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  1. Vominus

    Good Drugz

    Zoloft.... man, I took that stuff for 6 months and it royally fucked me up. My experience with that was enough to make me not want to take any drugs to resolve my problems aside from headache pills. You might also want to consider giving Google a chance, it might turn up some good articles.
  2. Vominus

    My Theory

    Yeah, Black is an idiot. These aren't the best lyrics but I thought they were pretty relevant. They're from a band called Death and the music/lyrics were written by Chuck Schuldiner, the grandfather of death metal who died 6 months ago from from cancer. The main reason I'm even putting this here is just because Death kicks ass and you should all do yourselves a favor and listen to them if you want to hear what intelligent, melodic death metal sounds like. 7. GENETIC RECONSTRUCTION Extending a life with total resistance To fatal disease, future methods of science Replacing what is real by using technology Population control, selecting those who will breed A specific type of form chosen for the unborn A mind without emotion Progressive anatomy Genetic Reconstruction Evolution in Production Producing a race of human machines A new age of existence the world will see Death
  3. Vominus

    Yuppie stupidity cannot be concealed!

    There's something very unapealing about anyone being able to get a hold of me anywhere I go at any time. I don't like cell phones. I'll get a pager if I ever need a form of moblie communication. And as for breathing new life into dead posts... why do you even care?? You make the decision to click on it and read it.
  4. Vominus

    Interview With A Vampire

    That was a damn fine interview. In parts it reminded me of some of the classic arguments I've had with Steve over the years. Just a word of advice to you all, never try to tell him which way is North...
  5. Vominus

    War For Millennium

    If only Lüt or I had a copy lying around of the first thing we ever created in Doom... That would make a nostalgic, goofy hidden level. It was a brown, square shapped room with harmless brown nukage for a floor and a little hallway that twisted left and right and ended with a switch. Imps and trees were scattered about--probably not much different from a lot of people's first maps, but we were damn proud of it since we created it with no guides, just trial and error. It was Lüt who discovered how to use the "sector define" option in Waded, and I had drawn the lines and placed the objects. I still remember seeing the first rays of sunlight peek through the little windows in his basement as we watched our little room come up on the screen and our imps attack us......
  6. Good story. I think I'll let you install XP for me when the time comes!
  7. Vominus

    No Remorse

    Today I was listening to Kill 'Em All by Metallica and I noticed something very interesting. In the song No Remorse (track 8) there is a riff that is almost exactly the main theme from E1M1. I know Bobby Prince was influenced by some heavy metal bands so I'm sure it's no coincidence, infact I think it's pretty damn cool. If you have access to the song you can find the riff at 1:33, 2:33, and 4:25. Just do a search on Morpheus or WinMX or whatever file sharing program you happen to use and I'm sure it will pop up. Get the album version as that's the one that corresponds with the times I gave.
  8. Vominus

    No Remorse

    E3M3 is a Slayer song called Behind The Crooked Cross, and Monster Condo from Doom 2 is Pantera's This Love.
  9. Vominus

    Racial Profiling

    This racist stuff is all just a bunch of crap. If someone is offended because someone else is referring to his race by calling it a color, then you need to go drown yourself in pool of camel semen or find something better to whine about. The fact that black people can get away with saying "n***er" is absurd, but it also proves a good point: The only thing that matters in the end is the context of what's being said. If I haphazardly refer to an African as a "n***er" (which I wouldn't out of respect), I could get myself in a lot of trouble, but I wouldn't mean anything by it. Oh bah why am I even bothering with all this... it's not like I can change anyone's mind. I'm just sick of the racist issue. There are bigger and more important issues these days... That bit about the cop is ridiculous, of course.
  10. Vominus


    The name Lüt was created in his high school German class. The original name was Farmer Lüt. I can't remember the full details, but him and some other friends used to draw their own comic strips and the farmer was one of their characters. Steve always had a bit of an obsession with umlauts so I'm sure that's where the name stemmed from. I was Lüt's neighbor for 18 years until I moved. I haven't seen or heard from him in a while which is certainly not normal, maybe I should go find his number and give him a jingle to see what the heck is going on.
  11. Vominus

    Michelle Branch

    I completely ignored Britney Spears until she was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Her breasts might be fake, but they look great. Her face seemed a little crooked on her older stuff to me, but she looks pretty attractive now. She doesn't do anything special for me though. I just enjoy looking at pictures of someone my age I think is all.
  12. Vominus


    I'm 19 and will be 20 in June. I gotta suffer a whole nother year before I can drink legally, but then again the bars around here are all pretty seedy. I'd probably be a regular if I lived in some place in England with a good pub. Atleast I'll be able to sit back with a sixer whenever I feel like it and finaly go out drinking with all my older friends. I can't think of any other benefits from age after that. I can be a represenative when I'm 25, a senator when I'm 30, or president when I'm 35, but who the hell wants to have anything to do with politcs? I'm probably gonna get smoked just for bringin it up!
  13. Vominus

    Worst movie ever?

    I didn't bother to read this whole thread, but I'd say the worst movie I ever saw was the original Horrors of the Red Planet. The acting is atrocious and the special effects are hilarious. It's worth watching just once to see a man beat a cardboard water monster to death with a wooden paddle while rafting on a river in an inflatable boat on Mars. I saw it when I was about 8 or 9, so take that all for what it's worth.
  14. Vominus

    What's in YOUR wallet?

    I keep my wallet in the breast pocket of my leather jacket so it's not a sitting issue. I tend to collect business cards and receipts like a pack rat. I think I cleaned it recently, but let's have a look at what's in it right now. [opens wallet and looks in] *in order of appearance -a debit card -a credit card -an IL driver's license -SS card -Dominick's Fresh Values Card (for savings on groceries) -Wang's Chinese Buffet Dinner card (9/10 stamps before receiving a free dinner [used to be the official foodatorium following all-day-long forest adventures]) -Something that looks like it might be a flier for a band or musician named Johnny Moraco (it's got a scantily clad cartoon woman in leather with a wip which is probably why I have it) -Best Buy Gift Card (about $1.30 left on it) -John Hersey High School student ID for class of 2001 (gets me a discount at certain movie theaters that are lazy) -a library card -LoTR ticket stub -business card for a used CD store called Music Recyclery -Jewel-Osco Preferred Card (for savings on groceries) and prying open the money flap reveals nothing but a ticket stub for Super Troopers (it was OK but definitely not worth my $8) In the transparent sleeves we have: -A collection of various phone numbers scribbled on torn pieaces of paper -some abbreviated idea scribbled on a torn piece of a yellow post-it note (must be old cause I have no idea what it means) -a number that must have some importance which I can't remember -business card for Quad City Tattoo -an official Aids Wallet Card (left over from an old inside joke that was started by Lüt) -a vehicle insurance card -an emergency identification card (with information that's 4 years old and totally inaccurate, meaning I've had the wallet for that long) Well that's it. Congratulations to any who actually read all of that!
  15. Vominus

    Bad endings

    That's usually what I do when I first get a game. It's great for getting an idea of the story and the setting (and also a simpler way to check up on the controls or different systems you might control [battles, menus etc.]), but it doesn't tell how the story ends. That's why we play games to win. Well it's supposed to be anyway. I still play lots of games just because it's fun to wrack up scores or get in the zone for a little bit, but when I devote 70 hours to some massive RPG or put up with lots of BS (i.e. Shenmue) I expect an ending to reward my efforts. MGS2 for PS2 (and eventually X-Box if I remember correctly) has an ending that drags on a little bit, but the first time I watched it I felt fully satisfied with my gaming experience. It'd sure be nice if more developers and publishers could see the importance of an all around quality product so we wouldn't have such a flood of crappy games to choose from, but the freedom of development on PCs is what gives us gems like Doom and many others (Fallout, CS, C&C, System Shock, the first Liesure Suit Larry and on and on...). And of course the thing that causes so many console games to be a complete waste of time is deadlines and contracts and all the typical BS it takes to play with the big boys. So anyway... this is a good place to reccomend any game that you feel is worth playing (regardless of how many others might have already played it). I suggest that anyone who's dismissed Halo because it's a console game give it atleast one chance. If you can play it with other people (I'm a huge fan of cooperative, one player driving a vehicle while the other mans the mounted chain gun in split screen is one hell of a gaming experience, and a 16 player network game in those huge environments can last for hours) I'm sure you'll atleast be able acknowledge it's quality.
  16. Vominus

    tenth person to hit 2000!

    That's an awesome picture. It emanates a slight feeling of evil but does it elegantly. It's not the most amazing work of art I've ever seen, but the Beatles weren't the most talented musicians either. Way to go on the post count too. (I did photography in high school and have been meaning to scan my better accomplishments to see what other people think. Maybe you'll see my thread when that day comes.)
  17. Vominus

    Bad endings

    Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis has one of the most unrewarding endings. I was also very disapointed the first time I beat Mario 64 I always loved the ending of Doom 2 because of the "cast of characters."
  18. Vominus

    umm Lüt or somthing...

    Who cares if it's an old thread? I'm a fairly new member, and what if I find an older thread that is very interesting to me? Further more, what if I have something I feel is worth saying? For that reason I see nothing wrong with replying to threads of any age. Of course I agree that it's innapropriate to do it just for the sake of raising your post count, but if you've got something to say then say it for hell's sake. One of the reasons I've stuck to this forum is because of how random and open it can be. Sure some threads get light years away from their original purpose, or from Doom, but isn't that the whole point?? p.s. I like the little bit about turning pop-ups off at the bottom of the reply screen, very helpful.
  19. Vominus

    The Kinko's Experience

    Is everyone familiar with Kinko's Copies? (It's a 24 hour printing shop that has the resources to do anything from making fake IDs to publishing a book) I never liked the place much, but I've always had to go there for one reason or another. This time it was because I needed a laser jet printer. So here goes... On Wednesday night I finished making a CD layout for my friends' band, Enforsaken. All I had to do was put it on a disk and bring it to Kinko's to make the final print. After searching around I discovered that I only had one floppy disk, and it already had a layout on it for another band I was helping. The only place I could think of that might sell disks at 11pm was Kinko's. So that's where I went. I drove there and looked around but couldn't find any disks anywhere. I asked the cashier if they still sold floppies and he looked at me like I was crazy, but it ended up that they had just one lying around. I got back home and copied the file to the disk, then drove back. When I tried to open the file at Kinko's, I learned that my disk was corupt. So I went home again. I took the other disk and emptied it onto my computer and put the Enforsaken layout on. I drove back to Kinko's again. After I got there I realized that I left my Kinko's card at home. I only had $3 in my pocket, so I decided to put $2 on a new card. I bought the card and went to a computer. It costs $.40 per minute to use the computer, and each print is $.45 (plus tax), so $2 seemed like more than enough. Afterall I only needed to open the image and print it. Once my image finally loaded on the screen I only had $1.20 left. (Yep, took 2 minutes just to load a damn jpeg off a disk) I chose to print 2 copies since I had enough. I watched my total drop to $.80 as the damn thing loaded and displayed a message saying I didn't have enough money. I went and found a clerk and told him that the computer charged me $1.20 to sit and wait while an image loaded and I didn't have enough left on the card to print. I asked if I could get $.18 in credit to finish the print job. He didn't like the idea. He told me that it wasn't his problem and that I'd just have to put more money on the card. I argued with him for a few minutes about this but eventually gave in. I put my last dollar in the machine and went back to the computer. When I got there, I discovered that even though it was in "suspend" mode, the last $.80 that I had on my card had been depleted while I was arguing. I still had enough to make the prints, but I was so pissed off that I just took everything and went up front to complain. I finally got my way and they printed it for me, but I never got the money back that I felt I deserved. And I did deserve it, and here's why: If I had put my image on a Zip disk or a CD, it would have loaded much quicker and I could have been in and out with no trouble, but I'm stuck with the primitve disk format. Kinko's analy rapes anyone who uses disks. I had to spend $1.20 just to wait for an image to load, but I could have opened it from a CD in a matter of seconds. Plus I wasn't treated like a customer, I was made to feel like I was a nuisance. I hate Kinko's...
  20. Vominus

    The Kinko's Experience

    I can't say I agree wholly on your opinion of the Death Metal genre, but Enforsaken does kick massive amounts of ass. The singer, Steve Sagala, is a music major and is very talented. He does "clean" singing on The Acting Parts and Embraced By Misery. I love how he arranges his harsh vocals though. One of the reasons so many extreme metal bands sound generic is because their singers neglect the importance of multi-tracking. Enforsaken has The Acting Parts up on mp3.com. It's different than the new material they've been writing. The demo that I did the layout for has 3 new songs that are much heavier and rhythmically complex, and they do a cover of the Death song, Crystal Mountain, off of the album Symbolic. They also do a cover of Carcass's Incarnated Solvent Abuse. Once you hear their version you'll never go back.
  21. Vominus

    Michelle Branch

    Beck has a song called "MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack." It's on a very limited number of copies of the "Loser" single. I used to know someone who had it... wish I still did.
  22. Vominus

    The Kinko's Experience

    Floppies are useful for storing documents. I've been unemployed for a few months but I begin a job at UPS in a couple weeks, so eventually I'll be able to start using CDs. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding Kinko's or my story? I'm wondering if they treat their customers poorly at every store. I'm gonna write the company a letter about my experience.
  23. Vominus

    The Kinko's Experience

    I would if I could afford to.
  24. Yeah, Timesplitters definitely didn't get the recognition it deserved. The developers said that they wanted to put more emphasis on the story but Sony didn't give them enough time because the game had to be ready for launch. TS2 will be everything the first one was and so much more. I thought it was especially cool that it had a mad editor, and that's also one thing that X-Box is perfect for with its hardrive. If only more developers could see the potential it has....
  25. Vominus

    /me dies

    The latest issue of EGM has a special on the R.E. movie, and it sounds decent to me. It's being directed by the guy who did Mortal Kombat, which was very faithful to the game and not a bad movie (maybe I'm just saying that because I was 13 when it came out). This is directly from the article: "When the laser triangulates his head, a piece of it slowly slides off and his eyeball rolls out." Another interesting thing I learned about it is that Milla Jovovich originally planned on making an R.E. movie herself through her own production company because she loved the games so much, but when she found out that someone had already grabbed the rights she pursued the role of the main character. It doesn't sound like they'll be sparing any gore, and the story of the movie is right on track with the game since it's actually a prequil to first one. There are still some questionable parts of it though, like a computer called Red Queen that controls the Hive and shows itself as a red holographic image of a little girl. That's pretty lame. All in all I think it's got potential, and I don't think it will suck, but there's a lot of integrity at stake.