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  1. BackFromTheDead

    what is your favorite enemy from doom?

    I like former humans(all 3 kinds) as fighting them with single barreled is plain cool(maybe i just love Knee Deep In The Dead too much :) ). Also I love the mentioned before "cacodemon invasion" trick :) As for NM or -fast, I laughed my ass off when I saw how demons run on NM! Hope you saw them :)
  2. BackFromTheDead

    SniperDooM Pre-release coming soon...

    I don't consider "sniping your opponent" concept fun. It reminds me of a foul Delta Force deathmatch experience I had. Crawling in the dirt for 5 minutes just to be picked off by a vile sniper from unknown position is not fun.
  3. BackFromTheDead

    "Russian sounds" wad.

    This is what i have in my wad collection. It is called SAI.WAD, whatever that means, and i got it together with Doom2 1.666 on a CD with a lot of other games(pirate) approx. in 1998 (I had Doom2 much earlier, but due to some reasons, i lost it from my HD in 1996). By the way, this CD's price was equal to 1 USD (i'm not kidding, after all, it is Russia :) ) Whatever, it was in dir with Doom2 and there also was a .bat called RUSDOOM.BAT which ran doom2.wad with a -file sai.wad parameter. About the wad: it is a sound replacement wad, just HILARIOUS!!! Almost all sounds are replaced, examples: -DSSHOTGN: after the shotgun blast, the doomguy says (all is translated from russian) "Got it?" -When zombies see you they say: "Hands up, man!" or "That's it, you're dead" or "I'll kill you!" -Zombies active sound is two distant voices saying "-hey, are you okay? -i've seen somebody recently!" -Demons active sound is cartoon-like step sounds, like somebody is running. Funny. -Imp active sound is usual DSBGACT with a saying "Hungry..Hungry.." mixed into it. Also hilarious. -rocket shoot sound has a saying "Catch, catch!" after the shot. -When imp sees you, he says "You're mine!" or just roars(a new sound, too) -also the switch sound has a strange alarm after. -When doomguy is hit, he says "oh..oh..damn" and when he dies, he says "I'll take revenge!" and so on. Funny. Also, whan i opened it in wintex there is a load of empty lumps named like "A" or "@/" or "GGG/" or "0". Probably it is some data incorrectly converted into lumps by wintex. (BTW, the file date is somewhere near 1995) I'll put it up when i'll be able.
  4. BackFromTheDead

    Metal vs Hip Hop

    I'm more than sure that people listened to something while inventing stuff you mentioned :) Personally I hate rap/hip-hop. My tastes recently shifted from Slayer to Cannibal Corpse (just bought "Gore Obsessed"). I like Napalm Death too(they have some sort of hellish drive in songs like "Curse" or "Emotional Suffocation". It rocks me). I play Doom listening to it often.
  5. BackFromTheDead

    SUPER RPG: The Doomworld Adventure.

    I wanna be an ambassador(or how you call it...) in Doomworld from Russia :)
  6. BackFromTheDead

    HELP!! I'm scared seriously

    i did it 100 times before, and i tell you - everything seems to be okay. The smell is produced only when PC is on. When i'll have the opportunity i'll unplug the floppy and see if it still smells(i'm not home right now). BTW, i have an HP case, it is rather unusual and i don't have to use a screwdriver to open it, so i can inspect it while it is on. Also, DaJuice, SHUT UP AND DON'T MOCK ME!
  7. BackFromTheDead

    HELP!! I'm scared seriously

    Well, i have a strange problem: there is a burned plastic smell coming out of my PC for a long time (some months) As I discovered, it comes out of somewhere near floppy drive. But the drive itself is okay and there is nothing wrong with the PC, even though it is on for approximately 12-16 hours daily. So I can't fix it because i don't know what exactly to fix. :) I'm scared that someday it could burn and damage my PC. What to do?
  8. BackFromTheDead

    St. Anger parody

    BTW, I listened "Roorback" in a store a day ago, and, surprisingly, it turned to be not so bad. :) I seriously consider buying it.
  9. BackFromTheDead

    St. Anger parody

    What's this, sarcasm?
  10. BackFromTheDead

    St. Anger parody

    True. I saw a covers album in a store, but it was called Sepulsongs. Pirated? Also, on a local radio a "Roots Bloody Roots" cover is played very often. The fun is that the song features Pavarotti(the opera singer or something)!!! Sloppy :) I heard a rumor that it is counterfeit, and made by fans rather that Sepultura.
  11. BackFromTheDead

    Locking up

    You're absolutely right, fella. It's bad that not everybody can follow this simple rule.
  12. BackFromTheDead

    Cursed doom95

    Hey, personally i like the doom.exe slowdowns under WinXP. I mean, it is normally fast, but when monsters appear and make sounds, the game slows down just like it is some kind of "bullet time" effect! MAX PAYNE DOOM!!! h00rj!!! :)
  13. BackFromTheDead

    St. Anger parody

    You mean "Nation" or there is a new CD that is still not in Russia? "Nation" is pretty good, by the way.
  14. BackFromTheDead

    Locking up

    Even worse, it is all true :) Better believe me, i am a doomer since i was 4 years old.
  15. BackFromTheDead

    Locking up

    Hello, gu-u-u-ys? Are you worshipping Zdoom or what??? Have you forgot about PrBoom, or Legacy, or that brilliant EDGE (which is, i hope, NOT DEAD:) ) IMHO Zdoom's gameplay doesn't resembles original Doom's one at all! Also, I can't play it because of all messed up graphics (I have GeForce2 MX400 from ASUS with NVIDIA drivers, when I had ASUS drivers it ran ok but they were old and slow, so I switched) Also(second time), EDGE is an excellent port! And DDF/RTS is much much much better than dehacked and acs and whatever and fragglescript. Also(third time:)) for the newbies i would recommend Legacy or Boom(PrBoom) because they are easy to use and fast/powerful. P.S. Zdoom is a real ass by network (modem). Legacy is much easier and faster.