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  1. 8 minutes ago, Nevander said:

    Open it in SLADE3, your map marker will tell you the actual map name. If you gave it a non-conventional name (like MYMAP) then it won't be in the normal progression and will be unnamed (since Doom 2 MAPINFO doesn't have information for any maps past 32 or impossible to know maps like MYMAP).


    If your map marker is not named MAPxx where xx is a number 00-32, then you need to make it one. Then you can import your MIDI and rename it to the same name of the MIDI which plays on the original slot. So if your map is MAP01, name your MIDI "D_RUNNIN."


    Alternatively, just use MAPINFO and use the music property to set it to your custom MIDI with any name you want.

    Thanks man my map did have a custom name so it made it unnamed like you said. Thanks again for the help


  2. So I've been trying to add a custom midi to my map but i cant figure out which map slot mine takes up, when i load it into gzdoom it labels it as "unnamed" so i'm at an impasse, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Also i'm using doom 2 as my resource.