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  1. http://prntscr.com/htfe37 Thank you! Works with any sky now. For now on, I will pay attention to the texture pack's description. Sorry, lol.
  2. Please Note: This is my first time using the forums as a member, so please don't make fun of me because I am not sure where does this topic should belong to and also I'm not a native speaker. The problem is that I've been making this map a couple days ago on Doom Builder 2 with MLCETEX's custom textures, which probably is the source of these errors, but I don't know why. Attempting to load the map on ZDoom results in a failure, and the "bad textures folder" message. Zandronum (Brutal Doom enabled) opens the map almost fine, even though it says "Unknown texture X" countless times at its log, the textures I used are ok, but the sky appears as a black screen, as you see here. Now before you may ask, sky textures work just fine on maps without MLCETEX.wad's textures as a resource. I don't know much about WAD editing (started this week), using SLADE 3, if there is a problem in the map's .wad, please tell me.