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  1. diceman

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    MAP06 “Fury Begins” (HNTR, ZDoom) Really liked this one. Great Courtyard-theme, difficulty is challenging but fair, and lots of diverse areas to explore, which eventually all lead back to the Courtyard. I liked the Cyberdemon Fight in the end, just the 2 additional waves afterwards were a bit too much. Kudos to the author for providing an optional teleporter right at the end, in case one doesn't want to end immediately, but continue exploring the map. MAP07 “Cannibal” (HNTR, ZDoom) I didn't care too much for this one. Looks fairly good, tho, the first impression, upon entering the map, gave me some Plutonia-Vibes. Overall the Gameplay is pretty formulaic: go here, fight monsters, pick up key, go there, fight monsters, rinse and repeat. And I'm also not a fan of gimmicky-stuff like "Glass"-Cages, where monsters don't see you, until the invisible walls are lowered. Don't know, it doesn't add too much of gameplay value, it just seems hacky and out of place; respect the boundaries of the engine, is my devise.
  2. diceman

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    MAP05 - “Blood Eagle” (HNTR, Continuous, Zdoom) Now, this was a great map! The Flesh Theme really shines here, due to some great detail - very morbid atmosphere and a classic layout. And kudos to the author for taking the difficulty-setting seriously ... too many maps these days just aim to be a "hard map". Usually I skip those; I just wish more authors would primarily aim to make a good map, with striking landmarks, thick atmosphere, with fun layout and navigation, and THEN let the player decide by means of difficulty-selection, if they want it to be hard, medium, or easy. Best one so far.
  3. diceman

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    MAP03 "Dante Allegory" (HNTR, Continuous, ZDoom) Very good Atmosphere and Layout. But I only realised afterwards, that I wasn't supposed to kill all those Revenants on the fountain-like structure, but instead had to fight my way to where the button activated a Crusher, which then dispatched of the Revenants in an elegant way. I wasted a lot of Shotgun Ammo there, and was tight for a moment, when a Hell Knight and some Demons appeared. But I managed to grab some Shotgun Ammo from Seargents I killed before, and then I was in the game once again. Somehow I didn't found the way to the Rocket Launcher, though, which was clearly in view. This was the hardest map yet, some of the ambushes were a bit tough, but I still managed to finish it with 200 Health and a 100/100/100 Achievement. Used 2 saves, I think. MAP04 "Calm the Fire" (HNTR, Continuous, Zdoom) Short and sweet. Plays decently, despite the small size, just the Archvile in the end can get a bit tricky, depending on which route he'll take after he spots you. If he goes up on the ledge, you're fine, because then you can hide from his attack, and then finish him of with the SSG (which I still had from the level before :D). But if he runs straight to you, chances are slim, that you're getting those 4 shots off, before he manages to get his damage through (or, heaven forbid, resurrect a Revenant). Could be quite frustrating, though, when playing with Pistol Start, I imagine; maybe replace the Pain Elemental with a Cacodemon in lower difficulties? No saves.
  4. diceman

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    Oh I didn't know, that this was ACTUALLY the 3rd part in a series. Haha. Should I play the others as well? Are they good? :-) Anyway ... MAP01 - “Port Murder” (HNTR, ZDoom) Had a lot of fun to navigate the map, the difficulty is fair for bad FPS-players like me (tbh, in my younger years I had fun to play hard and challenging games, but now that I'm 40 years old I'd rather get my kicks from of stuff like Level Design and Gameplay Flow). Also nice eye-candy here and there, you can tell, that a lot of work went into detailing and polish. I liked, how in the very beginning Ammo was a little tight (or at least I got the impression that it would be a good idea to conserve some ammo), so I improvised by luring enemies behind corners and then finished them off with the Chainsaw. Fighting the Revenant in the End with just the Shotgun felt like an (easy) Miniboss-Fight. Fun! Overall a very promising start, will stick around! MAP02 - "Death Crypt" (HNTR, ZDoom) Had some spare time left, so I took a shot at the 2nd map. Was pretty easy overall, short and sweet, but good flow, visuals are detailed, yet clean enough to not distract from the action. Some decent traps as well, little fun surprises, nothing frustrating. Can't say any more about this, except that I really enjoyed it!
  5. diceman

    The DWmegawad Club plays: NOVA III (Download RC2b)

    I'm not a terrific player, but I do enjoy oldschool Doom and play it a lot, so count me in on this one as well. :-) I never took part in a Community-based Playthrough before, it sure sounds like a fun undertaking. I'm only gonna play on HNTR-Difficulty, though, since I like to experience each map with as little saving as possible, and this usually gives me a decent challenge and some suspense as well. If it doesn't work out, I'll make up my own Saving-Rules, tho, no problem. ;-)
  6. Gotta correct myself, in ZDoom Classic the Gib-effects do not work, and also there's no additional blood when hitting enemies with Plasma Weapons (BFG, Plasma Gun). In GZDoom in works fine, tho. Guess I'll keep ketchup just for ZDoom then. Still, good work!
  7. Great work! Works fine so far for me (ZDoom Classic). ketchup was the only mod I allow with my Doom, since I strictly prefer Vanilla-style gameplay, and as it's not gameplay changing, I quite like it for a bit more hilarity and satisfactory combat results.
  8. diceman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Very nice! I like those blue-ish hallways. Gives the map a distinct Sci-Fi/Spaceship-feel.
  9. Do you have a link to any of your maps? :-) I want to try them out. Maybe they're not so bad as you think.
  10. diceman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I attended a casual Mini Game Jam this weekend (no theme, just setting a goal with whatever you'd like to create), and I created a Doom 2-Map in 12 hours, from scratch. No fancy stuff, just "Doom 2 format", plus additional missing textures from "Doom 1". I got the map done allright, but I didn't get to place monsters and pickups and secrets. I will do that, and some testing in the next few days.
  11. This one happens to me all the time ... I walk around with the Rocket Launcher, pass a doorway, get jump-scared by an Imp Ambush, I panic, turn around and fire a rocket right into the face of a monster standing next to me. Rest in pieces, Imp and Doomguy.
  12. I've made 2 Maps for DOOM already, but I've never released anything ... partly because I didn't think the maps were that good, even though I poured weeks of work into them, and then I suddenly stopped because I felt burnt out. I have an unhealthy tendency to overextend when it comes to polishing minor details... I lose focus of the whole picture, the layout, fun gameplay, instead I'll keep procrastinating whether I should adjust brightness in this sector by 16, and shift that texture 8 pixels to the right. That was 3 years ago. Now I'm taking a second chance at mapping: I found a group of hobby programmers in the vicinity, and they're doing Mini Game Jams all year long; just for fun, no competition, no theme, it's just about meeting new people and 12 hours of everyone trying hard to get something done from scratch, and they've welcomed me into their group with open arms. I used to do a little programming as well, but since I'm not feeling like writing a lot of code at the moment, I asked, if I could participate into one of their jams by trying to create a Doom Level instead. They dug the idea. This will be an opportunity for me to push myself into new territory: no planning ahead, no over-detailing, just gameplay and being creative and surprising myself what I'm actually capable of, if I force myself to focus on the big picture ahead. I know my way around GZ Doom Builder, all I've needed was a boost in motivation. We're meeting this Saturday, and by the end of the day, close to midnight, everyone will present their project on a big screen. It's actually a bit scary, but I'm also really excited.
  13. diceman

    does the super shotgun break the weapon balance?

    Hello everyone, nice guy from Germany here, it's my first post on the forums. :-) I think it's balanced, firepower-wise, but I can see where OP's question comes from: the Super-Shotgun renders a lot of low- and mid-tier enemies as low threats. In my opinion, from a a mapping-perspective, if you hand out the SSG too early, you're denying yourself a lot of design space. Since the SSG is so powerful, it's a good tool to introduce some sort of progression into your multi-level-wads. Hand it out too early, and you have yourself a power-creep-issue: having Mancubi and Revenants in your maps sure is is fun, but encountering them in EVERY map of your wad becomes predictable and boring. Why not have an early Revenant as some sort of boss-enemy, which you have to kill with the single-barrel shotty? To be honest, I also find the single-barrel-shotty way more fun to use than the SSG; strafing around and pumping away at mid-tier-enemies just feels great. ;-)