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Status Updates posted by spank

  1. Get ready for an authentically epic rawdog spank brainfartshit thread, because I really need to write this shit down before I go nuts. Shit, I swear I thought I was going nucking futs last night. But I am fucking nuts anyway (as you'll be able to see) so who gives a shit.

    TL;DR booze, weed and dark clubs with unnecessarily loud shitty music, filled with eminently unfriendly people who speak a different language don't mix. Also, in hindsight I feel like a doormat who likes to make a fool out of himself and who doesn't take advantage of opportunity. Fuck weed and unwelcoming environments. Yesterday I wasn't just paranoid, I became fucking delusional.

    So I'm currently living in Madrid. Got here on Nov 20th and I'll be staying here until March for a consulting project my company assigned me to.

    I've been doing my work, been busy looking for an apartment to stay in (rather than the hotel room I'm writing this from) and seeing as I'm in Madrid -- I've never lived out of country or in such a big city -- I've been going out when possible (which hasn't been often tbh), seeing places, meeting new people, drinking, smoking weed, whatever I can do. I've been pretty much doing it alone because my teammates aren't keen on partying at all.

    The other day I met this singer chick who lives here. American. She's friends with a dude who works here that I got to know in Portugal a week before coming here. She was giving a concert the next day, and I told the dude I was going during the week, after we talked about plans for the weekend.

    I went to the concert, had a nice chat with her for a while, and was kind of flirty with her (I could tell you why but you're bored enough as it is). Probably too awkward, but nothing special I hoped. Anyway turned out she was with some guy, so I laid off. I added her on Facebook, figuring we got along well enough for that. We kept in touch, because I asked her if she could sell me her band's record, and we arranged for a meeting this thursday. We met on schedule, she came alone. I got her band's record from her, then I asked if she was free and wanted to join me for a bite at this Portuguese joint I was meaning to try. Had dinner, nice conversation, got joined by friends of hers, then went for a drink. Discussed plans for going out in the weekend with them. I wonder if I have been investing too much in this relationship with a person I barely know, because I'm doing too much to spend time with her, but she seems like a genuinely interesting person, and even if I don't get it on with her (I'd date her in a blink of an eye) I don't care, I just want to make good friends here in Madrid.

    So yesterday I met her and some other friends of hers at night, including two that were with us the other night. As I was going there, I saw the guy she was with the other night -- who, it had turned out from her FB profile, is her husband -- walking in the opposite direction. She told I'd just missed him, he wasn't feeling well, she said. We walked around, shared a nice joint, beer, and went to this other club after a change of plans. I was pretty OK by this time, the other guys were also interesting people and I was enjoying talking with them. After getting our drinks we go to the dancefloor and stayed there a while. I was pretty stoned so I found ways to enjoy and dance to the music.

    Then this guy started hitting on the American friend, like going up to her and telling her stuff. He did this twice, then she went to a different place, looking annoyed. At some moment she tells me: "I don't want this guy to be near me". Eventually the dude goes up to her again, and I tap him on the shoulder: "look man, I know you're trying to have your fun, but my friend isn't feeling like getting hit on. Please cut it off." He had a pretty WTF look on his face. I keep on going: "no one's got any problem with you, I'm just asking you to leave her alone." I could swear he retorted something like: "I feel sorry for you." But then again the music was fucking loud so I don't know. I answered "listen, I've been in Madrid for a short time, I'm having fun and I wouldn't like anything to happen that would spoil that." The American friend was kind of pulling me away from the conversation I think. A local (haawwt) chick came to us (the dude and I) and asked if everything was OK, and I chatted her up as well: "everything's OK, I was just trying to get to know this person! What's your name, where are you from?" Handshake. Trying to be as smooth and charming as possible with everyone. She seems to enjoy the approach. Everyone goes on with their lives and I return to the group as well.

    At this moment I was kind of wondering what the hell I had just done, because maybe the reasonable approach should have been telling her "if he's pissing you off we should go stand somewhere else", not try to be some hero, because I let her use me as a bodyguard, and I have nothing to prove to anyone. Fucking nice guy's what I am. Still it felt nice to tell someone to stick it somehow, because I'd never done that, I think. Local girl appears again, flirting, I get actually hit on by her (bumping on her ass, nice, Spanish chicks are de la ostia), but the situation on the whole was distracting me. And with all the dancing with eyes closed I lost contact with the group. Dude I told to fuck off was there, made conversation with him, was a Finnish lawyer who gave me his business card. Seemed very warm to me. I go check my jacket which was on this pillar where all the jackets were and a group who had been there and had talked to the American friend became seemingly hostile towards me, when I tell them "excuse me" for me to reach the item.

    And it went downhill from here. I started going like "what the hell do you want from me", "do you have a fucking problem with me?" At this moment everything was conspiring against me. Especially because for some reason it looked so odd. The change of plans. That that other group had also talked to her. That the lawyer gave me a business card and told me to call him if I had any trouble. Suddenly these people I'd just met seemed to be ganging up on me. All of this felt like an international conspiracy to drag me to that place and try to humiliate me or something. "Fuck off" I said, and I grabbed the jacket and left the place feeling like I'd been a crime victim. Then the last odd thing happened. I went to the bouncer, told him what I thought was happening, he seemed relatively untouched by the story and I turned to the first guy in the line. He seemed awfully eager to hear what happened. I asked him what his name was. He didn't want to tell me. I say I'll only tell the story if I had his name. Still wouldn't say. "Oh right... so have you heard about a girl called [American girl]", he seemed to hesitate and replied "no." "You see what I mean?" And I leave, confused as fuck.

    I go to walk around alone trying to find someone who seemed reasonable enough for me to tell the story. I managed to get this Spanish girl to listen to me, only to end up hearing something to the effect of "do you happen to suffer from any personality disorder or delusion that you're not aware of?" (awfully pertinent question!) Fuck this. Cool down. Walked around. Found this other American kid who was at the club before, he was friendly and curious to hear what just happened. I guess that after like 30 minutes of explaining the situation, his insight -- that weed makes that stuff like that happen, that he wished he was lucky enough to have any with him, that I should chill -- saved my mind. I had no idea what the fuck I'd just done. We exchange contacts (I told him: "hey, give me your email, maybe some day we can reminisce this moment or something"), he goes home, and I go on a stroll around the Calle Montera, dodging sluts, appreciating the environment and trying to call the American girl to ask her if everything was OK, until the metro opened.

    Got to the hotel at 7am. Woke up at 9am.

    Girl sends me message on Facebook minutes ago asking if I was OK and telling she hoped I had fun.

    Madrid is a hell of a city.

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    2. spank



    3. Coopersville


      spank said:

      I'm curious about what you mean precisely, Coopers...

      It'll blow you up... up, up, up, up to the top of the world!

    4. spank
  2. ... who live in Providence, RI. Still unsure when that's going to happen, but I'm looking forward to booking as many vacation days as possible to give me time to get to know a couple of spots across the pond.

    After Providence, I should pay a visit to NYC and Minneapolis (a friend of mine is going to a winter school there).

    When time comes, anyone around those places up for a meet? :)

    1. 40oz


      I hope your fear doesn't get in the way.

    2. spank


      I expect the TSA to have a hard time handling my balls.

  3. A Roland MKS-50, which is the rackmount version of the Alpha Juno 1/2. This is an analog synthesizer from 1986:

    I bought the one in this video:

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    2. spank


      Yeah, and I hear it's a pretty decent implementation too.

    3. spank
    4. Khorus


      Neat track. :) The snare sounded rather harsh in the mix to me though, but other than that, groovy.

  4. After ten years of waiting for him (roughly since this post, or when Lüt told me Static-X were a lousy SYL ripoff) to come to Portugal, a couple of months ago it was announced that the DTP was replacing Nevermore at the Vagos Open Air festival - this Saturday. Venue's 10 km from my mom's, no less.

    Hope to bring back photos!

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    2. spank


      darknation said:

      he really is shit hot live. Kingdom will rip your furry anus into two furry ani.

      He did play Kingdom and it was amazing... just typing this is making me all tingly n shit.

    3. spank


      You know guys, that night was really fucking epic, like a whole chapter of my history being closed then and there. There he was; at this particularly turbulent but defining moment of my up to now pretty stupid shell of a life, the first weeks I'm really feeling like I'm myself; my favorite musician, playing flawlessly and inimitably at a mere 10 meters from me, and despite the fact I admittedly haven't been much into his latest material (well, any metal in general), he performed the most perfect and awe-inspiring set, not forgetting to revisit the right past gems (and making me realize how great his latest stuff is). Until he finally closed with Deep Peace -- I couldn't believe it, I couldn't contain my emotions, I sang with everyone, I laughed with joy, for that unique and forever unmatchable moment, I cried with the solo, I let it take me for the ride and I let it go, go away... it was all going away... I came back up with the bridge. I can't believe -- in fact I absolutely hate that -- the details of the concert are already starting to get fuzzy, but you know when you read acid trip reports, and people bring back life-changing realizations and shit? This. fucking. was. fucking. it. The day I saw Devin Townsend live was the day I became myself. Not "again", not "finding myself": I was never there to begin with until I experienced this.

      Well. Everything struck a major fucking chord, no pun intended. And getting to meet him at the end (he seemed -- both during the concert and our interaction -- a very very pleasant, warm and friendly person) told me, this happened, this is fucking real. You just shook hands with your world's finest and most unique musician after he played the best concert you've had the honor to attend. How fucking awesome is that? How fucking humbling, yet so empowering can it be? I had no idea. (And I got to share the moment with two very important and special friends of mine, to whom having shown DT back in the day, when we were just some drunk kids in the first months of university, was a major drive in our relationships and our closeness. I couldn't have asked for better company -- I got the perfect company.)

      I seriously don't remember being happier than that night. Thanks for reading.

      [edit: heh, we used to joke that when we'd get to see DT live, the setlist could be Deep Peace only and that would be enough for anyone... I think I got much more than I would've bargained for.]

      [edit: thanks for showing DT to me Lüt. You helped define the life of some kid across the Atlantic over the internet. That's cool as fuck.]

    4. spank
  5. ... on a lil' track I've been making :)


  6. Sometimes they come too late.

    1. spank


      spank said:

      Sometimes they come too late.

      But they are always unexpected.

      Just be sure you are using them now and you'll be well.

    2. 40oz


      I am and it's working wonders so far.

    3. spank
  7. Just watched the first two seasons of it on DVD. The first one was surprisingly good but it just goes into overdrive in the even better second season. Although it's not as thematically/subtextually rich as The Sopranos (THE artistic benchmark for all TV series IMHO) it's definitely got some of the best writing I've seen on a TV show, namely with regards to character development.

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    2. Patrick


      this is my favorite show. i have regrettably not seen the latest season

    3. SYS


      It is a great show. When things are going good there's always something predictably crappy that happens. Yet it's done in such a way that keeps you anxious until it gets resolved. I also love the dynamic of him doing it for his family, but that sense of nobility turns selfish as so many people end geting fucked because of it. Whether they deserve it or not.

      Mechadon said:

      I'm not much of a TV watcher these days, but I've had my eye on this show. I've enjoyed the episodes I've watched quite a bit, but I never have the presence of mind to remember the time it comes on to watch it.

      I just download TV shows and watch them at my own convenience. New episodes end up online almost immediately after their air date.

      Coopersville said:

      Jesse's (looked up his name) girlfriend in season 2 I just call "artfag" or "art bitch" which usually leads into joking rants about how all female artist draw are mushrooms, angels, and the Sublime logo.

      Did that relationship ever get toxic... Damn!!!

    4. Planky


      The season 2 finale was... not what I expected. Feasible? Yes. Probable? No.

  8. I really am.

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    2. Danarchy


      Well, that fish is supposed to look like Devin Townsend, who does have a skullet.

    3. Technician


      He just has a badly receded hairline. I won't call it a Skullet until the hairline had completely receded to the crown.

      EDIT: I saw a recent image and I can now agree that it is a skullet.

    4. spank


      Danarchy said:

      Well, that fish is supposed to look like Devin Townsend, who does have a skullet.

      I have no idea where'd you get that from!

      Also, I'm flattered to have someone produce a high res version of my dear spankfish.

  9. ... and bought a PS3. In fact I'm writing this on it.

    I've taken my first steps with GT5P and GTA4, but what really impressed me was the built-in software, and how much you can do with it.

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    2. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Captain Red said:

      The PS3 Doesn't have the red ring of death

      ...and neither do the 360s manufactured in the last 6 months or so.

    3. spank


      I don't give two shits - I'm happy with it.

    4. Janderson


      I got it, but all I've done so far is play PS1/2 games on it. I've realised my only motivation in buying it was to finish off the MGS series.

      Ok I tell a lie, Assassin's Creed, Folklore, Heavenly Sword and Devil May Cry 4, have given me a couple hours respite from RL, but it's collecting dust now, 'cause I really can't be arsed getting Blueray movies.

      It's a good system, but until MGS4 comes out, I can't say whether it was worth it or not!

  10. Just finished watching the first eight episodes of the fourth season. This has become one of my favorite TV series ever, despite some of its idiosyncrasies.

    What do you think about it?

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    2. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      "Oz"? Wasn't that the show where everybody died left and right and almost nobody from the initial cast was left unshanked by the end? Eh, it was alright.

    3. deathbringer


      I was informed it contained shitloads of bumsex but i watched 15 minutes of one episode and didnt see anything

    4. Bucket


      So you were disappointed, then?

  11. Anything Else

    The bitch is pissing me off.

  12. d00d sayz:

    i like the song, but i dont like the fact that they are makin fun of bush...whay??? i dunno...

    My reply:

    It's probably for the same reason why you spell "why" with an "a".

    He retorts:

    yea sure the reason i dont like them makin fun is cuz i make type-os. arent u late for an aa meeting go crawl in a ditch

    This was too easy.

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    2. exp(x)


      Csonicgo said:

      They... pretty much were, weren't they?

      Yes, and it fucking sucked.

    3. Csonicgo


      From My userpage thingy, for reasons that escape my mind...

      moses64 said:

      fucking kill yourself please your just wasting air you useless...
      no i take that back you're worse than useless you're bad for the tribe.
      hopefully nature has some built in mechanism that weeds sniveling faggots like you out before they do any real harm like if you jerk off more than 20 times a day your heart stops. Seriously what are you living for? The hope that you'll get some kind of attention by annoying people? You're a fucking cancer. Kill yourself. Its just the right thing to do and you know it or stop being a coward and do something useful.

      What I did to him is rip him several new assholes concerning the Timbaland scandal. He tried to tell me that Timbaland didn't sample Tempest's Acid Jazzed Evening, but "Street Fighter Turbo". apparently knowledge = fat , stupidity is hip, slim and happenin'.

      I responded to him with this.

      I don't think that comment you gave me on my userpage was necessary. As you're 50 ,or so you claim on your page I'm sure you know more about life than I. Please refrain from making comments such as "you're bad for the tribe" or "You're a fucking cancer, Kill yourself" in the future. If you were offended at mere text on the Internet, then perhaps the web isn't for you."

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      I laugh at all sides of csonic's post.

  13. - My MacBook Pro has a new bottom case. A month and a while ago I had a minor accident riding a bike with the laptop in the backpack, and the fall roughed it up a bit. Thankfully enough, though, the corner that hit the floor wasn't on the monitor (it would've cracked it) nor on the optical drive slit (rendering it unusable,) but on the one next to the HDD. However the whole underside of the computer was bent upwards on the left side, causing the monitor to not close properly.

    I ordered a new part immediately and it's OK now, but getting it fixed cost me 250€ ($340.)

    - I just came back from Lisbon after going there yesterday to see Bloc Party (which I have already seen once, last year) and Arcade Fire. The former were great, they put on a great, energetic show and are awesome with their instruments. Didn't disappoint at all.

    But Arcade Fire, which are somewhat new in my listening habits, were absolutely mesmerizing. We were fairly near the stage so we could hear the band members that didn't have mics singing along. Their songs, played live, are exactly as awesome as I had imagined them while listening to the albums, and capture even more emotion because the group look like they're having the time of their lives doing it, and they were also quite nice to the crowd. It was a quite intimate concert. They also pulled some nice tricks I had no idea they did, like swapping instruments, which for some reason I find awesome to watch. (BTW, Bloc Party had a nice touch of this as well, having played one of the songs of the new album with two drumsets.)

    Speaking of the crowd, the place was totally full and it was a bit claustrophobic to look behind and to see nothing but heads. Nevertheless, everyone was having a really great time as well, singing and clapping along to all the songs... if they didn't feel like singing, the audience could have filled the role perfectly. The song lineup was almost perfect. All in all, this concert was a very touching moment, which I'll remember fondly.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. deathbringer


      Whenever i think of Arcade Fire i think of Jo Wiley's voice... stupid listening to Radio 1 at work for 2 years...

    3. myk


      Currently my CD-ROM burner is damaged, and the door will open as soon as you close it, unless you slam your fist over the case right after it closes. If there is no CD in it, it will close, but won't open unless you hit the top of the case right after pushing the button.

    4. doom2day


      The fist. Also known as the unsung omni-opener.

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    2. Hobbs


      Markedly better than the first video, but IMO manowar has always lacked something.

    3. GGG
    4. lupinx-Kassman
  14. of all the incompetent people around, i am the one who annoys me the most; that fact, by itself, annoys me as well. i can't make up any excuses for this because i (know i) must have at least some degree of intelligence, but the truth is that i must not face challenges of the intellect or whatever, or else my ineptness will come by and i'll find out how stupid and slow i am. and this is why i'm lazy - there's no point on doing it if you're too dumb to do it anyway. so here i am, pissing myself off again.

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    2. Johnatone


      Grazza said:

      Writing "heh" with a capital H also fails it.


      meh, I fail it.

    3. insertwackynamehere


      lupinx-Kassman said:

      Heh, you fail it, shut up.

      o rly r u 4 rl?

    4. myk


      Grazza said:
      Writing "heh" with a capital H also fails it.

      Heh, not really.

      ultdoomer said:
      I remember a while ago you said that is was short for "mykittensmellslikeurine". What's the story behind that?

      Well, it's too long that way.

  15. [4294877.568000] hda: task_out_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
    [4294877.568000] hda: task_out_intr: error=0x10 { SectorIdNotFound }, LBAsect=102301920, high=6, low=1638624, sector=102301921
    [4294877.568000] ide: failed opcode was: unknown


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    2. Bucket


      5400rpm? Ouch.

    3. Use


      No kidding, laptop drive hopefully.

    4. spank


      Yeah, laptop drive it is.

      Wrecked one is a 4200RPM drive anyway.

  16. You were right about your "bitch -> curb" comment some time ago.

    That thread was indeed therapeutic.

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    2. Bucket


      Oh, yeah... I'm back from the festival. Pics coming soon.

      EDIT: I had a girlfriend who did a lot of the same things yours did (although her life wasn't really as bad, if you consider that an excuse to act in that way). Ironic that if anyone were to convince her to get out of her funk, it sure as hell won't be a boyfriend who cares deeply for her. So how did my ex snap out of it? Easy: she accidentally got pregnant and is now shacking up with an ugly sonofabitch who is twice her age.

    3. Kristian Ronge

      Kristian Ronge

      I said it in that blog and I'll say it again: you cannot change people.

    4. spank




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      myk said:

      That would be the same mom; your mother is also your grandmother and your brother is your dad!

      I said my dad had sex with his mom...I didn't say that said sex was to create me. I was already born and so was he. Your dad went to work and my parents game over for some good ol' fashioned family shit-sex. It was videotaped and we watch it every Christmas morning while opening presents. The end.

    3. kristus





      kristus said:


      Thanks. I find it quite an accomplishment. :P

  18. Post what gay-ass polycameracrapphonic ringtone you are using on your phone which you use for everything except calling people.

    I have the Imperial March for my parents and Erotomania by Dream Theater for my friends. Calls from ungrouped numbers play some generic ringtone that came with the phone.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Bucket said:

      some uber-retarded song on it that everyone in the vicinity has to endure?

      People love Common, and people love Sublime. No one's ever complained about my ringtones.

    3. Janizdreg


      I'm using When Johnny Comes Marching Home, which BTW has been adopted in Finland as a pirate song (titled Captain Hook, or Kapteeni Koukku in Finnish).

    4. sgtcrispy


      Ha fools, I don't even have a cellphone.
      Who needs ringtones! MUWHAHAHA...

  19. I thought you would like to know this. My roommate has spread salt on my bed and I must tidy it up.

    1. Dr. Zin

      Dr. Zin

      Ah, very important information.

    2. AirRaid


      Drunk on teh internets!

    3. Coopersville
  20. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Nbettencourt&diff=50146071&oldid=49028773

    That was the only edit ever coming from that IP address, which ripe.net identified as belonging to Tiscali UK.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Bloodshedder
    3. Bashe


      When you mentioned people being able to edit user pages, I went to mine and saw it was defaced by someone claiming his/her real name was "Bashe." Lovely.

    4. Csonicgo



      Wikipedia: why post facts when you can make stuff up?

  21. I found a Scud Race ROM I'd like to try out. The thing is, MAME doesn't support it. What emulators will do the job?

    (edit: I meant to post this on Blogs... could any mod/admin/ruler of the known universe do something for me?)

    1. sirjuddington


      MAME sucks, I swear every time I got a new version it broke support for more and more games. I used to have about 50 MAME roms, but with the last version I tried only 5 of them worked. I really don't get it :/

    2. leileilol


      call me when cps3 works k

  22. This week I was invited by my Intelligent Systems teacher to perform a special assignment for that class, rather than the normal one.

    The project deals with multi-agent systems. More specifically, we are going to program Sony Aibos so that they can play a robot soccer match, communicating, through Wi-Fi, their strategies, decisions and the state of the game.

    If this goes well, in a couple of months I should be making a technical presentation about this in Robocup'06. (Aibos can't compete since the competition is limited to bots designed from scratch.)

    Anyway, the latest Aibo is one hell of a little machine, with a 802.11b connection, a 400MHz MIPS CPU and a bunch of sensors... too bad Sony has discontinued it :/

    1. GooberMan


      A friend of mine has been working with Aibo's for over a year now - again as a uni side project.

      CONSPIRACY!!! :-P

    2. spank


      The CS course over at Utrecht University has an optional class called Aibo Programming, which should be cool...

      In fact, I should check the web page for it! My group should have a initial draft of the programming environments we are going to use by Wednesday.

  23. It's January 27th again. I am twenty-one years old now.

    Ex-girlfriend is found out to be clinically mentally ill (nothing new but shocking nonetheless), besides suffering from anemia.

    Had two midterm exams (Databases and Mathematical Analysis 3). Had to not go to the MA3 one (which I've been leaving behind for two school years now) because I didn't have time to study for it. Four down, four more to go (plus whatever I might have to repeat seeing as there aren't any grades out yet). Three assignments to be completed (a report on Databases, another on Graphics Programming and the whole of Distributed Systems).

    Got mugged, lost my (only three month old) cellphone.

    Life kicks ass, though.

  24. Look what I found:



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. -_DLD_-


      Heh, your second one could be a good replacement sound for the zombies...or not...

      I should've saved that voice clip sausage sent me on MSN saying "I'm a retard!" and added it to the DOOMer's Voice Collection.

    3. DOOM Anomaly

      DOOM Anomaly

      deathz0r said:


      Hahahah, I have been searching for that for ages. :D

      Fredrik.wav reminds me of that one .wad with a Baron of Hell (I think it was) that has Fredrik sounds. And it's just in some box saying "My name is Fredrik Johansson, I come from Sweeden." over and over again. :D

    4. Bashe