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  1. It's really hard to remember which came first, but I remember playing the arcade port of Ghouls N' Ghosts, then around the same time My Hero/Fantasy Zone 2/Out Run on the Sega Master System.
  2. RPGs: Deus Ex of course. I have Star Wars: KOTOR and the Mass Effect trilogy in my Steam pile of shame. JRPGs: Star Ocean 2, Shining Force 2, anything Phantasy Star, FF3/6. I want to try Ni no Kuni when I get the chance.
    Uhm, ok? I get the idea of setting a Doom level in a Target; there are plenty of levels and other games with such an A E S T H E T I C, but other than follow reindeer around and stumble upon random damage sectors, I'm not getting much out it. Maybe take some more time to flesh it out?
    Hello from inside my glass house. Have you seen my rock collection? Here, catch! I did have some fun playing this map. I never got capital L lost, and there were always reasonable amounts of health and ammo (sometimes a little much). The biggest flaw was the weapon placement. On my first playthru or two, I tried soldiering down the main hallway, plinking away with my wand and wondering when I would get the weapons for all that nice ammo you gave me. I'll admit I'm a little spoiled with all those weapons drops I get in Doom. You did a decent job of making the backtracking interesting, but maybe shuffle the geometry a little more. Not sure if you prefer keeping it vanilla, but maybe add some fancy ZDoom/GZDoom effects or add some scripted stuff. I admit I didn't find the secret. Overall, good work for a week and a half build time.
  3. Here's what I got. Looks alright when I use it, though any further feedback is welcome.
  4. Like this? Source image here
  5. Hi folks, I'm working on a Lovecraft WAD, and Lovecraft always talks about Cyclopean walls whenever the Old Ones show up. Here's a first pass (using the photo in the Wiki article and this photo as reference). I kind of feel like the contrast isn't quite right. Most of the Doom textures seem to have a much smoother change in color than what I have. Anyway, any feedback is welcome.