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  1. unkind

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    Every Serious Sam, Shadow Warrior remake, Hard Reset, Quake 1-3 (4 sucks too much idk), Doom 1 and 2 (UV) have fair hard modes In fact, out of all these games unreal 1 is the most unfair on hard imo.
  2. unkind

    Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Prodoomer needs to be played like an RPG. I watched icarus play it and it was ridiculous. There are spells that literally give you 100 armor, shoots silent fireballs, and pushes enemies back. And your mana regens constantly. So what is the idea? Well, do some of the missions a few times, level up, max out on upgrades for your level and get full ammo before going to the next area. That is how you're supposed to play it. Idk what the hell people are doing in that mod watching videos of it lol. And yes v3 is a huge upgrade over v2. Much better. And I agree that the level design is bad. It's definitely the worst part of the mod.
  3. unkind

    Gzdoom wont go over 200fps? Help

    With a gsync monitor, or a monitor on fastsync i believe it doesn't matter. Still runs fine at lower fps. 240hz monitor you need like twin titans and a 1k processor to get 240 on today's unoptimized shit games. And i do believe gzdoom has a huge area of improvement in that area too even though i love it.
  4. unkind


    Some super good maps, a lot of boring/bad maps and some with not even close to enough ammo. Train map was my favorite.
  5. unkind

    Zone 300

    WAY too many barons/hell knights, way too much SSG, map before last boss was one of the worst maps ive ever seen, early maps all good and fun, though.
  6. really great maps especially the airship, so far, but can someone just tell me what to do in 09, just skipped it cuz it was too annoying to bother figuring out lol (fuck puzzles)
  7. unkind

    Liquid Gold-Demo 3 Released!

    needs more velveeta :)
  8. Wow this is fun! Great job!
  9. Using a computer worse than yours in every way (i5 2500k and GTX 970) and GZDOOM seems to run flawlessly. I would check all your options, drivers, background programs, etc.
  10. unkind

    Which features would you like to see in GZDoom?

    Honestly, i'd like to see survival mode, there are so many great mods for gzdoom that don't work with zandronum. It drives me nuts not being able to lose in coop.
  11. unkind

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Project Einherjar, the story is actually really good, to me. And the gameplay is also very fun, seems mostly quite balanced by hard on UV. I love total conversion megawads. Before this was winter's fury which I found also quite good.
  12. einherjar is amazing, looking forward to this
  13. unkind

    I already made my second map!

    Rock on, just keep in mind not everybody is going to find your secrets, and hell knights are easy to kill even with a shotgun its just boring when they're by themselves. 1 hell knight and something dangerous like a minigunner or two makes a much more dynamic encounter. imo
  14. unkind

    I already made my second map!

    Was pretty smooth, felt a bit too claustrophobic for my tastes. Your secrets were well hidden, i only found one on a quick playthru. I think opening up the map would be a bit more interesting. Only thing I really didn't like was killing 2 hell knights with a shotgun with no other enemies around or anything. Just boring to have to do, i wish people would just stop w/that lol. My favorite part was the end of the map where you think the button is going to be the exit because of the sign and it opened up the two doors on the left and right, caught me off guard, fun idea :)
  15. unkind

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    can't post reviews, the box isn't there, idk why, im logged in and stuff.