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  1. SuperPCGamer

    Doom95 on Windows 10

    Hey, I've recently got a disc of DooM II: Hell on Earth, and it's for Windows 95. I have a Windows 10 computer, though, and the game won't run. If you know how to make a Windows 95 disc of DooM II work on Windows 10, please, tell me!
  2. My favourite thing about a Monster in doom is the fact that a revenant is a skeleton. Because SKELETONS.
  3. AGREE IS EVERY WAY I CAN Hot Cheetos™ is good
  4. Neither (I have no idea what a TI-84 is) Opinions are fascinating
  5. SuperPCGamer

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    bugs bunny is a demon too
  7. Disagree vehemently. The DooM movie was the WORST FUCKING MOVIE EVER IT JUST PISSES ME OFF (although "IT JUST PISSES ME OFF" is more of a fact than an opinion)
  8. SuperPCGamer

    Dumb Stuff You Believed When You Were a Kid

    one thing I used to believe is that bugs were evil demons but I still believe that
  9. Nothing (never read them) The DooM comic was a bit bad and needs to be redone.
  10. disagree (I'm a guy >:(((((() This is the greatest weapon ever
  11. Neither (never played). Doomguy is pretty hot
  12. Neither (never bought it) My opinion counts.
  13. Agree. Disturbed is awesome, but their cover for Sound of Silence isn't very good
  14. Neither. (never heard of him) MTN DEW is better than every other pepsi soda
  15. Disagree (way more popular). Fortnite SUCKS DICKTITS
  16. Neither (never played it). The first DooM game is better than the second one.
  17. rigby is better than mordecai

  18. I legitimately don't know if you knew that would happen
  19. @Aquila Chrysaetos Disagree slightly. A L I E N S was better than A L I E N even though both were amazing
  20. I see no statement to agree or disagree with! nooooooooooooooooo