleased): HACX (1997):
  2. jute

    Let's talk about Quake 1!

    I would love so much if some sort of Lovecraftian Quake 2 prototype existed. Even as a kid I remember being disappointed at Quake 2's bland aesthetic. What is the Shub texture in the Citadel?
  3. jute

    CyberShade - Another Video

    The screenshots look great! Some of them are reminiscent of the first System Shock. The new palette is much more readable.
  4. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    Here are mono versions of my recent submissions: https://ufile.io/a3830
  5. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    Sorry, I forgot the sounds had to be mono! I'll try to take care of the problem this weekend - it probably affects all my recent submissions.
  6. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    Cacowad, thanks for all your work keeping this project going.
  7. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    Here are all the missing high priority sounds: https://ufile.io/9827d They are based on these public domain sounds: http://opengameart.org/content/squeaky-rat http://opengameart.org/content/flare-ignition http://opengameart.org/content/8-wet-squish-slurp-impacts http://opengameart.org/content/hurt-death-sound-effect-for-character EDIT: and here are BST and HED sounds: https://ufile.io/15eec I didn't do the other monsters because it was too difficult to imagine what they might sound like without seeing spites. These sounds are based on this wonderful public domain resource: http://opengameart.org/content/rpg-sound-pack
  8. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    Thanks! I'll work on some sounds. I notice about half of the high-priority sounds are for the chicken - was there ever a decision about what the Blasphemer equivalent of the chicken would be? I remember people suggesting a rat or a tiny shoggoth-ish creature. Also, this has probably been suggested somewhere in this long thread, but I wonder a recolored player sprite could work for as a replacement for the ophidian.
  9. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    I played through the most recent experimental build of Blasphemer and have a few thoughts and questions: - There are some really nice maps in BlasphDM. Given how many empty map slots are left in Blasphemer, I wonder if some of the DM maps could be converted to single-player, or if it would be possible to make a passable SP map by combining a few of the DM maps and throwing in some keys and locked doors? - Again, I agree with all Mr. Flibble's Freedoom sprite suggestions, but especially with his suggestion to use CWolf's green skull for the gargoyle. Having actual sprites for the gargoyle would make Blasphemer so much more enjoyable - they are the first enemy you encounter in the game, and one of the most common. - Is there an up-to-date list of sounds that are still needed? I have some spare time and would like to contribute some more sounds. - Many thanks to Cacowad for keeping this project going.
  10. jute

    Doom 64 UltraHDMI

    It's interesting that Aubrey Hodges chose this method, given that the midis and soundfont Doom64EX generates should allow for clean renders of the music.
  11. jute

    Cornell Box

    This is amazing. FYI I think Ed used megatextures in Putrefier (edit: which wasn't vanilla, of course).
  12. jute

    Duke Nukem 3D Sounds

    Some of Duke 3D's sounds have painfully low sample rates. I find it hard to play the game now because I find them so unpleasant.
  13. jute

    Blasphemer discussion

    FWIW I think using old Freedoom sprites as placeholders is a good idea. Bringing Blasphemer closer to a playable state will hopefully encourage more contributions, including original contributions to replace the Freedoom placeholders.
  14. jute

    What type of secret levels do you prefer?

    I prefer secret levels with novel themes, like the TNT secret levels, probably because I prefer novel themes in general - I have grown thoroughly tired of stock texture techbases and hellscapes. Novel gameplay concepts are fun too. I am always disappointed when a megawad's secrets are indistinguishable from its standard maps, or when the secret maps are simply incorporated into the normal sequence of levels and there are no actual secret maps.
  15. jute

    Heretic and Hexen

    I've been thinking about replaying Hexen. Are there any gameplay mods that incorporate enemies or items from Heretic (and/or Shadowcaster, I suppose) into the game? It's been ages since I played Hexen but I remember disliking how few weapons were available.
  16. jute

    Legality of E3 demo

    Does the leaked demo include the bird monster? Edit: Apparently not. Here's a list of differences between the E3 demo and the final game: https://tcrf.net/Proto:Doom_3/E3_2002_Alpha
  17. jute

    Comic Book Artist Steve Dillon Has Died

    I'm very sad to hear this. His work on Hellblazer, Preacher and Punisher is simply masterful, everything I ever wanted from a comic artist.
  18. jute

    REKKR - V1.16

    I agree with this. Targeting vanilla is no reason to feel you couldn't sell this game. It already looks far more interesting than most current indie games. The Norse theme is novel (for an FPS) and your art is great.
  19. jute

    Wads with '90s 3D rendered art

    Another one I'd forgotten! Doom Must Fall might be the apex of the style.
  20. I'm looking for partial conversions or other wads that use 3D rendered sprites of the sort common in the 1990s: low-poly, abstract by necessity, untextured but brightly colored. Here are screenshots (lifted from https://onemandoom.blogspot.com/) from Strain and Hell to Pay that show the kind of thing I'm interested in: I think it would be interesting to supplement one of these partial conversions with similar art from other wads, creating a total conversion that avoids the clash of styles between the vanilla sprites and 3D rendered sprites. It would undoubtedly violate the wad's licenses, unfortunately.
  21. jute

    Wads with '90s 3D rendered art

    Harmony uses digitized photos of clay models, much like Doom itself.
  22. jute

    Wads with '90s 3D rendered art

    Oh man. I have strong memories of finding POVDoom on some shovelware CD as a kid. I didn't know it was made by Iikka Keränen. Massmouth is another good suggestion.
  23. jute

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Yeah, the monster sprites would be a lot of work. I'm probably not suggesting anything you hadn't already discussed, but there are various strategies that could reduce that workload, like palette swapping, using shaders to create enemy variations (like the spectre), designing monsters that don't need walk cycles (because they float or have wheels/treads), and designing monsters that need fewer rotations. It's just striking to me that you are already so close to a game that can run without a Doom iwad.
  24. jute

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    This looks fantastic. Given how few Doom resources you use, have you considered turning this into an independent game running on GLOOME or GZDoom-GPL?
  25. Since ECWolf is now quite far along, and given that a partial "FreeWolf3D" has already been created in the course of making FreeDoom Phase 2, perhaps it is worth considering a FOSS Wolf3D content project. Does anyone think this would be worth pursuing? It might be a good way to put old attic resources to use. I nominate the old Scuba Steve demon for the dog replacement.