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  1. I just passed my discrete maths class. Rejoice! And one day on, I have beer running in my veins.

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    2. sargebaldy


      fear discrete math 2! i ended up just dropping it, far harder and far less fun than the first.

      and yeah i came from a crappy rural high school too. i was already taking advanced math by sophomore year, and it didn't even offer calculus :/

    3. NightmareZer0


      the_Danarchist said:

      I figured he got stoned or bought a ton of new CDs.

      Or got laid stoned won alot of money, got a new computer, and a new car. But he passes a course....Still good but it could get better =P

    4. GS-1719


      I liked discrete maths - simple ideas, and interesting problems.