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Status Updates posted by Vominus

  1. Hell-o Doomworld. I haven't been around in quite a while. Moving will do that to you.

    Steve, I need your e-mail address, so send me a message at ablatitious@hotmail.com

    Doom 3 seems pretty cool, but I won't have a sufficient medium to run it on anytime soon. They didn't happen to make a PS2 version, did they? According to my recollection the X-box was the only console getting it. A new computer is out of the question.

    So there's a GWAR concert tonight up in Milwaukee with a public pre-show party. I'll at least be seeing the show (don't know when the ride will show up). My first concert was a GWAR show back in 1996 on Halloween. I was 14. I came to school the next day in my bloodsoaked t-shirt I wore the night before. My German teacher's face turned red when he first looked at me.

    I am missing So I Married an Axe Murderer as I sit here on a friend's computer typing this message inspired by the need for an e-mail address.

    Funnier things have happened.

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    2. Epyo


      I remember you from the last time you came back and I didn't know who you were!

    3. Coopersville


      Epyo said:

      I remember you from the last time you came back and I didn't know who you were!

    4. Sharessa


      Lüt said:

      And GWAR's still around? I thought they died out years back.

      An old friend of mine who was a fan of theirs told me that they'd never vanish because they planned that whenever a band member died, they'd replace them with someone else. Pretty nifty idea.

      Of course, I could see them all meeting their end simultaneously in a horrible stage mishap. :P