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  1. Wow...I didn't realize DOOM had an impact on so many different things!!!!:)
  2. DoomOHolic

    Newbie Here!

    Thanks for the warm welcome. NO<I am not a guy...I am female. Yes, I really like DOOM, I ain't just saying that I picked "DoomOHolic" cause I didn't know what else to choose. And yes I saw that link about the other Heather, I saw that message & to be honest it confused me LOL...I was like "My name isn't sexyangelcutie69 lol.... Anyway, I hope to meet lots of cool people here! ~Heather~
  3. DoomOHolic

    Release Date?

    I didn't think they'd make another DOOM, so that's news to me. I'll end up getting it, if this is a fact.
  4. DoomOHolic

    Newbie Here!

    What's that suppose to mean??
  5. DoomOHolic


    Yeah...that would be a good scene from a movie!
  6. DoomOHolic

    look at my demon

    Cool demon, however it is a little blurry.
  7. DoomOHolic

    When did you first play doom?

    It was back in middle school :P
  8. DoomOHolic

    Newbie Here!

    I ain't really a DoomOHolic...I just liked the name...hahaha :)
  9. DoomOHolic

    When did you first play doom?

    The first time I played "DOOM" was in Middle School, another guy I knew in school was playing it & it looked really fun, so he let me try it....and I've liked it ever since!!!!:)
  10. DoomOHolic

    Newbie Here!

    Hey Everyone! My name is Heather and I am new here :)