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Everything posted by Ginsu0311

  1. I think all of it is directed at the Doomslayer. For some reason Heaven doesn't regard Earth the way it did Argent D'Nur, so they don't care to repel the invasion, I think? lol
  2. Ginsu0311

    The new GUI...

    I'm a fan of data being displayed next to the cross-hairs, but what I hate the most is that this GUI doesn't act like part of a visor, it's just flat against the screen. The GUI has information overload, it should be minimal like this concept for infantry.
  3. Ginsu0311

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Doomslayer = His an extension of the player, not the lone survivor anymore. He ignores the science staff, doesn't engage with them because they are no threat. He stares the soldier down just enough to get through and take his weapon. His not trying to be a dick, his just there to kill demons, please step aside. All the corporate PR about demons etc reflects how far gone the UAC is. They are completely corrupted from the highest levels of management all the way down the chain. It's just the bottom end staff and managers who have been kept in the dark and have no clue wtf is going on.
  4. Ginsu0311

    DOOM Inspired Vehicle

    Aw, why didn't anyone reply to this? That is awesome mate, I hope it draws attention and good on you for enjoying DOOM like that.
  5. I was born in 89 so I can only speak about growing up with DOOM as a little kid. You either had a dad who already knew what DOOM was and you saw it on his PC, or you discovered it when looking for games on your Playstation or Nintendo 64, I think those two factors really brought it to the attention of kids who later transitioned to PC when they got older. As for Asian kids... they got stuck in to their RPG's and stuff like that and most of their parents made them study longer and have weekend school too, so it makes sense that when they actually had free time to play a game it would be something they already invested their time in to developing/levelling up/making progress with... at least that's the kind of BS they kept talking about in the yard. Obviously some Asian's played doom and other FPS, but it never sticks with them from my experience, they end up back to Pokemone, FF or something. Now that's my opinion of Asian kids in Australia, I can only imagine it's a much more extreme version of that in Asia since the only kids playing DOOM were probably the minority/outcasts and the gaming culture there is completely different.
  6. Ginsu0311

    How will id handle a Hell on Earth sequel?

    It would be a great opportunity to have friendly NPC's (Marines/Soldiers) tag along with you through some sections of the game like Halo 1, expendable grunts but you can try to keep them alive and help them complete their objectives. It would add a lot of flavour, especially if they make remarks about you while you kill stuff.