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  1. What is your most favorite level from Episode 1 and why? I like the Military Base because it's new to me and reminds me of Phobos Anomaly which I also dig!
  2. I noticed there's no computer room in the Military Base, but there are in the other installations on Phobos which includes the Computer Station near the Military Base, so would that serve as the hub for the Base or would it be the Command Control where you go after exiting the Military Base?
  3. But how do I get to it?
  4. I was successful this time at reaching the exit in the Toxin Refinery leading to the Military Base and when I played it I came across a Pentagram Teleporter like the one hidden in Phobos Lab, but I could't use it? Instead it was a trap and I took the bait, but I did't die. After finally finding the blue key and unlocking that door I think I was getting near the exit, but I died in the canal after unlocking a hidden door down there. Douse that lead to the exit or was I even close?
  5. Which monster in Doom do you think is the ugliest and why?
  6. It douse't work when I save my progress on my computer and I have to start over every time I start the game?
  7. I was able to access that secret, but I got locked out when I attempted to run for the other?
  8. The final level of Knee-Deep in the Dead could be based upon a real place on Phobos? The moon actually douse have such a place on it, but it's more of a monolith that points to the stars or other celestial object and could be an alien structure because I don't think man put it there and douse't appear to be a natural feature? What do you think?
  9. I found a hidden switch in one of the tombs of Phobos Anomaly that lowers the lift so you can go back for more items if you run out.
  10. I'm having trouble in the Toxin Refinery when attempting to reach the back ledge in the computer room before it raises again and I can't seem to move as fast using the keyboard on my computer Vs. a controller and I need to know if it's possible or can I use a joystick?
  11. If your playing Phobos Lab avoid using the pentagram-shaped teleporter near the end because it will just send you back to the beginning of the level and douse't serve much purpose?
  12. Using the chainsaw on the Demon as it bites back and snarls to death.