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Everything posted by piesunisko

  1. piesunisko

    OLd School Dnb Or DubStep

    the classic
  2. piesunisko

    What is your "Go-To" software for dealing with your system?

    Notepad++ foobar2000 Midi player by falcosoft Milkytracker CDisplayex Media Player Classic Winrar Soulseek (cant live without it) qbittorrent
  3. piesunisko

    Random Image Thread

    A fun screenshot i took in Blood a while back The mod is Caleb will have his revenge in Toronto, play it, its great
  4. piesunisko

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Godly music thats all im gonna say
  5. piesunisko

    Surreal doom maps?

    A pretty surreal Everywhere at the end of time inspired doom wad, ending hits pretty hard in this one, i recommend going in blind
  6. Damn sounds like an interesting concept, enough for me to dust off my DW account after a long time, i would like one please!
  7. piesunisko

    Less Known Doom mods/maps

    Yeah we all know Eviternity and Smooth Doom, but Doom is known as one of the most modded games of all time and im pretty sure there are mods and wads that despite being good, gained very little attention to our community. So do you guys know such mods/wads? Mine would be Mutiny (and no, not the megawad)
  8. piesunisko

    Less Known Doom mods/maps

    Ok that one was awesome!
  9. piesunisko

    Less Known Doom mods/maps

    Two of my favorite megawads, i played both of them with mutiny a lot of times
  10. piesunisko

    Less Known Doom mods/maps

    Ok i just played it and its awesome, thanks for recommendations
  11. piesunisko

    My Very First WAD (Five Map miniwad)

    Very good wad for a first time, my fav map is the third one it had a nice rooms in the beginning and the end, first i played it with prboom+ but i couldn't finish it because the center with cyberdemon didn't lower, also i noticed that with prboom+ music doesn't get replaced, i recorded my second try with zdoom tho JakeDemo.rar Also happy birthday to your brother :)
  12. piesunisko

    My first WAD

    I really liked it, good for a first map
  13. So its gonna have the 4th episode?
  14. piesunisko

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Is that a Umineko reference? As for mine- M A Y O
  15. Maybe Parallel Doomensions? First map song name + Doom?
  16. piesunisko

    What wads/megawads have good vehicle levels?

    Doom Blackjack has a cool level in a moving train
  17. piesunisko

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

  18. piesunisko

    CZECHBOX (final version available!)

    Well, you can give the middle elevator a texture so when elevator splits in two the middle one won't create this bug
  19. piesunisko

    CZECHBOX (final version available!)

    Hey, i just wanted to say that i love this wad, too bad that it wasn't even mentioned in 2019 Cacowards, there is one little bug that i found in map05 After stepping on the edge of the elevator at the beginning of the map when the elevator goes back down because doomguy is standing in between the elevator and ceiling the middle part of the elevator still goes up creating this graphic bug I played it with glboom plus Also sorry for bad English, but apart from that i loved the map and im very happy too see projects like that Greetings from Poland Czech bros!
  20. piesunisko

    Happy New Year Doomworld

    Happy new year my dudes
  21. piesunisko

    dating the demons

    Definitely a Cyberdemon, just look at this picture Nuff said
  22. piesunisko

    What is your favourite DOOM mod or wad?

    My fav mod? Mutiny, great mod but not many people played it, my best wad would be Doom 2 Reloaded
  23. Sooo i made my first wad I tested it with Gzdoom 4.1.0 and Prboom+ Doom 2 Format No freelook No jumping/crouching Works with both Software and Hardware IWAD- doom2.wad Map is on map01 Second map is on map02 What do you boys and girls think of it? obviously its my first map and feedback and demos will be really appreciated :) Changelog Marsbase v0.1.rar - Initial release Marsbase v0.2.rar - Changed some things in Lava pit secret, Blue key switch and Exit Marsbase v0.3.rar - Fixed some minor things in map01 and added map02 Marsbase v0.4.rar - Fixed minor bug in teleport to Red Key room, Added two pinkies in Archvile room, changed music in map01 from Running From Evil to Bye Bye American Pie
  24. piesunisko

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    Thanks for playing my wad! i know i screwed up baron of hell "fight" in MAP01 and i still have some problems with texture alignment but, hey, thats why uploaded the wad, to listen to opinion of other, more experienced people, right? :) i will finish the last, 3rd map of the wad and i hope you will play it :)