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    Question about making a doom server

    Man, you don't know how thankful I'm with you :,D I'll try to run it in a little while or tomorrow, again, thank you :).
  2. Hello there folks!:D Recently I've been feeling kinda sad because I realized nobody I know played at least Doom with me. Later on the day I asked an special friend if she wanted to play it and she agreed to it (I'm in tears of joy, sorry if this sounds cringy or something like that, but nobody ever agreed to my petition to play it with me) so.. my question is, what should I download and what are the steps should I follow in order to make a private server and that person able to search that server? (btw I'm sorry to waste y'all of your time on the little story..) P.D: I accept every kind of help n_n P.D2: I would also like to know if I can like, put a wad into the server ex: Me and my friend playing Brutal Doom