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  1. hedgehog

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I'd love to try it again once you've implemented skill settings. (I actually started writing that in my initial comment, but then took it out, as I understand that you're focussing on other things first and didn't want to sound like I'm badgering you to accommodate players like me.) Glad that was helpful. :)
  2. hedgehog

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @AD_79, I played through your map and want to apologise for not giving detailed feedback. The map looks really nice and I found it generally pretty clear how and where to progress. Parts of it were fun, but overall that kind of intense and sustained combat is just not my cup of tea. Seeing that the parts I enjoyed the least are the exact moments others point out as the highlights of the map, I'm obviously not the map's target audience, so it wouldn't make sense for me to say anything more about it. I noticed some sort of visual glitch, though: there's a white seam that appears in the sky near the exit. It sort of flashes in and out of existence as you move past that part of the map. It's not particularly noticeable or distracting, but I thought you might want to know in case it is something that slipped past you and that's trivial to fix:
  3. hedgehog

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Breezeep I had another quick look at the map with -nomonsters, and noticed the difference in the way the red key and purple key pillars are textured. I didn't want to suggest any aesthetic changes before, but maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the pk pillar's current grey texture with something similar to that of the rk pillar (though obviously with purple instead of red, but preferably a relatively vibrant shade of purple -- if possible within the guidelines of the project). That might make it pop a bit more and blend into the background less. Plus it'd make for a bit more thematic consistency.
  4. hedgehog

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Breezeep, because of this post in the I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps thread I played your map and jotted down a few notes. I don't know how valuable my feedback will be (I'm better at assessing Quake maps than Doom maps) but maybe it'll be better than nothing -- at least in combination with feedback from other people. I only just noticed that you did get a bit of feedback from @tourniquet above (I only notice the comments on @AD_79's map before), but maybe my thoughts and impressions will be somehow useful too. Played on ITYTD using PrBoom+, from pistol start. This was the first map I have played from this or any Mayhem set, and the non-stock monsters were all new to me. Additional disclaimer: I played this after having slept far too little. I'll hide the rest with a spoiler tag, because of, well, spoilers.
  5. hedgehog

    Could a intelligent animals play doom

    For what it's worth, in a study published in 2014, chimpanzees were shown to do fairly well in navigating a virtual reality maze. From an article describing the study (entitled "Chimpanzees Can Play Video Games Better Than Kindergartners" -- make of that what you will): Whether this means that chimps could play Doom is not clear, as Doom gameplay is about more than just navigation of a virtual maze -- but that is one central aspect of it. The article quoted above ends with the following: There is also some evidence that orangutans, cats and pigs have the ability to play and enjoy video games to at least some extent -- although not necessarily without a fair amount of human intervention, and not necessarily anything analogous to Doom. Not sure that follows necessarily -- there definitely is a sense in which proficiently using human language is a far more complex process than playing a Doom level. Also, I get what you're saying with "just barely been able to learn a little bit of sign language", but that's one way of viewing the issue. I'd say it's rather amazing just how much of the language of another species chimps have been able to learn.
  6. This is a really, really lovely set of maps. Beautiful to look at and fun to run around in, with maps 1, 2 and 6 being the definite highlights for me. I love the realistic (or semi-realistic) aesthetic, which you've pulled off amazingly well in a game that doesn't usually lend itself particularly well to realism. And I am in awe of the intricate and inviting landscapes and imposing vistas you've managed to create despite the limitations of the Doom engine. I'm not usually a fan of large Doom maps, and I often find open/nonlinear layouts confusing and frustrating, but these maps -- in particular maps 1, 2 and 6 (and, to a lesser extent, 3) -- are great examples of how to do open and nonlinear layouts and gameplay right. Despite the complexity and multiple route choices, progression was for the most part fairly clear. And even when I did get lost (which happened rarely and usually didn't last long -- with perhaps once exception: see below) and had to search around for the way forward, the believable setting made it feel like part of an adventure, rather than a chore. I'm glad you chose to release these six maps as a shorter episode first, as I usually find 32-map megawads fatiguing and will often quit after the first few maps, or just not bother downloading in the first place. This, for me, is a perfect size for an episode. I also like the fact that the maps are not overly hard. I didn't find them easy by any means, and there were spots where I died repeatedly, but they were doable and almost never felt unfair. I'm a casual Doom player, and so many Doom maps are far too hard for me even on the lowest difficulty setting. Played on HNTR (I think; I forgot to make a note of it. But it was either that or ITYTD as I never play on anything higher), using PrBoom+. All of the maps ran perfectly fine on my fairly crappy laptop. I seemed to experience a little bit of slowdown on the second map, but it was really hardly noticeable. I'm not a fan of the new sounds, though -- in particular the new pistol and shotgun sounds, which I actually found to be a little grating. They bothered me less over time, especially once I got hold of the DBS and only heard the replacement shotgun sound when fired at by shotgun zombies. It's a minor criticism and certainly not something that stopped me from enjoying the maps, but I felt it was an unnecessary addition. A few more words on each of the maps: MAP01 MAP02 MAP03 MAP04 MAP05 MAP06 I hope I didn't ramble too much.
  7. hedgehog

    Dimension of the Boomed

    Never commented on this, although I played it a while back when it was still in beta (albeit already in a very polished state). At the risk of repeating what has already been said, I feel I need to add my voice to the plentiful and very well-deserved praise this has received. It's a beautiful and incredibly well-designed, consistently fun set of maps (played on ITYTD, using PrBoom+). As someone who is more of a Quake player than a Doom player, I have to say you did an outstanding job of merging the two. Like others have said, the little homages to the original Quake levels are wonderful, as is the way each map then transitions to its own, entirely new but still very Quake-y experience. Construction and texture usage is superb throughout. Great secrets too; I spent a fair amount of time hunting around and trying to find all the remaining secrets after clearing each map. I think there are still a few I never managed to find -- but even without that incentive, I can see myself returning to this episode every so often in future.
  8. hedgehog

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    I would guess you need to do at least two things: 1) Test the maps using PrBoom+. As in, play through your own map set using PrBoom+. That way you'll see firsthand what doesn't work. Make notes of every single error/bug you encounter. Then you can work towards finding and implementing the solutions -- which, from what I can tell, is going to be a matter of fixing the various ZDoomisms. 2) Search for information on ZDoomisms on these forums and elsewhere (just as I did -- see my previous post). This will show you why what you've done breaks compatibility with PrBoom+, and how to both fix it and avoid it in future. If you've done this and you still can't find the information you need, consider asking in one of the editing threads. And then fix the issues identified in step 1. And then go back to step 1 and repeat until your episode is playable in PrBoom+.
  9. hedgehog

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    That proves nothing other than that the maps work with (G)ZDoom, which is not the issue -- as I wrote, I tested the same area within the same map in ZDoom, where it worked. What I am saying is that I am running into map-breaking bugs in PrBoom+ (as did the person who posted after me). Yes, that is what I said in my previous two posts. The fact that it works in (G)ZDoom but not in PrBoom+ suggests that the map contains ZDoomisms, i.e. "common mapping errors that may appear when a mapper only tests maps in ZDoom, without testing in other source ports" (doomwiki, which I linked to in my previous post as well). Examples of ZDoomisms include (from scifista42's post in this thread) If you search the forums for "ZDoomisms" (as I just did to find the above examples), you're sure to find more information.
  10. hedgehog

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    Thank you very much for responding, but that doesn't really address the problem. Maybe I was unclear in my first post. The problem is that at least one of the maps is broken when played in PrBoom+ (see the spoiler-tagged parts in my previous post for more detail). I haven't played past the second map, so I don't know about the rest of the set, but it is impossible to finish the second map in PrBoom+. I have just run through the same map in ZDoom, and it worked fine -- which strengthens my suspicion that the culprit is some sort of ZDoomism. The point is, it doesn't suffice to assume or hope that something will work in all limit-removing engines if you've only tested it two engines of a very particular family (i.e. ZDoom and GZDoom). Either the readme should specify that the map set is only for ZDoom and ZDoom-derivatives, or the maps should be tested in other engines too, and accordingly fixed/made compatible (if possible).
  11. hedgehog

    Phobos: The Doomed Moon

    Started playing through this using PrBoom+ and have really enjoyed so far. However, in the second map, I got stuck... The same thing happened shortly thereafter: Now I don't know the first thing about Doom mapping, so maybe I'm way off track -- but seeing as you've only tested in Zdoom and GZDoom, I'm wondering if your maps don't contain some so-called "Zdoomisms" that make them unnecessarily incompatible with non-Zdoom engines (just going by what I've read in other threads). Your readme simply says "Advanced engine needed : Limit Removing" and what I've seen of the maps so far, they look like they should be PrBoom+-compatible (no slopes or other fancy features). Maybe it'd be worthwhile testing these maps in PrBoom+ too -- and/or being more specific about the engine requirements?