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  1. TheDemonatorLol

    Thoughts on Boomer Shooter YouTubers?

    decino's videos are great, but his Discord community is a dumpster fire.
  2. TheDemonatorLol

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2 is out of beta! (v1.0.1 Aug 13, 2020)

    Is anyone experiencing playing this mod with Vanilla doom that you cannot save with: Savegame buffer overrun Memory allocation error I tried it on 2 machines with DOS, DOSBOX, Win98 all the same.
  3. TheDemonatorLol

    PrBoom+ 2.6.2 (Feb 11, 2022)

    Hi, I am posting a small bug report on here, instead of on GitHub, since my reports are not appearing in Issues. I am using the Stripped release build posted by Never_Again on Page 13, and playing in the prboom-plus executable. Using SDL as the preferred MIDI player, setting Music Volume to the lowest possible setting results in the game / application becoming entirely muted. The "Reset to Default" option under Options>General is non-functional. Thank you.
  4. TheDemonatorLol

    DOOM Reaper Miniatures now back on Bethesda Store

    Yes, the sale applies. I just bought one for like $180 with tax and shipping.
  5. TheDemonatorLol

    DOOM Reaper Miniatures now back on Bethesda Store

    Just a heads up everyone, these are back in the Bethesda store. https://gear.bethesda.net/products/doom-reaper-miniatures-figures
  6. TheDemonatorLol

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

    I know it's an old thread, but strangely I couldn't find anything about the name of this level in the internet. So, here are my two cents for anyone who would search it after me. As a Hebrew speaker, I know that "Di-Nur" ("די-נור") comes from Aramaic and it means "of fire". In day to day Hebrew, we use Di-Nur as a part of a phrase that means fireworks. What I can also tell you is that "Di-Nur" appears in the Bible. It appears in the phrase "Nahar Di-Nur" - River of Fire (Book of Daniel 7:10). It's in a part where Daniel tells about his vision of the four beasts. From brief reading, there are some interpretations that think that this river is a part of hell, where all of the wicked get punished by pouring its waters (fires?) on their heads. I guess that maybe it has to do something with that interpretation because if we take it literally, "Argent\Silver of fire" still sounds strange. I'm not that fluent in the lore of doom or the Christian interpretation of the bible, so I don't know if there is anything more to that. These were my two cents on the subject. If anybody has something to add, I'd like to hear it.