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  1. Harvey

    People suck

    Doom is great. With the wad I recently acquired that indicates damage done above enemies, I'm enjoying it in a whole new way. Am I participating in this discussion correctly?
  2. Harvey

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    These areas look great! The trees look like they're going into the wall and the yellow stair texture isn't my favorite, but I appreciate that you're avoiding over-detailing; I've noticed a new trend of meticulous decoration, but still believe less is more. Keep it up!
  3. Harvey

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    I'm using the doom classic weapon set in the smooth doom menu. It's running in gzdoom 3.2.5 (latest) (I reproduced the problem in older versions too) The persistent problem is: When firing for more than 0.7 or so seconds with the classic doom plasma gun the sprite is replaced by the doom 64 plasma gun sprite every other frame.
  4. Harvey

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    When holding fire down on the plasma gun for 1 second it starts flickering between the doom 64 sprite. You fixed the rapid recoil problem though.
  5. Harvey

    SMOOTH DOOM [UPDATE 4/14/20]

    The plasma gun animation was driving me nuts.wad! Thank you for fixing my favorite gameplay wad.
  6. Harvey

    What weapons do you dislike seeing in mods?

    The weapon where you're holding a demon perturbs me. I think it's called the "unmaker" in one wad. I hate it.
  7. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    Deciding to continue scythe, I've embraced doom as less an enjoyable recreation and more a viscerally grueling ordeal, something I'd imagine could be likened to coal mining or African carpentry, minus the pay. Since my hatred for level 23 "anger" is very real, I can only imagine what adjective I'll deem appropriate for the following level "hatred." However, that level must wait until tomorrow, or perhaps a year or two, until I've recovered from current scythe induced trauma. Also, thanks for the comprehensive list of wads. I'm assuming you've collated them for my enjoyment too, which is very thoughtful! At this rate, that will last me years.
  8. Harvey

    Project Warlock

    I'm intrigued!
  9. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    There was no level in Doom 2 as difficult as scythe's level 22. It's disappointing because until then, scythe was very enjoyable. After scores of failed attempts, I'm going to switch to Plutonia. I'll keep you posted on how that'll be going; I know you're all anticipating and captivated by my doom endeavors.
  10. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    I agree and disagree; I'll cede you the points the icon of sin fight is neither graphically impressive or strategically involved, but damn if it isn't novel. I can't think of any other games that have a texture as the final boss. It's also symbolic. Since it's a wall it cannot be cornered. Since it's massive heighth requires a lift for you to reach it eye to eye, it intimidates. These are only some of the daunting effects that are evoked by this unique design.
  11. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    Well Garrett, the timing of my reading of your post in coincidental, as I've just encountered some speed difficulty in scythe level 15. I think it's still episode 2 as well... I've made it too far to succumb to the forces of hell now, though. Wish me the valiance of 8 kings, for I press onward at dawn! Huzzah!
  12. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    I'll give scythe a shot before Plutonia then. I remember why level two was the ending point of my effort now; it wasn't the revenants, but the invisible bridge bit. It seemed that I was required to grind a bit harder than I wanted in that IWAD. But, since you think it's fair and it's a classic from id, I'll definitely conquer it sometime. Hopefully I'll be better prepared after scythe. Congratulations to those who've congratulated me, you're congratulatory nature is appreciated!
  13. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    Oh shoot, that's right. There was even an archvile and pain elemental! Anyway, thanks. Nom nom nom. Thanks, I probably played that map 3 or 4 times. I ended up ignoring most of the outer monsters... the mapper probably wanted the player to initiate an infight between the arachnotron and the horde of imps at the beginning, but I said nope, got the box of shells and got out. Why punch monsters, or even fight them, when you can flee to safety?
  14. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    Before I started my Doom 2 quest I saw the "What is your favorite IWAD" post where people favored Plutonia. So I did try it, but after seeing revenants on level 2 I was too daunted to persevere. I'll definitely accept your challenge, but after a break to hone my skills in some community wads.
  15. Harvey

    I beat Doom 2!

    After years of pursuing nostalgia in Doom 2, I've finally completed the campaign (on UV pistol starting without saves!) It feels great. Uh... that's all. Feel free to congratulate me or share your thoughts on anything.