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  1. Labryx

    Saving, Pistol Start, Mid Level Saves

    As others have been saying in this thread, you should always play what is most fun and comfortable for you. You shouldn't hinge you're own enjoyment for a game just cause some people on the internet think it's, "the wrong way to play." I do personally sometimes like to challenge myself from time to time to beat hard levels I really enjoy with pistol starts and no mid-level saves, but most of the time while playing hard wads blindly you bet your ass I'm gonna use save states and continuous progression.
  2. Labryx

    Why does Id or bethesda do this

    How it feels to launch Doom 64 without "-skipmovies" enabled:
  3. Labryx

    Episode 4 or Final Doom?

    Definitely should go Thy Flesh Consumed -> Final Doom: TNT -> Final Doom: Plutonia. After that's done if you still want more official classic doom content then also give the Doom 2 Master Levels, No Rest for the Living, and Doom 64 a look.
  4. Labryx

    What's your favorite name for the icon of sin

    The nine textures of hell
  5. Labryx

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Episode 4 on UV of course! Good luck if you do give that a shot though, the first 2 maps are pretty infamous for their difficulty. Probably the roughest start out of all the episodes.
  6. Labryx

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Looking at the wiki there doesn't seem to be explosive barrels anywhere in the map. May have to boot the game up to double check. Edit: Yup, no explosive barrels to be found.
  7. Labryx

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    That sounds really annoying to pull off. Guessing the last Baron and Caco have to kill each other at the same time?
  8. Labryx

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Last month I finally somehow managed to complete Plutonia on UV, all pistol-starts. *Civvie 11 reference goes here*
  9. Labryx

    Exploration - Which way?

    Friend of mine told me years ago, "When in doubt, choose left." So far it's works pretty well for me in all games I play.
  10. There's definitely similarities. Like how map 01 from both Doom 2 and TNT have a secret that leads to an outdoor area with a shotgun guarded by a group of imps; or how they have a small exit room with an imp waiting for you (though TNT takes it a step further by having it be a lift that lowers you into a room with both shotgunners and chaingunners.)
  11. Ultimate Doom - Tie between E3M5: Unholy Cathedral and E3M7: Limbo (always get lost in this map no matter how many playthroughs I do); either way both are extremely boring. Doom 2 - Map24: The Chasm; Looks really cool, plays like crap with its obnoxious catwalks, lost soul swarms, and that damn invulnerability tease. TNT - Map27: Mount Pain; in other news, the sky is blue (in our world at least) Plutonia - Map27: Anti-Christ (Two Map27's in a row! :O) - Was never really a huge fan of map styles similar to MAP29: Final Frontier; this one definitely takes the cake as my least favorite. Never want to play this from a pistol start ever again. Bonus non-iwad crap to complain about: Master Levels - Teeth.wad; Tedium with a capital "T," the concept was cool but just really not fun to play. Doom 64 - MAP32: Hectic; this one was actually a tough choice because I really enjoy all of Doom 64's maps and there isn't really any obvious stinkers compared to the classic 4 iwads. Had to go with Hectic because it does really lose some of its "WOW" factor after the first play-through, its basically a smaller and meaner version of MAP08: Tricks and Traps from Doom 2.
  12. Labryx

    DOOM classic on ps3

    I remember playing co-op with my brother in this port and using the plasma rifle would blow out our eardrums whenever we were close to each other while using it.
  13. Labryx

    Doom TNT Music

    Absolutely love TNT's music. "Infinite" (Track that plays on MAP10: Redemption and MAP18: Mill) is one of my all time favorite doom tracks.
  14. Labryx

    Is DOOM 64 on Switch worth buying?

    Bought it on my switch a few weeks back. No regrets here, I say you should definitely pick it up.
  15. Labryx

    What's the consensus on The Master Levels?

    I don't typically play them as often as the 4 main IWADS but as some others have said earlier, Dr. Sleep's and Mustaine's work is definitely the best of the bunch and is worth purchasing the Master levels just for those maps alone in my opinion. In fact I think i'm just a big fan of Tom Mustaine's mapping style in general since I really enjoy his work on Master Levels, TNT, and Perdition's Gate.