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  1. Making the lost soul drop an armor helmet DOES sound like a cool idea, and it looks pretty easy to add in DECORATE. I've made a note about this in the issue tracker for my WAD.
  2. I almost accidentally elected myself to a local government committee. It was a "the top X vote getters get the seats" type election, and only one name was on the ballot. I wrote myself in, and lost by 4 votes.
  3. Hey hey heyyyyy hey Play WADs erryday
  4. Hey man, First, thank you for taking the time with these maps. I know I didn't say that earlier and I feel like kind of a jerk for not saying it. Second, everything you said above sounds good. The encounter people seem to have the most trouble with on my map is the encounter with the cultists. Here are some tips if you like:
  5. Maybe not obscure, but certainly weird.
  6. Cool, just wanted to make sure it didn't make that encounter too easy. Good to know the sound effects work as intended :P
  7. Hey @xvertigox, if you downloaded my WAD before seeing this post, you should redownload it. While playtesting with Dead Marine I found two bugs that are now fixed in the current version.
  8. Just a note, I found two bugs in playtesting earlier today. This new WAD should fix the Commander Keen entrance and a thing special goof that breaks the level when playing on ITYTD or HNTR.
  9. Was it still challenging, or could you make short work of them by funneling them? I just tried this and it gets a little difficult once the shelves come down. Oh I'll put this on /idgames and update the post when I'm done with it.
  10. It says this in the post, but I'll repeat it here for convenience: Jumping is strongly recommended. Be sure you have it bound to a very convenient key. Freelook is assumed, but probably not required.
  11. This got a little playtesting, but I'm always interested in more feedback.