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  1. My map is nearing completion finally... I'm seeing some really cool maps so far! I've got a question though: how can I go about using a MIDI someone else created? There's typically an attribution license, so I was wondering where you guys got your music and how you credited the creator? Or are there "public domain" MIDIs I am missing out on!?
  2. Sign me up if this is still open for slots! I guess map slots don't matter then, besides MAP07 and 30?
  3. This sounds awesome! Assuming there are still slots available, I'd love to create a map to submit!
  4. Shambles

    [Map] Vertigo Temple

    Thanks a lot for the input. I totally know what you mean; overall I'm still trying to simply get better at detailing, and in hindsight I really could have done more. For my next project, I'll definitely try to add more attention to detail! The swarm encounter outside was meant to be a deviation from the small encounters you were talking about; spicing it up, a little. But again, I see what you mean. I tried compensating for the small encounters by adding harder and harder enemies without making it unfair. But it wouldn't have hurt to maybe sprinkle in another big fight. There was actually going to be one in the very last room before the boss, but I deemed it too unfair (since it was such a close-quarters fight). Thanks a lot for the feedback though. I really appreciate it. Hopefully my next project will really build upon from the shortcomings of this WAD.
  5. Shambles

    [Map] Vertigo Temple

    Thanks a lot, man. I'm glad you like it; really appreciate it. Yeah, I totally see what you mean. I don't have the best musical talent and thought I'd give it a shot anyway!
  6. Shambles

    [Map] Vertigo Temple

    Thank you to everyone for the feedback! I'm glad my WAD is being enjoyed (for the most part)! I appreciate the points of critique :) And yes, the sky is from the first Spyro. Tree Tops!
  7. Shambles

    [Map] Vertigo Temple

    I present Vertigo Temple, a Doom 2 map for GZDoom. With the use of Quake textures, the game takes on that same aesthetic, combined with the room-after-room action of Doom. The map is pretty lengthy, with plenty of areas to blast demons through. New Doom monsters that are beefed up and ready to kill New objects and armor types to wear No jumping or crouching, but feel free to look around and take in those Quake textures 3 difficulties, each influencing the health and damage of the monsters (same monster and item placement) New music and new sounds from familiar games Two new weapons borrowed from Heretic For Single-Player only Made for GZDoom (Tested with V3) [Some Shots] Here's the idgames archive page for the download. Thanks for trying my map out and I hope you enjoy it! I'd love some feedback. Merry Christmas to the Doomworld community!