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  1. directx says that I have the same or newer version. I installed windows visual 2008 c++ without a problem,but windows framework 3.5 installator doesn't even launch. also I reinstalled gzdoom builder from installator (on disk d) but I still get "fatal non-UI error"
  2. enen

    Which monster is the most "satisfying" to kill?

    definitely arachnotrons and archviles.
  3. enen

    Doom years resolutions.

    1. play some good .WADs (I was mostly playing vanilla d1 and 2 and after that with brutal doom) 2.finish vanilla doom 2 on ultra violence 3. make my own map
  4. so always when I choose "new map" option, add required stuff (doom2.wad and zdoom engine in configurations) and click ok I get "Fatal non-UI error" which closes the program. how to fix it?
  5. so I tried running gzdoom editor and the "main menu" with pinky art works. unfortunately when I try to use "new map" and choosing resource (doom2.wad) and zdoom format (I added zdoom as engine in configurations) I get a "fatal non-UI error".
  6. I'll try that and see if it would work
  7. I could install it without a problem,but when I try to run it I only get "the program has stopped working" how to fix it?