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  1. M318J

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    Don't get me wrong, I thought Doom 16' is a ton of fun and I'm willing to replay it this time on Nightmare. But you can tell the developers never truly played the original Doom games and if they did I guess they were never allowed to go all the way out with Doom 16' such as allowing for more monsters to be on the field or just slapping you in arenas rather than a giant open landscape with the sky filled with Lost Souls, Cacodemons and just fireballs from the Demons flanking you in every direction. I guess the legacy of the original Doom games will never get upgraded any further than what Doom 16' put out. I'm okay with that, because if Doom 16' were to go beyond what the original Doom did or just even do what the original Doom did, then the original Doom games would be boring. That's just my opinion on this.
  2. M318J

    Just finished DOOM 2016.

    Doom 16' did have it's limits on far as it being completely identical to Doom 1 and 2, but for the most part it proved to be a ton of fun. The boss fights were a huge let down considering I just kept using the Gauss Cannon{way to overpowered in my opinion, kinda takes away from the prime of the BFG} to finish them off. The SpiderMastermind reminds me of the Metroid Prime boss from the Metroid Prime 1 game, it was cool how they designed it, but for it's massive size it was easy to kill same with the CyberDemon. The Cyber and Spider from D1 and 2 were easy to kill, but they more intimidating in the old school type of way. The levels were really cool, but just didn't have that huge landscape feel as the original Doom games had and it was more heavy Metal and skulls more than anything. I didn't mind the Metal music, but it was there whenever you had a big battle and then after it went away. Doom 16' did have it's flaws, but hey as a casual fan of Doom I appreciated it and was real fun to play. I was impressed with the monster infighting I thought that was cool.