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  1. Sirekoquonfaes

    New Map: Dalida Satanica Mortis

    got a question uh... what texture did you use for the lines that appear covered in nukage? edit: nevermind you listed the texture wads in the credits, my bad WOOOPS.
  2. Sirekoquonfaes

    Cant connect two maps together.

    ok ill try it edit: looks like i had placed the end line position value incorrectly, thanks anyways. alpha version of my wad is coming right up.
  3. Sirekoquonfaes

    Cant connect two maps together.

    whenever i finish map01 it cant load map02 and usually is followed with this console error: cant find player01 start, even though map02 has one. any idea on what this problem could be?
  4. Sirekoquonfaes

    Need help with music change.

    yes it has the right ones, it just says missing music "MAP02MUSIC" even though i did change the script to diffrent names it says the same..... should i rewrite the script again? edit: yeah that did the job. thanks for the help anyways
  5. Sirekoquonfaes

    Need help with music change.

    so i did exactly this: #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (VOID) { SetMusic("MAP02MUS",0); } yet whenever the player crosses the script execute lines IT DOES NOT WORK. what did i do wrong?
  6. Sirekoquonfaes

    Research facility disaster (ALPHA)

  7. Sirekoquonfaes

    Research facility disaster (ALPHA)

    so i decided to make a doom wad and so far this is the result of that decision. ive also decided to make 10 maps which at the time of writing two are done 20% of the wad is done. playtesting required the story of Research facility disaster: "Yet again another boring day in the so called "Important" alien lifefrom research facility, i mean sure aliens but arent they too demonic to be aliens? AH whatever this place sucks anyways, all you get to do is walk around the facility and basically do nothing. Damn and it looks like most marines over here are also too serious about their job, you got into a fight with one of those bastards just trying to have a talk just to drag away the boringness...... I guess you have nothing more than to play cards by yourself in the water pipe room n.3. *gunshot noises and really demonic screams* you hear worrying noises, something shit is happening... no... it cant be.... fuck the demons are invading this shithole, welp all you have is this peashooter, hopefully you can find something better than it, cuz they are coming and they wont stop till yer dead. Cmon then get up time to get a move and get the shitting fucks out of here!" I know the story is ridiciolus and cringy but i have to tell the truth, it was tacked on at the last min before uploading. (edit: and still is i mean ignore the story its pointless) yeah thats right the map started with no story in mind meaning that making a story for it is kinda difficult, especially for someone like me who has never written stories. Credits (unfinished) Textures: all from realm667 texture stock "CAGE'S TEXTURE PACK vol1 & 2 by Cage, Fox666 and NeuralStunner" "DOOM TEXTURES FOR DOOM II by sargebaldy" "MORTISER TEXTURE PACK by Nick Baker" "NIGHTMARE TEXTURE PACK by nightmare possibly nick baker but i dont know" "SAILORSCOUT TEXTURE PACK by sailorscout" "SILVER TEXTURE PACK by Nick Baker" Music: "Deus ex - UNATCO Combat" "Doom intro remix by Gary Gritness" "Doom 3 alpha ambient noise by Trent Reznor" "Unreal ost - nightvision sandman kfm" //PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS DESINGED FOR VANILLA DOOM2 COMPATIBILITY VERSION WILL BE MADE AFTER ITS FULLY DONE. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p5dy5p1y3iobs3r/Research facility disaster alpha.pk3?dl=0