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  1. Vominus

    Resident Evil movie

    Slipknot doing ambient music? This I will have to hear to believe. No sir, I'm afraid they don't. I've read interviews and they seem like decent guys. I mean they're inspired by good bands like Death and Suffocation, but they sound nothing like them!! Slipknot is possibly the worst combination of music ever. You take death metal and mix in new age hip hop crap, add several useless band members, throw in some ridiculous lyrics, and top it off with a giant wedge of cheesiness. I'm sorry if my hatred of Slipknot bothers you, but as long as people exist who actually think they're a metal band, I have to speak out. Go listen to some of these if you want to hear what real metal sounds like. Slayer Kreator (80's) Possessed Destruction (80's) Iced Earth Hellion Dodheimsgard Iron Maiden (80's) Manowar Enforsaken Darkthrone Sadus Judas Priest (70's and 80's) Sodom Exodus Nuclear Assault Venom Whiplash Sword Onslaught I could go on forever. All I'm trying to say is that these "new metal" bands haven't got a clue as to what it's all about. Baggy pants, short hair, and winy lyrics just ain't metal.
  2. Vominus


    I wanna fight some giant condoms.
  3. Vominus


    Better get myself in then.
  4. Vominus

    Pink Floyd

    I consider The Wall to be more of a "Rock Opera" since it was a piece of music before it was a film, and when they performed it live they put on such an elaborate show. Altogether, The Wall is definitely one of the most brilliant works of art ever created.
  5. Vominus

    Pink Floyd

    It first came out on Music From The Film More, which is of course a soundtrack for movie titled More, written entirely by Pink Floyd. They did a few soundtracks. I'm pretty sure Obscured By Clouds is also one, but I'm not as knowledgeable on the Floyd as I once was.
  6. Vominus

    Be amused

    Lobster Magnet is my new favorite song.
  7. Morbid Angel kicks ass. Altars Of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick are my favorite albums. Covenant is pretty good too but after that it all goes downhill.
  8. Vominus

    sad, very sad content ins

    Cobain wrote good poetry but his music was simple. It fit the words perfectly though and some of it was damn catchy. I don't know if he was a genious, but he certainly wasn't trash.
  9. Vominus

    Pink Floyd

    And it's got David Gilmour screaming!
  10. Vominus

    Pink Floyd

    It may be only one guitar riff over and over, but come on, it does rock. I like the leads, and there's one drum fill that's a blast beat. You just can't top that!
  11. Vominus

    Pink Floyd

    And why hasn't anyone mentioned Music From The Film More? Pink Floyd is far from soft on track 2: The Nile Song.
  12. Vominus

    Iron Maiden

    For anyone who's into Maiden but doesn't keep up with the band, I've got some rather depressing news: Clive Burr, the amazing drummer who played on the first three albums, is now dying of multiple sclerosis. I'd hate to see his life go unrememberd like Gar Samuelson of Megadeth's did, but I think Maiden has a strong enough fanbase not to allow that. If you have anything you wish to say to Clive, you can go here and post a thread that he will actually read. It's pointless to respond to an older thread as their overall count keeps rising. This has been a sad period for heavy metal... we lost Chuck Schuldiner this past December.
  13. Vominus

    Doom and Technology.

    There was once a time when floppy disks were actually floppy. I still have Space Quest 2 and the original Kings Quest on 5.25 disks. Hooray for me!
  14. Vominus

    Worst movie ever?

    I'd go the movies and try to get my hands inside a girl's bra if I knew that she wouldn't slap me across my face, publicly humiliate me, and then proceed to sue me for all I'm worth.
  15. Vominus


    Yes, we need an avatar upload. /you thinks correctly.
  16. Vominus


    I know how you feel, Zaldron. I wanted to use Archvile64's avatar since it's actually a picture of me, but he's cool and been here longer so I dropped it. Besides, this one suits my name much better, don't ya think?
  17. Vominus

    Iron Maiden

    The father of one of my best friends passed away a year or two ago from ALS. He was one of the most brilliant musicians I've ever known... Yeah, Maiden has always taken care of those that are close to them, be it their fans, friends, family, or ex-members. When they toured for the release of Ed Hunter, the entire setlist was picked by the fans through a poll on their website.
  18. 40 More Reasons To Hate Us is hands down the best AC album around. How can you go wrong with tracks like: 6. I Noticed That You're Gay 8. You Look Divorced 14. Stankus Is Always On The Phone With His Bookie 21. I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth (fet. Phil Anselmo) 28. I Got Athletes Foot Showering At Mikes 29. Big Pants, Bigger Loser 40. 02657 (you gotta hear this one) 41. Gloves Of Metal (a cover of a MANOWAR song also fet. Phil Anselmo!!)
  19. Vominus

    Doom 64 levels on PC Doom

    There's been all this talk of porting and building levels from the old console versions of Doom, but I'd like to see someone do a few from the GBA. They don't have anything better, only the same or less (or worse, depending on how you see it). I just think it'd be interesting to play through all the classic Doom levels on my PC with the limitations of the GBA, but maybe I'm just a masochist.
  20. Vominus

    rpg tc

    Dude, Carcass fucking rules. Have you ever heard of Enforsaken? I'm good friends with a couple members and they do a kick ass cover of Incarnated Solvent Abuse. Check 'em out!! http://www.enforsaken.com
  21. I'm twice the newbie either of you could ever be! :P
  22. Vominus

    where the hell is deadnail

    I agree. I haven't been around long but I've been reading a lot of old threads that Lüt has linked me to, and everything he has to say is just so damn interesting or funny. I especially liked the review of Halo. Deadnail's posting is part of what inspired me to get involved in Doomworld (just realized that now). Where are you, man?
  23. Vominus

    It's been a while....

    Just keepin this thread active... Anyone out there care to inform me???