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  1. Labryx

    Final Doom-PSX: Thoughts and Opinions

    Overall I really liked this version, however, my biggest gripe with it is how overall short it is with the total amount of levels. The manual states that there is 30+ levels in it even though there's only 30 to be exact. I was able to complete the whole game in one setting compared to the original PSX Doom which took multiple. Moving on, I wouldn't have minded them to cut back on the master levels and just add more plutonia levels or even give the three campaigns 10 maps each to play from. Only six maps from Plutonia is very odd to me and I'm not the biggest fan of the Master Levels so I'm pretty bummed they make the majority of this package. For the positives: Customizable controls is a godsend for a Playstation game like this. I usually set my controls as: L1- Run R1 - Fire L2 - Cycle Weapons Left R2 - Cycle Weapons Right X - Use Square- - Strafe Left Circle - Strafe Right Triangle - Hold Strafe (I don't think I ever used this button) One of my favorite changes in this version is the new look for the Super Shotgun. I love its sleek new look compared to its old, janky sprite. I also remember reading how someone could sort of describe this version of Final Doom as a "Best of" from TNT and Plutonia and I agree. No crappy maps like Mount Pain or Anti-Christ to be found here. Also an interesting fun fact about this version is that Tom Mustaine's Inmost Dens homage map that was initially submitted to be apart of the Master Levels and was rejected was planned to appear in the PSX version. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom2_Map14_Homage
  2. Labryx

    Number of wads on idgames?

    Mentos Morty was made to provide a sense of pride and accomplishment...
  3. Labryx

    Number of wads on idgames?

    How could you forget two of the most famous wads of the 90s: Mentos Morty 1 & 2?
  4. Labryx

    Doom Helps

    Absolutely yes. Doom is a miracle worker for me when it comes to relieving stress or bring me to a better mood when I'm feeling down. Whether its after a long day of class or work; or getting very stressed out from other games, Doom is my go-to game to fix me up.
  5. Labryx

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    IKR, I would of loved to play PSX Doom co-op with my brother or some friends. But the fact you need 2 consoles, 2 T.Vs, and 2 copies of the game all in one room; I would rather just play the PSX TC for GZDoom cooperatively or maybe use a PSX emulator. Less headaches.
  6. Labryx

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished Cuphead and hoo boy was this game a trip. The game was brutally difficult for a first time playthrough; some boss battles were so hard I had to quit a few times and take a break before coming back with a fresh mind and trying again, and damn is it so satisfying to finally kill that annoying boss that killed you 20+ times. The amazing art style and characters along with the excellent soundtrack was a definite push to get me to play and see everything the game had to offer. Overall I really enjoyed the game and hope the game will receive a sequel somewhere in the future.
  7. Labryx

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    Earthbound, which is probably also my favorite SNES game.
  8. Labryx

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    Wow, that explains a lot. I bought this pack a few months ago to play with my brother in split screen and tried the matchmaking out of curiosity. Probably sat there for a good 5 minutes before giving up. Is this due to the matchmaking being shut down or was it always like this when it was released?
  9. Labryx

    Flaws in official DOOM ports.

    In PSX Doom on level 20: Unholy Cathedral there is an inaccessible secret which makes 100% secrets impossible. This is the secret in question in the PC version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyuNiN1IK9M. For some reason in the PSX version, its impossible to open this door even if you have the yellow key.
  10. Labryx

    Worst Doom Level

    If you enjoy these levels then I envy you for having fun playing them. I'll admit the Plutonia ones are a bit of a stretch though.
  11. Labryx

    Worst Doom Level

    Ultimate Doom: All of Episode 4 Doom 2: The Pit, The Citadel, and The Chasm TNT: Metal, Administration Center, Habitat, and Mount Pain. Plutonia: Speed, The Omen, Tombstone, The Final Frontier, and Anti-Christ.
  12. Labryx

    Ugliest Monster

    The Spider Mastermind. Its face is just so ugly to look at and the way it walks around like you know...a spider. For some reason, the arachnotrons don't bother me at all, they're actually kinda cute. Just blow up their big ugly momma with a well placed BFG shot.
  13. Labryx

    Your thoughts on TNT Evilution

    Like in the Plutonia thread, having replayed through both Final Doom episodes I said how much better Plutonia's levels felt to play over TNT. However, I still had some fun with TNT's levels albeit not as much as Plutonia. Like many said here, TNT has a pretty decent amount of good levels with interesting architecture and realistic looks areas that are also interesting to play at least up until MAP21: Administration Center. From then onwards most of the levels kinda lose their appealing architecture look and most importantly, interesting gameplay and it just becomes a mixed bag at that point. That being said TNT has the best OST in the classic doom games IMO and some of the levels in the first 2 episodes are some of my favorites in all of the iwads. My favorite levels are MAP10: Redemption, MAP17: Processing Area, MAP18: Mill, MAP20: Central Processing, and MAP31: Pharaoh. My favorite track from the OST has to be the one that plays on MAP10 and MAP18, it feels so epic and "revenge-filled" sort of like what the story to TNT is.
  14. Labryx

    More accurate difficulty level names

    1. For Gaming Journalists 2. For Your Younger Siblings 3. For New Doom Players Starting Out 4. For Veteran Doom Players 5. For John Romero's Sadistic Wet Dreams Alternatively: 4. The Only One Mappers Focus On.
  15. Labryx

    Your thoughts on Plutonia

    After playing through both TNT and Plutonia with the Final Doomer Plus weapon mod I definitely have to say Plutonia's levels have aged far better both visually and gameplay wise. Plutonia has more consistent polish throughout its maps and there aren't many sour experiences with levels, compared to TNT where the quality of the levels varies like a roller coaster. Plutonia still has some levels that I consider to suck gameplay wise like Tombstone and Speed but all the iwads have their share of bad levels IMO. It boggles my mind that the Casali brothers were able to create 32 maps with arguably more polish than even some of id's levels in just 4 months. Of course you can't talk about Plutonia without the memes of it just being Chaingunner, Revenant, and Archvile ambush galore and I won't deny that these encounters can get a bit repetitive with every playthrough; but I managed to be accustomed to it overtime after playing through other, more crazy fan wads. My favorite map is MAP32: Go 2 It, which is funny because I usually prefer tightly structured maps over slaughter maps but something about this one seems to flow really good; maybe because it takes the basic structure of MAP01: Entryway from Doom 2 and builds upon it. MAP10: Onslaught is also pretty damn good too.