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  1. SuperPCGamer

    Anyone else liked the original imp better?

    My opinion on Imps: The classic DooM imp was perfect. A muscular, intimidating brown, spiky, fireball-throwin' monster. You know you're fucked when they're near. Characters design was nearly flawless, but there's one thing I find wrong with it: The fact that there isn't anything wrong with it. If a character is too perfect to get complaints, that's a problem. Every character needs downsides. The Doom3 imp was just pathetic. The DOOM 4 imp was nearly perfect. Just as scary as before (if not scarier), and they're MUCH faster, offering more of a challenge. Once you see this orange/purple beast throwin' some fire at'cha, you're FUCKED. But, it doesn't resemble the old imp at all. Otherwise, it's amazing. So yeah, I like the oldest one best, but only slightly like it more than DOOM 4 imp.
  2. SuperPCGamer

    Renaming The Baddies

    Fair enough
  3. SuperPCGamer

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    shit, someone else said it. FUUUUUCK
  4. SuperPCGamer

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    I have one: H-Doom It's DooM but the monsters are hentai monste-wait, that exists?
  5. SuperPCGamer

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    ...Dude, that's EXACTLY where they are ingame.
  6. SuperPCGamer

    Who else isn't an adult here besides me?

    I'm older than 7 (16) but not mentally older than 7.
  7. SuperPCGamer


    I'm afraid you can't do that. A bestiary is a "BEAST NOTEBOOK". A book containing information, drawings, and essence from monsters and monsters ONLY. If it was a regular Doom Notebook that'd be a great idea!
  8. SuperPCGamer

    Made any DooM OCs?

    CLOSE. It means Original Character. (I really hope nobody decides to r\woooosh me for this since if it's a joke I'm not sure I get it, maybe it's about the two-headed monster that's unoriginal? Huh.)
  9. SuperPCGamer

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    Oh, no, I don't care how many things you have to say about Imps. just say it all when you can
  10. SuperPCGamer


    if there was a kid's version that was barely detailed then it would be a pop-up
  11. SuperPCGamer


    I'm missing the Cacodemon and Pain elemental too. Why? I didn't make the picture, LOL
  12. SuperPCGamer


    I thought of a really cool idea--what if there was a physical DOOM BESTIARY you could buy and read? Wouldn't that be awesome? Tell me what you think
  13. SuperPCGamer

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    ...Did you not see the DooM II cover art?
  14. SuperPCGamer

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    I personally don't care for the Bible but I'm an atheist which explains that