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  1. The slayer begin at UAC's excavations on Earth and are teleported to Mars

    The secret area is mostly made up of old levels of useless rooms

    I just don't understand the door

  2. backpacks to the remaining 8 remaining AMO
    . the glass is functional
    .wolf 3D is removed by texture aligned enemy goes gradually up etc. unlike the original more hell at this level 1/4 i will do the second any question reminder i will be happy



  3. we are working on this reworking of points
    1 texture comparison
    2 levels for short distances
    3 replace the backpacks with amo
    4 find out how glass is made 
    5 Merge or remove redundant rooms
    write me more about them in terms of smaller maps, I think I'll plan it first
    this will help me