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  1. Vominus


    Trains would be very cool. I'd like to see a level on a train. You could go through it and have a big battle on top of it or something. They'd be cool just to have as scenery too. Trains kick ass.
  2. Vominus

    I've done it!

    What's frightening about that, Fod? Is it the army thing? I didn't check the link.
  3. Rock on, tobester. That's a major milestone!! And since it's somewhat relevant to this thread: I love heavy metal. It's the music that defines me. You need to read certain lyrics to really understand what it's all about, but metal can have a completely different meaning to a different person. This isn't the best example but these are some lyrics that describe what metal is about : Brothers of Metal You won't be able to get the full impact of the lyrics unless you hear them being sung. Manowar is one of those bands that lots of people don't take seriously, but they mean every word they sing, and Karl Logan plays a mean lead.
  4. Vominus

    The Doomguy's helmet

    Doing nothing can be very symbolic. Have you ever heard the Simon and Garfunkel song, The Sound of Silence? I do understand where you're coming from, but I don't think it's fair to say what is and isn't art.
  5. Vominus

    The FCC

    Swears are just another form of expression. Example: 1.The burglars burned all of their rugs, stole their jewelry, smashed their windows, killed their dog, and shit on the floor! 2.The burglars burned all of their rugs, stole their jewelry, smashed their windows, killed their dog, and pooped on the floor! I supposed using the word "defecated" might work, but it would stil take away from the impact of the expression. I agree that swears are not necessary in speech, but they can also be very appropriate.
  6. ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/v-z/zombies.zip Just for comfort.
  7. Yeah, in junior high I used to dream about the girls I would meet on AOL and of course they would always be perfect. The dreams were never erotic though. The one I remember most vividly was being at some huge waterpark with a girl named Mary. We held hands and bounced from pool to pool (kind of like trampolines) and eventually landed in inner tubes which allowed us to fly around playfully and then we landed in some clearing in a forest where we took a walk and had a deep, meaningful conversation as the sun set in front of us. I was tired when I woke up because I was ready to go to sleep in the dream so naturally all I wanted was to go back to sleep, and to see my girl again. I remember thinking "don't wake up cause then you can't go to sleep!" When I finally met her in person I was disapointed because the dream caused me to subconsciously have expectations. I gave up on meeting women through the internet long ago, though.
  8. Vominus


    This isn't bad at all for a first post. Mine doesn't even exist anymore, but that's not important. Go here to find some infomation that's useful to new members. You'll find it in Sleepy_Boy and bigbadgangsta's posts.
  9. Vominus


    I don't think it matters. The old-timers will skip this thread while us newbies can discuss at will.
  10. Vominus


    The vehicles in Halo are definitely awesome, but I think having a feature like that in Doom 3 would take away from the traditional Doom style. I still want to see plenty of new things in the next game, but having team oriented situations with AI that's on your side just doesn't seem Doomish to me, although I wouldn't mind hopping on or in some cool vehicle and blasting things at high speed. Maybe a level where you head down long tunnels on a motorcycle type vehicle driving with one hand and shooting a chaingun with the other. I suppose it'd get cramped up on multiplayer and it's even less Doomish than helpful AI, but it sounds like fun to me. It would add variety to the gameplay. As long as Doom 3 has lots of furious action with clever puzzles I'll be happy. If they decide to do something with vehicles, you know it's gonna kick ass.
  11. Vominus

    I love...

    Edit: This post was intended to go right after the last post on the previous page but I had some connection problems and it ended up here. Yeah that's what I said in the first post. It's a wrist rocket. Lüt has a whole collection of weird photo's from various get togethers. We used to be pretty creative with our free time back in the day... I wish he'd devote a section to them on The Barnacle. Thanks for the tip, Lament.
  12. Vominus

    I love...

    And apparently my BB coding has failed... but I see nothing wrong with it. Now I'll really feel like an ass if this doesn't work. http://www.somethingawful.com/cliff/ihateyou/page-58.htm The first one. http://www.somethingawful.com/cliff/ihateyou/page-59.htm The second one.
  13. Vominus

    I love...

    I love Cliff. I've been on twice. That's me on the bottom of the page. (It didn't hurt that much, really) That's also me in the top picture, lying on the floor (you guess what drug I'm on). The first one was photgraphed by Lüt, and it was his brilliant idea to stick that thing in my mouth.
  14. When I first installed shareware Doom (ver. 1.0) on our old 486, something went haywire in the computer that day and my dad blamed it on Doom. I was 11 at the time too so I have no idea what actually happened. I had to wait a whole year with only Wolfenstein, Lethal Tender and some catacomb games to suffice my 3D FPS craze before he let me reinstall it. Then one time he noticed that I was using version 1.666 and threatened to get rid of it, but my addiction brought forth such a heated argument that I got to keep it. 7 years later I'm glad I did! Before music became a part of my life, Doom was what got me through the hard times. If I was pissed off from something earlier in the day, I'd just take it out on some imps and demons. And then there was my first time playing Doom while high... That's one I'll never forget!
  15. Vominus

    It's been a while....

    Howdy, fellow Doomers. You may have noticed some my posts popping up around here. I'm new to Doomworld but I've been playing (and editing (with Lüt in the early days)) Doom since '93 (took a break between 98-01). I haven't done online play in about 5 years. I'm looking for a place to go that hosts large deathmatches and keeps track of your wins/losses/frags etc. What I'd really like is something with a ranking system like we have here for our post counts. If anyone can post a few links to get me started I'd be greatful. Thanks.
  16. Vominus

    Community Effort DM wad

    If I wasn't so tired right now I'd make a skeleton wad. I know when I wake up later I'll probably have other things on my mind, but one day I'll get an idea and send it out in skeleton form. I had one that I was playing around with a couple weeks ago in my mind, think I might still be able to pull something from it. This is one of my favorite ideas I've been exposed to since I started reading these forums. Rock on Hellbent. (For Leather?) Nice avatar too, I'm an LOTR freak. Edit: Oh yeah and I just remembered, this whole idea is perfect for people like me who seriously intend to create something but lack the drive (aka I'm a lazy buns). No deadlines, hooray!
  17. Vominus

    Community Effort DM wad

    The whole idea of a community DM wad is brilliant. I love the thought of someone uploading some small bit of a level they did, and others building off of it. Different expressions inspired by the same scene. That's what I can do - create scenes. I've also just had ideas for levels with things like linear gameplay, like nearly every second you do something that triggers another event, but it's always just leading you forward: Shoot a former human, but the wall behind him is a shot activated switch that opens a to a room with an imp and when you walk in a lift suddenly drops before you from a line trigger and on and on (it's probably been done before anyway). I also once had this idea of a subway with tunnels that start out with normal rails and walls but progress into cracked and bent rails with blood stained walls. Everything would get dark progressively and at the end all the tunnels (secret passageways link them) would lead to one chamber that's a nest of some sort. Like a final fight with 6 barons or something (and of course the level would need some classic ambushes like I experienced in parts of Alien Vendetta). I think most of my ideas lean towards straightforward action gaming. I like to feel like there's a flow you can go with. That's probably the music talking.
  18. Vominus

    Stupid Page I did

    There was this game an old friend of mine invented when he was young, home alone, and bored: 1. Call random companies from the phone book until you hit one with operators who state their names. 2. Call that company back repeatedly and if you get the same operator 3 times in a row, yell "JAAAAACKPOOOOOTTT!!" into the phone. (just like my vominable avatar is doing)
  19. Vominus

    Community Effort DM wad

    Yeah man. I actually started a couple of the levels that are gonna be in Millenium. Lüt finished/edited them. (He deserves most of the credit.) It's the way to go. I tend to come up with a lot of ideas, and he's the architect who makes them a reality. Now if I could just find a major software developer who's got an opening for the "idea man" position... /me wakes from dream
  20. Yeah but we didn't know that our first time... did we? I certainly didn't.
  21. Vominus

    Stupid Page I did

    That's some really good advice, bbg. You would have been a valuable member of the prank team we had for a while when I was like 15. That reminds of this one little story. When I used to play in a band called The Klapp (which evolved into Threefold), we were all drunk and partying one night and decided it'd be a good idea to try and sell some of our CDs at 2am. I can't remember any specific details, but I'm sure you can imagine the time we had!! Some of you might also be interested to know that Lüt participated in the creation of The Klapp's CD. We recorded it using some of his equipment in his basement. I wish we still had our website up...
  22. Vominus

    Stupid Page I did

    I remember the summer days with my friends making prank calls at 1 in the afternoon because most people were away at work. We had some classic answering machine attacks. All I have to say is orgasm.wav
  23. Hurt Me Plenty was the way I went. It's also what I play most megawads with for the first time so I can get better acquanted with the level design before I take on the full challenge, but I kinda suck anyway. I still play keyboard only.
  24. Vominus

    microsoft gayness

    My mind has been shaped by the things I've experienced growing up, and Lüt is correct in what he says. I got beat up one week into 6th grade for wearing a tie-dye t-shirt, and spent the rest of junior high getting picked on until I officially converted to Metal. Then of course high school came along and being a metelhead was suddenly a valid reason to get picked on... Oh well I completely forgot where I was going with this now that I've been distracted by thoughts of the past.
  25. Vominus

    Pay for e-mails?

    The era of free internet is definitely dying, but the spirit of those who truly believe in it never will. The internet will never stop expanding, much like population and the universe. I used to be heavily into a MUD called Gemstone III for a couple years, then it went on the web and started charging. It actually got better because the population of newbies dwindled, but that also meant that less memorable moments occured in the town tavern. They've even developed a Platinum account that costs $80/Month to play in a world with all the original rules and only the true, hardcore Gemstoners.... Anyone here ever a Gemstoner? I was most well known as: Sylverwulf and Brombeere and my best friends in the realms were Knewl (before he sold his character on ebay for a ridiculous amount) Maggas Zmed