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  1. first and original maps were built time when there was not even doom 3 when their reconstruction was increased their length it is up to map 5 thank you for the cover every one fits slowly learn to build better levels the old ones are supplemented

  2. 2 hours ago, Pure Hellspawn said:

    i find the sound of the marines constantly annoying. plus they kill the monsters for you!!!

    soldiers have help but you do not mind too much, you are right in the next update to include it

  3. On 16. 12. 2017 at 11:25 AM, Liberation said:

    I have, played as much of the first level as I could and idclev'd through the rest to see if things changed at all.

    2 and changed 1-3 bases 4-10 hills no 11-15 basic marines at least I tried


  4. 2 minutes ago, grrfield said:

    Now the download became a *.exe file? Last time that I downloaded an *.exe file must have been somewhere in the mid nineties.....

    sorry I did not know that no one is downloading a snap on the upkeep update a little give me

  5. 8 hours ago, stru said:

    Hi Paja. I'm interested in checking this out. Please try to upload it without the copyright infringement, and try using a different file host. Even Google Drive or something ffs. 

    those links that are up there are. Without iwad it's legal I personally deleted it

  6. 6 minutes ago, Lüt said:

    I know.


    That's how every user project works.


    These projects are all add-ons for the original game, meaning you have to already own the original game before you can add a user project on to it.


    This is how the entire wad database works. Most everybody here, and anybody downloading your package, will already have plutonia.wad. But if they don't, they have to buy it on their own - we can't provide it to them for free.

    sorry I did not know it tomorrow I will give it without iwad so get him caught

  7. 9 minutes ago, Lüt said:

    Paja, it looks like you have an interesting project that I'm sure some people will enjoy playing. However, your download links contain the complete plutonia.wad. This is still a commercially available game, meaning its free distribution is illegal. I've removed the download links until you can provide a package that does not include plutonia.wad. If the wad is indeed required to play your project, you'll simply have to say that your project requires plutonia.wad to play, and the user downloading your project will need to own the wad already, just as they do with doom.wad, doom2.wad or any other commercial iwad.

    ok but without iwad it does not start 😂

  8. hello after plutonium it doesnt work without d4t I do not work the main game textures without d4d texturis it doesnt fool almost nothing but the answer is the second question is start up game  to thé youtube tomorrow i will make the link



  9. Game  - Rescue of Earth for Doom 2

    Autor - Game and Travel cz #Let's Play#

    Update - 4.16.2020

    Level - 19

    Level - 01 ver  04. done http://www.mediafire.com/file/ak3a74iupeje7ov/Doom+2+-+rescue+of+earth+(+ver.+04+)+.WAD/file

    Level - 02 ver. 03 - ok - texture correction 0% 

    Level - 03 ver. 02 - Reconstruction - Under construction

    level -  04 ver. 02

    Level - 20 - ok for the time being

    Players - max. 4



    Instructions for games                  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyrIeD8NutLD1Dg_3Gctbpg?sub_confirmation=1


    Game Wad soubor                        http://www.mediafire.com/file/4pjq5av1jnl6y8f/rescue_of_earth05%283%29.WAD/file

    D4T mods                                    https://www.mediafire.com/file/njd516nlgn37g46/d4t_mods

    monsters learn to teleport and begin¨ to appear on earth, but you are teleported to mars ...









    Developers of the original Death Foretold (D4T):
    Dbthanatos, Michaelis, Franco Tieppo, Kapitán J, Phobos867, Neccronixis


    d4T 2,5



    monsters and textures





    Gz Doom




    the game needs iwad, I recommend - plutonia.wad



    Mick Gordon/Bethesda