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  1. hedgehog

    doom2's map01 quakestyle

    I enjoyed this; played through it a few times, in fact. Quite tough (would be nice if you could implement difficulty levels), but fun. Architecture is maybe a little bit blocky, but everything is very cleanly constructed and has an undeniably Quakey feel. I kind of wish the map didn't require GZDoom, as it always feels rather sluggish and resource-heavy on my machine. With the exception of the outdoor area, it does seem like the map could have been made compatible with e.g. PrBoom+. On the other hand, the outdoor area looks nice -- I see you had some trouble getting it to look the way you wanted, but the end result is very effective, I think. The secrets were fun, although... Are you planning on making more maps like this one? It would be interesting to see other iconic Doom/Doom 2 maps reinterpreted in a similar style -- e1m1, perhaps (for real this time)?
  2. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    The project you linked to looks like a chainmap, though -- whereas the idea behind this one is that each contributor creates their own separate map, based on the same starting area posted at the beginning of the thread. At the end, in other words, the idea is not to have a single map with several authors, but rather a number of different, completely independent interpretations of the same basic "theme" (for lack of a better term). It's kind of like having the mapping equivalent of a writing prompt, and seeing what different mappers come up with when they each run with it on their own.
  3. Love the title, which made me download and play this. The punishing gameplay is not really my cup of tea, however (although I can see how others would enjoy it). Other than that, the map is charming -- although the first outside area the player sees, with the large slabs of uniform brown and the three grey blocks in the distance, looks unfinished. Here, a bit more detailing/texture variation/some more organic shapes and fewer straight lines (not necessarily anything too fancy; just bringing it at least up to the detail level of the second outside area) could vastly improve the visuals and atmosphere of the map. Two odd things I noticed; not sure if intentional:
  4. hedgehog

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    In 2017, @Miss Bubbles released two excellent retro/id-inspired Quake maps, which do a fantastic job of emulating the style of the original levels. That is what got me interested in this release. It would be great if you could do that!
  5. hedgehog

    Demonastery - RELEASED! (Now on idgames)

    Just played this and have to say: Wow, the screenshots do not do this map justice. It pretty much ticks all my boxes: Incredible attention to detail everywhere.* An incredibly well-executed (roughly) medieval theme/setting. An incredibly strong sense of place. As much as I admire well-made abstract maps, for me they are never quite as impressive as a map that manages to create a convincing "realistic" setting -- by which I also mean convincing fantastical elements, such as fleshy dimensional rifts and bleeding architecture. This is one of those maps where it's hard to wrap one's head around how solid and three-dimensional everything feels, despite being created in a 2.5d engine. (Related to the previous two points:) Expansive vistas and a sense of being inside a much larger world, although the playable area is of a manageable size. An interconnected layout and really fun, engaging progression, that keeps leading you back to earlier parts of the map from new angles and vantage points -- without ever feeling arbitrary, making you feel lost or leaving you wandering in circles. This is also tied to the previous three points, as the logical layout and clear visual differentiation between the various parts of the map help you keep/quickly regain a fairly clear grasp of where you are. On HNTR, combat that feels carefully designed (it never feels like monsters were just randomly added in the editor) and adds to the overall experience, without being overwhelming or unmanageable. So many Doom maps feature really punishing combat even on lower difficulty settings. While I understand the appeal of that kind of gameplay to others, it's just not something I tend to enjoy. Here, the encounters lend just the right amount of spice, while allowing the focus to remain on a sense of exploration and adventure. Thank you for not catering only to UV/highly skilled/hardcore players! Wonderful secrets... Great choice of music -- or perhaps I should rather say, fantastic job on the music, @Jimmy. I see the excellent Brigandine being mentioned a few times in this thread. No disrespect meant towards Viggles, but as beautiful and well-made of a map that is, for me Demonastery trumps it in pretty much every respect. _______________________________ * I feel your frustration at those misaligned gargoyle faces and if uploading a fix is possible, that would be great. For what it's worth, though, when I played the map I was far too busy taking in the imposing scenery to notice. Had I not gone back specifically to look after reading the post above, I might never have noticed.
  6. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @wolfmcbeard I've played the fixed version of your map. Lots of little improvements, which add up to a better experience overall (more below). And I'm happy to be able to play the map in PrBoom-plus. Some more detailed feedback... ...and some perhaps overly nitpicky feedback -- feel free to ignore: I'm just wondering how necessary it was to create two versions of the map -- in particular, whether it was necessary to create a separate GZDoom version. I mean, it's very admirable that you went to all that trouble, but to the best of my knowledge, if you make your map PrBoom-compatible and don't use any arcane hacks/engine exploits, it should automatically be playable in (G)ZDoom (but not the other way round). Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. For what it's worth, I tested CrispySpite in GZDoom and it runs perfectly fine.
  7. hedgehog

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    My apologies if this is not the right thread for this question, but when I follow someone, is there a way to set things up so I only receive notifications when they actually create new threads, and not for every comment they post? The reason I ask is that there are a few Doomworld members whose work I like, and if they release something new, I don't want to miss it -- so I currently follow them. However, in practice this means that I am sometimes bombarded with notifications when they are simply interacting with other people on the board (often in threads that do not necessarily interest me), which is not what I'm after.
  8. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @therektafire Thanks for explaining. Since I'm used to thinking in terms of brush-based editing, it's a distinction that would not have occurred to me -- but it makes sense now. I learned something new today too!
  9. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @Gothic Although I had fun with the first version, the updated map plays a lot more smoothly. @wolfmcbeard Source port compatibility niggles aside, this was a fun map. Quite brutal, but manageable. I see you plan to release a fixed version, but here is some more detailed feedback in the mean time:
  10. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @wolfmcbeard I get a whole bunch of missing textures when loading your map in PrBoom-Plus v2.5.1.4. ZDoom runs the map fine. For what it's worth, a quick search turned up this old post on a map with a similar problem: As a non-Doom-mapper, I have no idea what that means, but it strikes me as potentially helpful...
  11. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    Don't wish to derail the thread, but I just want to say: Thank you @Pegleg for the encouraging words!
  12. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @joshthenesnerd Thanks! I would like to make at least one Doom map at some point in the future, but it's not something I can afford to get into right now. In any case, my focus is on learning Quake mapping first (which I've been attempting to get the hang of, on and off and with varying degrees of success, for a couple of years now) -- but even that I've had to put on the back burner for the time being. Thanks for the video recommendation; I'll be sure to check it out.
  13. hedgehog

    throwing the ball around. a community......experiment

    @Gothic That was indeed fun; a nice little bite-sized level. I liked the interconnected layout. Some more feedback: @joshthenesnerd This is a nice idea, and I look forward to seeing what other mappers come up with. If I were a Doom mapper, I would have given it a shot myself.
  14. hedgehog

    Dimension of the Boomed

    AL-97 beat me to it, but I'd nevertheless also like to congratulate you on the well-deserved Cacoward. Such a beautifully crafted episode and a definite highlight of the year for me too.
  15. hedgehog

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I'd love to try it again once you've implemented skill settings. (I actually started writing that in my initial comment, but then took it out, as I understand that you're focussing on other things first and didn't want to sound like I'm badgering you to accommodate players like me.) Glad that was helpful. :)