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  1. Vominus

    i almost died last night.

    That's what I've been playing for 4 years. I have the crappy $400 model but it still plays really well and sounds as thick and crunchy as I need it to. Now if only I could afford better distortion than my tinny, shitty, thin, weak, but extremely durable Boss Metalzone or better amplification than a Marshall Valvestate VS100 1x12 combo. Believe me, 100 watts through one 12 inch speaker sounds like total ass, and of course the Metalzone doesn't help either.
  2. Vominus

    Doom questions

    Is it really necessary to quote each question before you answer it? I'm sure it will be quite clear what's being answered, especially if you do it in order.
  3. Vominus

    I finally had a Doom dream last night!

    Very cool dream you had. If you can remember what any of the level you were in looked like, you oughta design it with an editor. Lüt and I have both done that before and gotten some very satisfying results.
  4. Vominus


    In my opinion... Religion is for people with weak minds. It's for people who feel the need for purpose and direction, but don't we all feel that need? No book can tell anyone how to live his life. The Bible is, for the most part, a big collection of suggestions as to how we should all conduct our daily lives. I do agree with the 10 commandments however (or atleast the ones I can remember). I've never studied relgion too deeply. I've skimmed the Bible and read parts of the Satanic Bible, and I've gobbled up bits of Norse Mythology. They all have good ideas and bad ones too. Religion is just a waste of time to me. I know who I am, what I want, where I stand, blah blah blah... "I give what I want, when I want to give, don't regret my choice..." (Possessed) A good friend of mine's family used to attend a Catholic church, but it started giving them flak because they weren't contributing money. They were a very financially challenged, low income family at the time, and the church knew this... Believe in yourself.
  5. Vominus

    Painful Floors

    I don't mind having to traverse the occasional nukage or lava pit. It can be very annoying at times though. I absolutely hate levels that have damaging floors and medkits spread all over the place. There's only one level in E3 of Doom 1 that's designed that way and I actually don't mind it because it's very well balanced, but the player made levels I've tried never come close. Basically all that matters in my opinion is that the nuke/lava is there for a good reason. I'm still waiting for someone to make a sprite of a knocked over barrel and put a nukage spill around it or pouring from it. If that's been done before then someone post a link for me, please. If not then whoever steals my idea sucks!
  6. Vominus

    what should i do?

    I have a Sidewinder and I still use it to play my ROMs. It's an excellent controller. I've never used another one that fits so ergonomically in my hands, and it has plenty of assignable buttons. Too bad the shoulder triggers aren't pressure sensitive. The Gravis Gamepad... now there's a crappy old controller! Use that old 486 to play DOS games.
  7. Vominus

    How annoying is it...

    I've never been able to adapt to using a mouse in any FPS. I'm a keyboard/auto-aim whore.
  8. Vominus

    h*e*x*e*n: part one

    I'm posting this here because I don't want to interrupt the telling of Part Two. So far it's going alright, but you should really go back and proof read. I'm not gonna pick out any spots since it's written and done. Bad keyboard is no excuse! Part Two dragged compared to Part One. Focus a little more on character development and be more descriptive. Like Liam said, slow down a bit! But please keep writing, I enjoy reading your works so far.
  9. Vominus

    h*e*x*e*n: part one

    That was an excellent job of criticism, Liam. I'm looking forward to the future versions of this story! Do consider Liam's suggestions.
  10. Vominus

    h*e*x*e*n: part one

    Not bad at all considering some of the crap I've allowed myself to sit through. I approve.
  11. Vominus

    Fight with a Revenant

    The story is a good idea but it's poorly written. I suggest you pay closer attention in your English classes or spend some time reading quality works. It's 50/50 between grammatical errors and poor word choice. Basically it just doesn't flow. But I do like the approach. C+
  12. Vominus

    rpg tc

    I used to own a game about 6 years ago called Witchaven. It was an RPG in first person. If you can find anyone who has it you might be able to get some good ideas. I don't think it was ever very popular though, and it barely ran on my hardware at the time I had it, but I think we've come a long way since the days of 486's and figures like "25mhz."
  13. Vominus


    I remember when you made that map! Considering what you were trying to do with and what was available at the time, I'd say the map was a success. I always enjoyed it and now that I'm thinking of it I'd like to play it again.
  14. Vominus

    Wish List of TCs

    How about a Masters Of The Universe TC? Eh? Eh? Come on... Someone out there wants to make it! Or what about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?? Thundercats? VOLTRON!!!
  15. Vominus

    Ranting and Raving

    Alright, here's what I can't stand: The other day I decided to go shopping for a new t-shirt. I decided on buying a Judas Priest shirt, and if anyone knows Priest then they will understand my surprise when I saw a Stained Class shirt. As I excitedly lifted it from the rack I read the back in disgust: Judas Priest World Tour 1980 I checked the front again: Copyright 2001 Need I say more?
  16. Vominus

    I'm Bored

    Trojan CONDOMS??? Wonder what genius was behind that brilliant marketing strategy....
  17. Vominus


    I figured it out because I'M STONED~@!~@!~@! You lucky bastard... share the wealth!! I've seen things others only wish they could, and believe me, they were good. Millenium will rock...
  18. Vominus

    Copy-Pasted Visions

    I don't think each map has to get bigger as you progress through the game. After I've been playing for while I sometimes get tired of maps that drag on and on, and the short ones are a nice break. In the end all that matters is that each map is fun and unique.
  19. Vominus


    Very good message Ebola. This project took 2 years to make so I'd like to thank everyone involved for spending their time to create something that I can spend my time enjoying. BTW AFI rocks, nice reference.
  20. Vominus


    I wrote this post last night when I saw the discussion beginning on map 01 and then my goddamn DSL went out, so here it is: (I used to be an avid Doomer about 6 years ago. I worked on an episode for Doom 1 with LÜT we called The Ticket to Hell. It was completed but never released since we were beginners at that point. When the game came out for GBA I decided to check it out and have since then gotten back into the whole thing.) I've only played through the first level of AV so far, but in regards to the posts discussing that level, I'd like to say I feel it's a great way to start a megawad. It's simplicity combined with some clever secrets and puzzles make it just sophisticated enough to be interesting but not distracting at such an early point in the whole experience. Some particular areas I'd like to point out are the secret in the room next to the exit area, where you bring the lift down to get out of the water - maybe it's an old trick but I've never seen it and think it's quite clever. I also like the green torch which lowers the exit door. I didn't notice it right away so it actually provided a light challenge that was rewarding. I'm not saying it's the best level ever created, but it certainly isn't a bad one in my eyes.
  21. Vominus


    Goodness me... I seem to have lost my marbles...