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  1. Labryx

    Quake II Remastered

    Fuck yeah N64 Campaign! After hearing the rumors of this remaster, my fingers were crossed the N64 version was gonna be included like they did with Quake 1 and it paid off.
  2. Labryx

    Least favorite cartoon/anime tropes

    This is why personally, I feel Stone Ocean is a fucking chore to get through. When the main characters have to explain the power and intention of every little tactic used in a fight for 20 minutes straight I just groan and wonder, when is the goddamn fight just gonna end already and for the story to move forward.
  3. Labryx

    Doomguy or Doomslayer?

    Chaotic Neutral: Doom Marine
  4. Labryx

    What version of Serious Sam should I get?

    I would say go for "Serious Sam Classics: Revolution," on Steam it's currently going for $2 and includes both Serious Sam The First Encounter + The Second Encounter which are arguably still the best games in the series. Since they are the classic games and not the HD remakes it wont look as pretty; however, the HD remakes made some changes to the physics and enemy behavior that I feel make it an inferior experience compared to the classics. In fact some secrets had to be completely changed (for the worse IMO) in the HD versions since Croteam was not able to faithfully recreate them in the HD engine.
  5. Labryx

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

  6. Labryx

    Your doom head-canons?

    My head-canon: PC Doom soundtrack is the music that is playing in Doomguy's head as he's running around blasting hell-spawns to bits. PSX Doom soundtrack are the actual noises that are going on around Doomguy that he's tuning out.
  7. Labryx

    What do you think of Doom 3?

    It's been a long time since I last played Doom 3 but from what I remember; it's a good game in it's own right but compared to the previous entries that came before it, it's pretty much beaten in every aspect except for graphics ofc. The classic doom games have it beat in gameplay due to having more open-ended battle situations compared to Doom 3 where it just feels like 90% of the time the enemies just teleport in front of you in a narrow corridor. I would even argue that Doom 64 has Doom 3 beat in the horror aspect since Doom 64 had a way more haunting soundtrack and creepy AF environments. Doom 3 just takes the lazy route of horror of just pitch darkness and sudden jump scares. During my first playthrough, Doom 3 never felt like an actual scary game until I reached the hell levels and by then, the game was already close to being done.
  8. Labryx

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    Playing this game for the first time and hearing the classical music kick in made me think, "The fuck am I listening to?"
  9. An annoying habit I have when playing continuous is that I tend to avoid picking up powerups like soulspheres as much as possible and even hold off on using my more damaging weapons like the plasma rifle and BFG; I usually try to kill all the enemies in the map first and then I rush back and grab the power-ups and as much ammo I can hoard so that I'm overstocked for the next map. With pistol starts, I feel like I can just cut loose and use all the resources placed in the map liberally. I'm gonna start the next map with just a pistol, 50 bullets, and no armor anyways so I'm gonna pick up all the damn spheres I want and use that damn plasma rifle because what happens in this map, stays in this map!
  10. Labryx

    Jumping & crouching in Doom

    Jumping can be nice if I feel like cheeseing past damaging floor sectors in maps; 99% of the time though, I don't ever use it because of the potential of breaking the flow of how the map is supposed to be played. Of course, if the map designer specifically states the map is made with jumping in mind then that's a different story. For crouching I couldn't really tell you if I ever use it; is Blood the only old school FPS where crouching actually matters in a fight?
  11. For me personally I always hated the: Could've/Could have vs. Could of Where the latter isn't even grammatically correct yet for some reason my brain always defaults to that spelling when I'm writing something.
  12. Labryx

    Which console do you play doom on

    Normally a PC player, have every game in the series on my PC. I bought the classic games on Switch and was able to watch my brother repeatedly die on Ultra Violence but we both loved every second of it; also recently bought all the classic games on PS5 so that I actually have more shit to play on it. I also own an original copy of Doom 64 and copies of both PSX Doom games.
  13. Labryx

    Archvile appreciation post

    Archviles are one of those enemies that I absolutely hate having to deal with during gameplay but taking a step back and looking at the game as a whole, Doom just wouldn't be the same without them.
  14. Labryx

    Atmospheric Games

    I definitely agree Timesplitters and Skyrim are odd choices in this list. MGS2 I'm guessing was added for that last segment that takes place on Arsenal Gear where the game gets all spooky and 4th wall breaking on you. I actually like Devil May Cry 1's inclusion because the game definitely had a dark, gothic, and a sort pseudo-resident evil feeling to it (which makes sense knowing the games development history); to me, it definitely had more atmosphere compared to the later entries.
  15. Labryx

    Atmospheric Games

    Recently I came across this image originating from 4chan showing a list of atmospheric games. Since I do love me some video games dripping with atmosphere and I'm probably gonna make it a life goal to try out all the games on this list, I ask you: what are some of your favorite atmospheric games you would add to this list? Me personally, I would add: Doom 64 Half-Life 2 And both the N64 Zelda games (especially Majora's Mask)